Free Helpline for Football Fans & Players

Substance abuse does not discriminate. Addiction problems can befall anybody, regardless of wealth, occupation, background or any other descriptive factor. Representing a broad cross-section of society, football is not immune to issues with drug and alcohol misuse. Fans, players and officials alike continue to struggle with addiction problems, and the need for specialist support is of paramount concern.

As treatment plans and rehab centres flood the internet, cutting through the noise to find quality help can be daunting. By operating a reliable helpline, available free of charge, we demonstrate a resounding commitment to changing people’s lives.

No matter what advice you need relating to drug and alcohol addiction, we are here to lend a helping hand. Reach out today by calling us on 03301 596 494 for FREE and confidential advice!


Help For Footballers Struggling With Addiction

The popularity and visibility of football in Britain creates an ideal environment for stigma relating to substance abuse.

Footballers are cast in the national limelight, garnering mass attention at every turn. They are held aloft as role models, heroes and legends, seemingly invincible and consistently expected to behave immaculately. However, footballers are also human beings, just like you and me, susceptible to the vagaries of excess.

In such a transparent industry, amid such a beloved sport, the need for confidential treatment options is emboldened. Our free addiction helpline offers anonymous support, providing an outlet for football professionals who may feel trapped by their own celebrity status. We treat people as human beings, not as the embodiment of their jobs, and helpline users feel confident in our integrity as a result.


Drug and Alcohol Treatment For Football Fans

Addiction Helpline for Football Fans

Likewise, just as football players can suffer from the negative effects of drug and alcohol dependency, so too can those adoring supporters who make the game so unique. At the rebellious edge of counterculture, there is a long history of football fans using drugs and alcohol as part of their matchday experience. A recent Home Office report found that drug-related arrests at football matches are increasing, distinguishing the need for more robust help services.

Our free addiction helpline is available around the clock, providing direct access to skilled and experienced advisers. With effective signposting and tailored care plans, we offer an initial assessment fit for your needs. Our experts are accommodating and compassionate, treating users of the helpline with personal interest. We do not rush any conversation, and our services exist independent of bias.


How Our Free Addiction Helpline Works

We believe in creating a non-judgmental space in which addiction is treated for what it is, an illness, rather than for what it can often be perceived as, a poor life choice. Stripping away prejudice and removing any sense of social shame, we deal with each case of drug and alcohol addiction on its own merits.

No two instances of substance abuse are the same, just as no two calls to our free addiction helpline are the same. We will work with you to identify the causes, triggers and themes of substance abuse, constructing a strategy to eradicate it entirely.

A unique approach is needed to deliver results in terms of sufficient recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. If you are seeking help for substance abuse related to football,

Rehab Clinics Group is your ideal first port of call as a gateway to a healthier life. No query is too big or too small, so do not delay. Let our FREE helpline guide you to a safer place. Call us today on 03301 596 494!