Nova Recovery

Nova Recovery is a brand new rehabilitation hospital that has opened this year on the idyllic coastline of Western Scotland.

The Largs based Hospital is registered with Health Improvement Scotland (HIS), which is an NHS registered body, thereby classifying it as a specialist rehabilitation hospital rather than a regular rehabilitation clinic.

Nova’s classification as a Hospital is placed under extremely scrutinised regulations by regulatory bodies such as the Scottish Care Inspectorate, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, and The Care Quality Commission (CQC). Nova Recovery goes above and beyond these regulatory bodies’ requirements to ensure that its patients receive world-leading care and treatment to rehabilitate fully.


The Team

As with all hospitals, Nova Recovery has a team of medically qualified practitioners managed by HIS registered Manager Kirsten Ferguson Bsc PhD.  As well as a BSc in Mental Health Nursing and a PhD in Abnormal Psychology, Kirsten brings a breadth of experience in Mental Health Nursing and is registered to manage healthcare services, including Addiction, Neurological, and Forensic. Along with Nova’s on-site psychiatrist and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Kirsten manages an attentive team of mental health nurse therapists and support therapists.

In total, the Nova Recovery team boasts a collective 50 years of experience in the industry, so all patients can be assured that the care they receive at the Nova Recovery Hospital is backed by highly qualified and proficient staff a wealth of practical expertise.



The Nova Recovery Hospital utilises a clinically-led recovery model which focuses primarily on the biological and psychological reactions to stress. This model is based on a plethora of evidence indicating anxiety and stress being the key triggers to addictive behaviours and/or relapsing. Nova aims to empower its patients to manage their recovery journeyand provide them with a logical understanding of their disease through the dimensional model of emotion. This is achieved through numerous evidence-based therapeutic programmes that will support the patient’s recovery from mental health conditions, including anxiety, stress, addiction, PTSD and depression. You will be offered assessments and consultations by the on-site psychiatrist and clinical nurse practitioner throughout your stay at the hospital and receive regular one to one therapy.

Healing both the mind and body are paramount pillars of the treatment delivered by the Nova Recovery Hospital, and this healing process is based on the disease model of addiction. The disease model of addiction is a methodology that recognises that addiction is a chronic brain disorder and that addicts ability discontinues their addictive behaviours are diminished, requiring appropriate intervention from professional treatments. Fostering a culture of recovery based on this methodology allows the team at Nova to provide a multidisciplinary, clinical and integrative approach to support its patient’s unique requirements on the pursuit of a new life without addiction.



Nova Recovery is situated in the idyllic town of Largs, North Ayrshire. Boasting a Victorian promenade, pebble beach shorelines, exhilarating walks and breath-taking views of the Isle of Cumbrae and Arran, Largs is not only a favoured holiday resort but the perfect place to start your recovery. Research indicates that mental health is positively impacted by nature, and Nova often organise walks along the beach and surrounding hills to aid your recovery. Nova is also cleverly situated just 30 miles away from Glasgow’s hospital and closely situated to the city of Glasgow, which provides numerous transport links to the rest of the United Kingdom and beyond. The Nova hospital can also provide transport to and from airports.



The hospital provides a homely habitat for its residents to relax and unwind. Nova’s superior comfort levels allow for a smoother journey to recover for its residents and alleviate any potential anxiety. The hospital also has an onsite laundry with a washer and dryer, so any bed linen and towels that require cleaning will be completed by the laundry service. The Hospital also provide an excellent range of dietary delights, with food prepared daily, all from locally sourced produce. Whatever your dietary requirement, Nova is flexible to cater for all its patient’s needs. There are also smoking shelters at the rear of the building as the hospital is strictly non-smoking.

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