Private Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we are the fastest growing collection of private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab centres in the UK. If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, you can be sure that our full-qualified staff lead the way in terms of private treatment services.

Our admissions team provide a FREE helpline for those who are suffering from an addiction and will help you decided how long you should stay – whether that’s just 7 days or three months.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a range of private drug and alcohol rehabs dotted across the UK and Spain, providing specialised support and treatment for our clients. Get in touch today for further information on our rehab process.

The impact of significant drug and alcohol consumption

Both drug and alcohol consumption is having a significant impact on the UK population, see Alcohol Change UK and Public Health England for more information. As accessibility eases and mental health issues arise, substance abuse and misuse are occurring, leading to addiction. No matter whether prescription drugs or highly dangerous class A substances are consumed, lasting damages are likely.

With this in mind, the rise of private drug and alcohol rehab facilities have also emerged over the United Kingdom, providing support for those in need. Without seeking professional help through a rehab centre, consistent drug and alcohol use can have significant negative impacts on a user’s life. From physical illness to mental health disorders, life-limiting scenarios can and will occur without addiction treatment.

If you are struggling with the negative side effects of substance abuse, reach out to a private drug and alcohol rehab today before greater damages are caused. Private rehab clinics like ourselves will help advise on whether you will be able to recover through attending support groups.


When should you seek professional support?

This is a common question experienced by our admissions team here at Rehab Clinics Group. In short, if you are suffering from any negativity from alcoholism or substance abuse, seeking professional support through a private drug and alcohol rehab will be recommended.

As touched on above, without expert support, addictions can develop into life-limiting physical and psychological illnesses, along with influencing greater drug and alcohol use. With this in mind, as soon as an addiction has been acknowledged, no matter how mild it may be, contacting a private drug and alcohol rehab will be a positive step to take. Although the initial communication may seem daunting, you will thank yourself in the future, both drug and alcohol-free.


Benefits of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab

As more and more individuals become effected by addiction, NHS services are becoming less frequent. With limited availability and a lack of high-quality immediate care, searching for an alternative is recommended when looking for instant recovery.

This is the key benefit of reaching out to a private drug and alcohol rehab centre. Immediate support can be provided, along with a short admissions process, allowing for addiction treatment to begin as soon as 48 hours in.

A further benefit of seeking support through a private drug and alcohol rehab is the around the clock, specialised care you will receive through a residential programme. Recovery rates are much higher when considering clients who have experienced in-house addiction treatment and continuous high levels of care.

Additionally, rehab can be an exhausting and dangerous process without the control of medical professionals. Having a dedicated specialist on hand, supporting you through each rehab step will ease the transition.

As a drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult to overcome, investing in yourself and your future will be beneficial. Recover effectively and efficiently by rehabilitating alongside a reputable private drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we offer a variety of services to cater to our client’s budgets. Although a private drug and alcohol rehab may seem costly, we ensure your experience is positive and worthwhile when considering cost. Reach out to our team today to discuss our number of residential private drug and alcohol rehab centres.


Leading addiction treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

Whichever private drug and alcohol rehab facility suits your requirements and budget, you will experience a number of our leading addiction treatments. To ensure recovery probability is high, our team will gain a greater understanding of your drug and alcohol consumption. This will ensure suitable treatment options have been selected for your time at rehab.

Please be reassured that your progression will be observed throughout your stay at either of our private drug and alcohol rehab facilities. This will ensure that your road to recovery is maintained and long-term recovery is likely.

Common addiction treatments experienced by our clients include cognitive behavioural therapy, medically supervised detoxes, group therapy, family therapy and individual sessions with our psychologists. A mix of both medical and therapeutic treatment methods will tackle your drug and alcohol addiction holistically, ensuring that scope for full recovery is present.

If you are suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, it is important you undergo a detox in a medically supervised environment around fully-qualified staff to ensure you are in safe hands while going through withdrawal symptoms.

Alongside our evidence-based treatment methods, educational sessions will also be promoted at each of our private drug and alcohol rehab centres. These sessions will ensure you are prepared for a return home post-rehab. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand that drug and alcohol relapses can happen. If this scenario arises for our clients, we ensure preparation is key to maintain future recovery. By completing a full programme at our private drug and alcohol rehab facility, including relapse prevention classes, long-term recovery is highly probable.


Selecting a private rehab centre for you here at Rehab Clinics Group

Recovery Through Drug Rehab

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand how important convenience is when selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab facility to attend. For some individuals, a rehab centre close to home will be favoured. For others, visiting a rehab facility further afield will be preferred. Whichever suits your requirements, we have a number of private rehab centres available, offering our full rehabilitation addiction programmes. From our Blackpool based facility to our Spain located luxury estate, we have a rehab centre for you.

Get in touch with our team today to run through your requirements and addiction further. From here, a selection of the most appropriate private drug and alcohol rehab facility will be made. This will also provide the information to recommend the most appropriate addiction treatment programmes when considering drug and alcohol use.

We will ensure your experience at either of our private alcohol rehab centres is personalised and positive, helping you reach your recovery goals. We will support you with life-changing tools, helping you control your future, substance-free. Consider investing in yourself and your future through a private treatment plan today.