Amphetamine Rehab

Amphetamines have been around for decades, and versions of this drug used to be prescribed by doctors. Unfortunately, they simply weren’t aware of the side effects of the drug, often referred to as speed, and many people became addicted to the drug. The problem persists today, and we are often called by people looking for amphetamine rehab who want to overcome the negative effects of speed.

One of the main problems with amphetamines is that the longer they’re used, the more of a tolerance the user builds, so it can be extremely difficult to break the cycle alone. That’s why the Rehab Clinics Group offer a wide range of treatment options from our clinics in the UK and Spain, allowing you to detox and overcome your addiction. In our experience, the vast majority of long-term users of amphetamines don’t just need help withdrawing from amphetamines, but also identifying the cause of their drug use and giving them the skills they need to avoid a relapse.

The effects of Amphetamine on the brain

Those who have suffered through amphetamine abuse report that the drug has strong effects on both their body and brain. Amphetamine is a stimulant, so when you take it you may feel more awake, alert and even more confident. The effects on the body are felt because the stimulant activates the central nervous system, and it also affects the brain’s chemistry, which can make you feel energised and give you hallucinations.

The parts of your brain that are affected by amphetamines are known as the neuro-transmitters. When you first start taking amphetamines, you’ll usually feel happy and awake, but the longer you take the drug, the less your brain produces these chemicals, so you’ll need to take more and more to get the same high. This is why amphetamines are highly addictive and why users often suffer from poor mental health. Needing more drugs for the same high is known as building up a tolerance, and it can be extremely dangerous in the long-term, as it increases your risk of taking an overdose.

What’s involved in Amphetamine rehab

Overcoming an addiction to amphetamines can be difficult, which is why the Rehab Clinics Group offer tailored programmes at our centres. The first step is going through detox, and with amphetamines there’s either the choice of tapering off slowly or going ‘cold turkey’. The latter can be dangerous if done alone at home, as your body may have become used to the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can start after just a few hours, and can include aches and pains, upset stomach and intense cravings. We can offer prescription drugs to help you through this time, as well as 24/7 support at one of our clinics. This is often better than attempting outpatient rehab, as you need to be away from the temptation to buy more drugs.

It’s also important that we keep you well during your detox. Those with substance abuse problems are often malnourished or physically ill. Amphetamines can kill off your appetite, so when it returns, we’ll make sure you’ve got nourishing food to help you recover.

While detox can sometimes just take a few days, you can still suffer psychological effects for quite a while after taking the drug. That’s why undergoing amphetamine rehab is so important, and we’ll ensure you get the treatment you need at a rehab centre that suits your needs. The psychological cravings for amphetamines can last for several months, which is why out therapy is designed to help you recognise why you use drugs and how you can overcome the urges. We can also keep a close eye on your physical health, checking your blood pressure and other signs for stress and helping with side effects such as flashbacks.

When you’re admitted to one of our clinics, you’ll be given a tailored plan for treatment which can include therapy like CBT, support groups with other patients at the clinic, and exercise therapy. We also offer holistic treatments which includes Hairdressing, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology and Healing, this method of treatment can help you through your recovery. Because we’re more intensive than most outpatient programs, the Rehab Clinics Group can offer you a wide range of therapy to suit your needs.

Why residential treatment is best

There are many reasons why we often recommend that amphetamines addiction treatment be carried out in a clinic, rather than something you do at home. Firstly, the side effects of your detox can be more dangerous than with other drugs, not just because it can cause extreme reactions such as strokes or delirium, but because there can be psychotic effects. Those who take amphetamines often suffer hallucinations, both visual and auditory, and when they come off the drug the hallucinations can become more intense. This can lead to violent or aggressive behaviour, and even attempts to self-harm, so medical help is essential to keep the patient calm and reassure them.

Cravings can also become very intense while at rehab, and if you’ve opted for outpatient support, then there’s always a strong temptation to buy more drugs. You can then get into a negative cycle of drug abuse, which can be difficult to break free from. When you stay in amphetamine rehab, it’s much harder to fall into old patterns, and there is always support to keep you going.

Living a sober life

Once you leave on of the Rehab Clinics Group’s centres, we still want to keep you on track, which is why our treatment services include 12 months of aftercare in your local area. We can put you in touch with others who’ve been through our programmes and stayed away from amphetamines, giving you the encouragement you need for long term success.

Get help today

If you’re worried about amphetamine abuse, whether you are taking the drug or enquiring for a loved one, we are always here to offer advice and support. Simply use our contact form, or call the Rehab Clinics Group on 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222 to find out more.