Heroin Detox

Addiction to heroin is on the rise in the UK, and use of heroin and similar opioids currently causes 1,000 deaths a year, which could well become worse in the next few years. Heroin is an incredibly strong drug, but it’s still one of the most used recreational drugs across the world, not necessarily because of the effects on the user, but because it’s so hard to quit. Undertaking a heroin detox means you are likely to face withdrawal symptoms, and some users find they try really hard to quit, before returning to the drug simply to combat the side effects.

By undertaking one of the heroin rehab programmes offered by the Rehab Clinics Group, you can break the cycle and come off drugs for good. Supporting you at all stages from detox to rehab and aftercare, so you have the best chance of long-term success and can get on with your life.


Why you should consider Heroin Detox today

It can be difficult for people with addictions to admit that they have a problem, and some people delay detox and rehab for many years. Heroin is a type of opioid, it was once considered a medication, and so it’s purpose is to release pleasurable chemicals to deal with pain. However, if you don’t actually need pain relief, then the use of heroin will give you a euphoric, happy feeling, releasing chemicals known as endorphins and dopamine.

Use heroin over a certain period of time and your brain not only gets used to this strongly pleasurable feeling, but the chemical balance is thrown out, which means it can be harder to feel pleasure without the drug. It often means you need to use more and more, building up what’s called a tolerance, and those who naturally have an addictive personality are more susceptible to drug addiction when using heroin.

While heroin is often seen as a back-street drug, it belongs to the same group as prescription drugs such as Fentanyl and Morphine, and there have been many cases in the news recently where users have bought these drugs illegally online and overdosed.

Being a heroin user can change your mind and body over time. It often clouds peoples’ judgement, making them angry and irritable when they can’t use the drug. Those with mental health issues may find it makes things worse over time. Those addicted to heroin for a long period of time often neglect their health, becoming dehydrated and skipping meals, leading to malnourishment. That’s why if someone is using heroin, early intervention is better, as it can help avoid the long term effects.

Another reason why you shouldn’t delay going to residential rehab is that there’s always a big risk of overdosing. Heroin affects the respiratory system which helps you breathe when you’re asleep. Some users fall asleep and stop breathing, and if there’s nobody to seek medical help, they die. Those who come off heroin and lower their tolerance can also overdose, as they may give into their cravings and take the drug at their previous dosage. That’s why long-term aftercare such as support groups are so important to those coming off heroin.


Our detox programme for Heroin users

Coming off heroin is very difficult, and it can have effects on your body and brain. You’ll usually start to feel heroin withdrawal symptoms very quickly, usually within a few hours, and it often takes about 10 days to completely get it out of your system. By detoxing at a rehab clinic, you’ll have options such as methadone or buprenorphine that can make the process easier. It’s common to have aches and pains, vomiting, diarrhoea and feel fatigued, but there can also be more serious side effects if you’ve been addicted to heroin for a long time such as anxiety, rapid heart rate and tremors. Choose a stay with the Rehab Clinics Group, and you’ll be medically monitored, so we can ensure you are safe while you detox.


Residential treatment after detox

Most of the clinics run by the Rehab Clinics Group offer a 28-day package, which combines a heroin detox and a rehab programme. In our experience, those who complete a treatment programme, rather than returning home after their detox, have a much higher success rate. When you arrive at one of our clinics in the UK or Spain, we offer a full assessment. Those addicted to heroin will often suffer from another health problem and may have more than one issue to address, such as an alcohol addiction or poor mental health. We’ll put together a programme that suits your needs, giving you the best chance of success.

It’s important that while you’re in rehab you work out the cause of your addiction to heroin, as this will help you avoid falling back into old habits. Talking therapies will help you develop the skills you need to avoid a relapse, as well as giving you the perspective you need to be happier in life.


A year of free aftercare

The year after your heroin detox is usually the time when you’re most likely to suffer a relapse. With that in mind, when you book treatment with the Rehab Clinics Group, you get 12 months of free aftercare included in the cost. From getting in touch with local support groups to undergoing further therapy sessions, we work hard to ensure your treatment programme keeps you off drugs for good.


Arrange for your Heroin detox

While NHS waiting lists can be long, we can often get you into one of our clinics in a matter of hours, so there’s no need to delay your treatment. Call the Rehab Clinics Group on 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222.