Can You Overcome Addiction with Fitness?

Can You Overcome Addiction with Fitness?

The number of drug and alcohol addictions are rising. Through the large figures, a majority of those who complete addiction treatment can recover.

However, a unified treatment programme will not work for every single individual. Addiction impacts everyone differently, resulting in deviating, successful treatment options and coping mechanisms.

Commonly experienced addiction treatments include the likes of a drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy and therapy sessions.

Yet, through research, fitness and exercise is now becoming a prevalent coping mechanism and tool to combine with addiction treatment. Although again this may not work for every single individual, the opportunity to overcome addiction with fitness is available; offering individuals the chance of sobriety and optimal health.

See the importance of overcoming addiction, how fitness can help individuals through addiction recovery and our addiction treatments here at Rehab Clinics Group.


Why is it vital to overcome addiction?

Without considering any form of addiction treatment, long-term damage is likely. Affecting both the body and mind, drug and alcohol abuse can have detrimental impacts on normal functioning, the immune system and also influence chronic disorders.

By delaying or avoiding addiction treatment, a vicious circle of addiction will be experienced, making it very hard to rehabilitate. Although possible, any delay will make addiction recovery harder.

With this in mind, the sooner that you can commit to addiction recovery and find a coping mechanism that works for you, the better.

Many individuals at our clinic have managed to overcome addiction with fitness, healthy routines and the completing of a comprehensive treatment programme. You can also achieve this and avoid the unpleasant suffering likely through a future of addiction.


How can fitness help individuals overcome addiction?

There are many benefits of exercise programmes to experience in everyday life. Yet, who would have thought that exercise and fitness can help people recovering from addictions heal quicker?

Through research and experience at our rehab centre, we’ve witnessed how regular exercise can help to treat many angles of addiction, in combination with leading addiction treatment options. Fitness acts as a coping mechanism through medical, psychological and social addiction recovery.


Medical coping mechanisms

When abusing drugs and alcohol over a period of time, it is very likely that your health levels will decrease. Physical health conditions are common for those abusing hazardous substances, reducing energy levels and motivation to remain fit. Likewise, when living with a drug and alcohol addiction, cravings are part and parcel of the condition.

Regular physical exercise can help to improve the medical angles of addiction. Fitness will improve your overall health and wellbeing while increasing your motivation to recover. It is also possible to overcome addiction with fitness by distracting yourself from those physical cravings to drugs and alcohol.

By following an exercise routine, individuals experiencing addiction are much more likely to reduce consumption levels, down to the feel-good factors associated with physical activity.

Fitness is a healthy coping mechanism to consider implementing as and when negative feelings or connections to drugs and alcohol do arise.


Psychological coping mechanisms

Many drug and alcohol addictions are influenced and fuelled by underlying psychological issues. Sometimes, common standalone treatment options can take some time to recover psychologically. It is also common for those who are abusing drugs and alcohol to live with a dual diagnosis of a mental health issue; such as depression or anxiety.

By completing physical activity, you’ll have a great likelihood of lifting that fog which is causing negative associations to sobriety. Exercise and fitness releases endorphins from the body, which influences a chemical reaction in the brain. Here happy thoughts, energy and motivation are experienced, which are ideal when completing a recovery program.

Here, there’s true potential to overcome an addiction with fitness and maintain addiction recovery by realigning the body and mind. Positive coping mechanisms can help individuals avoid any thoughts or cravings towards drugs and alcohol.


Social coping mechanisms

Addictions can also be driven by social influences. If your drug and alcohol addiction worsen while surrounded by a certain group of individuals, this can be difficult to breakthrough. While completing addiction treatment, you may find the initial recovery process difficult when placed in social therapies.

However, fitness is a great opportunity to disassociate social interactions and influences with drugs and alcohol. Exercise is a motivator for bringing people together, influencing teamwork and also strong support networks.

Additionally, building relationships with those who are also completing addiction recovery is a great way to boost accountability and motivation. There is potential to overcome addiction with fitness through these positive experiences, combined with additional treatment options.

To progress recovery, understanding and support further, social recovery programs are beneficial to unite friends and families. Addiction can be tough on loved ones. By motivating a positive activity to complete with each other, such as exercise, this is a great way to build a strong support network; in turn, boosting addiction recovery probabilities for the long-term.


Combining fitness with alternative addiction treatments

By considering the positive coping mechanisms of fitness when associated with addiction, it is clear to see how exercise can be beneficial for many individuals. It is important to note that coping mechanisms will naturally deviate from person to person. However, it is possible to overcome addiction with fitness and progress through recovery programmes.

A common consensus however identifies how fitness alone cannot cure addiction. Leading addiction treatments are required in unison to treat a physical, psychological and socially driven addiction. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we offer a range of addiction treatments through our residential rehab programmes.

With the aim to help those suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, recover, we offer personalised treatment programmes, utilising our most effective treatment options. This combined with implementing personal coping mechanisms, such as fitness provides great recovery opportunities.

The importance of a coping mechanism is that it is healthy, positive, completed on a routinely basis, influences medical, psychological and social recovery and acts as a true distraction. This is how individuals overcome addiction with fitness, by finding a coping mechanism that works for them. Get in touch with our team today to benefit from a personalised treatment programme, along with finding your own coping mechanism that promotes recovery and health.