Dangers of Drug Addiction

As more and more drugs enter the market, and accessibility becomes easier, drug addictions of both prescribed and illegal drugs are affecting millions of people. Addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol are highly threatening for users, causing both negative short and long-term dangers.

The dangers of drug consumption can be influenced by a number of factors. The severity of an addiction, the brutality of withdrawal symptoms, and the consistency and quantity of drugs abused will increase the risk of dangers.

Additionally, the combination of drugs consumed, along with the consumption method can significantly affect the severity of side-effects.

For example, someone who takes prescribed drugs orally is likely to experience less danger than someone who consumes regular, high doses of a mix of hazardous substances through injecting drugs.

However, please be aware that every individual reacts differently to drugs, therefore, consumption can cause unpredictable effects, no matter the quantity or method.

Dangers of drugs fall under mental and physical health effects, along with the capability to lead a normal, high-quality life. As time goes on, dangers can significantly affect a drug user and the surrounding family’s future.


Short-term dangers of drug addiction

To many individuals, short-term consumption of drugs is perceived to be an innocent, social behaviour. However, as consumption and thresholds increase and drug addiction sets in, dangers also arise. Dangers usually include both psychological and physical effects.

Side effects an individual can expect to experience short-term include physical effects such as an increased heart rate, nausea, higher blood pressure, followed by psychological disorders such as paranoia and anxiety.

This is where relationships will become difficult to manage, and a regular working routine will dwindle as drug cravings increase.


Long-term dangers of drug addiction

Once a chronic addiction where daily high drug consumption occurs, dangers increase the risk of fatal scenarios. As addictive substances take over an individual, reoccurring withdrawal symptom set in, causing a vicious circle of regular consumption. This behaviour can cause significant long-term dangers to a user.

Long-term dangers of a drug addiction can include organ failure, heart attacks and brain damage, along with mental disorders, such as chronic anxiety and depression. Alongside health issues, someone who is living with a long-term addiction will have little control over their life. Chronic drug addictions are known to cause dangers such as homelessness, crime and relationship breakdowns.

If you are experiencing any dangers of drug consumption, it is important that you seek medical support today. Experiencing consistent dangers will significantly damage an individual and family’s future. If you are looking to change your life for the better and nip short and long-term dangers in the bud now, consider one of our reputable, luxury rehab centres. Full of expert support and industry leading treatments designed for long-term recovery for drug and alcohol addictions. Contact our team today on 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222.


Types of drugs causing long-term dangers

If you are concerned that yourself or a loved one is consuming drugs regularly with the possibility to experience the above dangers, it is important to understand how you can be affected. To gain a greater understanding of the type of drug you are consuming, and how this can negatively affect you, see a breakdown of each below, along with possible dangers.

Hallucinogenic drugs – Drugs such as magic mushrooms are categorised as hallucinogenic due to their effects of causing erratic behaviour. Short-term dangers an individual is likely to experience includes disorders influencing perceptions, well known as anxiety and panic attacks. These effects can influence someone daily, weekly or even years post-consumption.

Sedative drugs – Drugs such as alcohol and heroin are highly dangerous to an individual’s physical health. As sedative drugs increase relaxation, regular, high consumption is likely. Dangers of this include anxiety, depression, memory loss and for some even death. Depending on how drugs are consumed, greater health issues can also be influenced. Sedative drugs have many connected dangers which can cause long-term life-threatening disorders.

Stimulant drugs Drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines are classified as a stimulant for their negative effects on an individual’s brain function. Dangers can cause long-term brain damage, heart attacks, panic attacks and seizures. Stimulant drugs can cause significant dangers for those living with high blood pressure or heart problems.

Please remember that drugs can affect all individuals differently. Therefore, dangers experienced will vary, along with potential withdrawal symptoms.


How we can help you overcome the long-term dangers of drug addiction

If you are living with a drug addiction, it is important that you seek support prior to the development of similar dangers mentioned above. No matter the type of drug you are consuming, short and long-term negative influences of substance abuse are likely.

With that said, it is recommended that you seek expert support before any mental or physical disorders set in. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can support you by helping you overcome dangers through specialised addiction treatment. We will help you disconnect both physical and mental cravings while helping you work through any future episodes by promoting healthy coping mechanisms.

We offer residential treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, group activities, full detoxifications and mindfulness sessions to work on your body, mind and soul, ensuring that dangers are diminishing.

Please be aware that if you are experiencing any dangers linked to drug abuse, rehabilitation will not be a quick process here at our rehab centres. We promote long-term recovery, ensuring that drug addictions are no longer present prior to returning home.

Living with the dangers of drug addiction such as mental health issues and organ failure can be difficult for both yourself and your family. As dangers develop, significant negative influences will affect your future. If you crave a positive future, drug-free, the sooner you seek specialised support, the greater your long-term recovery will be.

To discuss how your drug addiction could develop into long-term physical and mental dangers, or to progress your rehabilitation, contact our team today on 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222.