Asana Lodge

Asana Lodge is the result of a long-held vision by the team at Rehab Clinics Group to develop an acclaimed centre of excellence for the treatment of stress-related conditions and the nurturing of recovery for individuals.

Some of the treatments available at the clinic:

The clinic is based in Towcester, Northamptonshire and welcomes clients from all around the UK as well as countries from around there world.

See below information about the clinic and what makes it unique.







Key Services:

  • Full Clinical Assessment with our Doctor and clinical team
  • Medically supported withdrawal management
  • Inspiring relaxing healing environment
  • State of the art treatments
  • Wide range of therapies available
  • 24/7 Recovery Staffing
  • Family Telephone Helpline
  • Tailored Recovery Action Plan
  • 1 Years Free Aftercare
  • Inspected and Regulated by CQC


State Of The Art Treatments & Therapies

The unique aspect of Asana Lodge is the state of the art treatments that are offered at the clinic which are not commonly available in the UK.

These treatments include:

Biochemical Restoration

Biochemical deficiency and imbalances can lead to the development of stress related conditions such as addiction, stress, depression and sleep problems. By restoring the body’s chemical balance a person can be much more capable of overcoming these stress related conditions.

Asana Lodge has combined this treatment with therapy and counselling to create one of the most effective rehabilitation programmes available in the UK.

Biochemical imbalances are discovered by our team using the three ways:

  • Lab Testing: Tests are performed by expert doctors, nurses and nutritionists at the centre to identify problematic biochemical factors.
  • Symptoms: Specific symptoms can be related to certain conditions, checking the results of the lab testing against the symptoms experienced by our clients we can get an accurate reading of underling biochemical imbalances.
  • Nutrition: Having a poor diet can result in increased symptoms of anxiety, cravings and depression that can also result in self-medication to drugs and alcohol.  Improving nutrition can help restore balance in your body and help alleviate these symptoms.

Biofeedback Stress Reduction

Biofeedback therapy is the process of monitoring your body’s responses to different scenarios and situations to help evaluate what is happening inside your body and give feedback on helpful changes that can be made to help control and improve how your body feels in certain moments.

Monitoring of the body’s response during the different situations is done through machines which measure heart rate, tension in the muscles and brain waves.

The benefits of this therapy is to identify different triggers of stress so our team of therapist can recommend ways to develop stress management by properly analysing the situation which has causes those triggers.

Learning to control stress can have an incredibly positive impact on tackling stress-related conditions.

Satori Chair Therapy

The Satori Chair is a unique relaxation product which can be used to treat individuals suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression and sleep-related disorders.  The chair enables users to experience deep medication by completely relaxing the mind and body in a way that is quicker and more effective than traditional meditation techniques.

Individuals can struggle to experiance the feeling of deep medication especially when suffering from stress-related conditions which makes the mind very difficult to control.

Through the use of audio vibrations embedded into a multi-layered sound technology called Quantum Harmonics, the Satori Chair can quickly quieten the mind and allow deep medication and dreamless sleep to occur.

The therapy is highly affective, with users of our stress and meditation programs experiencing a 40%-60% drop in symptoms from just one 24-minute session. 

NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ is a powerful molecule in the body which helps transfer energy derived from food to the rest of the body.

Individuals suffering from stress-related conditions like addiction have a depleted amount of amount in their body meaning they experience difficulties converting energy from food.

By carrying out an IV infusion as part of NAD+ Therapy depleted levels of NAD can be improved resulting in increased energy levels and enhanced mood.

Increased levels of NAD results in more natural energy being produced in the body which doesn’t result in any crashes which are found when taking harmful drugs and consuming the likes of alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

By combining NAD+ Therapy with proper nutrition you can help promote faster recovery from substance abuse as well as other stress-related conditions.


Our Values

The values we have developed remain at the core of what we do… We strive to ensure these are “lived” in all aspects of our company and help us truly transform lives.

Asana Lodge takes on these values to keep the focus on really matters which is the needs of all our clients.

See below list of the strongest values we hold in everything we do:

  • Taking the greatest care in all things at all times
  • Authenticity, sincerity, honesty, realism
  • Professional confidence backed by a readiness to learn
  • The creative integration of scientific evidence based Holistic treatment
  • Ethical to the core


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