Heroin Rehab

Through a number of our clinics based throughout the UK, we can provide effective heroin rehab treatment to help combat your dependency on the drug through specially designed therapy sessions, counselling and medically assisted heroin detoxification programmes.

Heroin is an opiate drug, which means it’s made from poppies. Opiates such as morphine are often prescribed to treat pain or insomnia, but they can be very addictive, and those who can no longer obtain these drugs may become addicted to heroin as a replacement.

While heroin can cause pleasurable feelings in the short term, these soon wear off, and the person with the addiction will need to use increasing amounts to get the same effects. Doing this poses risks to your mental and physical health, so it’s important to consider going through heroin rehab to get you out of these negative behaviour cycles.


Getting help

Undergoing Heroin Rehab

It can be difficult to get help if you’re addicted to heroin, and if you decide to go to heroin rehab, the last thing you want is a long wait for treatment. That’s why Rehab Clinics Group offer quick admission to our clinics in the UK and Spain, so you can ensure your addiction doesn’t get worse.

Rehab Clinics Group offer high-quality treatment facilities that create a pleasant backdrop for undergoing heroin rehab. We understand the impact that heroin can have on your life, from your health to your relationships, so we offer a wide range of treatment options that give you the best chance of staying off drugs. We usually recommend a 28-day treatment programme, where you’ll go through intensive behavioural therapies both as an individual and in a group, healing with others who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.


Signs of heroin addiction

You may be looking for drug addiction treatment because you’ve reached rock bottom. It might be that taking the drug has caused you problems at work, legal issues, or destroyed your relationships. Many people who take heroin find themselves getting into debt or having to do unpleasant things to get hold of the drug. If you’re sick of living like this, then it might be time to consider drug rehab.

There are many signs that you might have an addiction to heroin. It may have caused a health problem such as damage to your lungs, kidneys or liver, or you may be suffering worsening mental health issues, perhaps going through periods of deep depression or anxiety.

Because of the pain-relieving qualities of heroin, you may be suffering from health problems and not know about them initially. However, you can’t mask the signs of heroin use forever. Loved ones may notice that you’ve lost weight or seem anxious and agitated.

They may notice symptoms such as shortness of breath, mood swings or visible scars or scabs where you’ve injected the drug. We are often contacted by people who are worried about a loved one and want to help them get into a treatment centre. In these cases, we can advise on options such as an intervention to get their loved one to consider treatment.


Heroin detox

The first stage of heroin rehab is to go through a detox. It’s impossible to overcome an addiction while the drug is in your body, and there’s no such thing as casual heroin use, so we’ll help you get through withdrawal.

Most people are anxious about coping with the withdrawal symptoms, which are often described as being a lot like the flu, but if you stay with us your detox can be medically assisted to help you over the worst of it. Some people who come to us also have an alcohol addiction or other issue they need help with, so we can help you detox from more than one substance if needed.

Detox can vary in length from just over a week to a few weeks, which will depend on how much and how long you’ve taken heroin. No matter how long your detox, you can be sure of a high quality of care, with support around the clock from our experienced team.


Going through heroin rehab

Rehab Clinics Group offers a number of places to undergo drug rehab both in Spain and the UK. We follow guidelines from organisations such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and provide a tailored treatment plan to everyone who stays with us for rehab.

You’ll go through a full assessment when you arrive, which allows us to identify the best treatment services to suit your needs. Many people who come to us for heroin rehab have a dual diagnosis, which means they also have a mental health condition, eating disorder, or other addiction, so may need extra support, which we can ensure you receive.

An advantage of inpatient rehab is that you can undergo intensive therapy from our team of experts. This helps you identify the reasons why you took heroin, why you became addicted, and what your triggers are.

This can help you stay away from drugs in the long term and avoid a relapse in future. We also run lots of support groups where you can talk to your fellow patients. Run by trained counsellors, they’re an excellent way to share your experience with others going through the same thing.


Choosing a heroin clinic

Rehab Clinics Group has clinics in the UK and Spain, so you have a choice of locations in which to go through heroin rehab. You can choose a place that’s close to home, but we often recommend you travel a bit further away to help you get some distance from your everyday life.

Our clinics are designed to be as homely and welcoming as possible, so you don’t have to feel like you’re in a hospital or feel confined. Depending on where you stay, there are a host of facilities to ensure you’re comfortable, and they are set in peaceful locations close to the beach or countryside so they feel like a pleasant break.

For advice and support when you’re considering heroin rehab, call the team at Rehab Clinics Group on 0800 500 3129 or simply text HELP to 83222 and we’ll call you as soon as possible.

  • What Are The Typical Signs Of Heroin Addiction?

    There are many signs to look out for when determining whether an individual is suffering from an addiction to Heroin. Signs may include contracting dangerous diseases such as Hepatitis B or C, or HIV which are usually a result of sharing needles. Other problems that can be developed through constant heroin use include digestion problems, constipation, rapid weight loss, Endocarditis, collapsed veins and kidney or liver disease. Most of these signs come from prolonged use of Heroin, to spot the problem early you need to determine whether there is a dependency to the drug, so much so that to go even a day without Heroin will result in withdrawal symptoms.
  • How Does Addiction To Heroin Develop?

    There are many factors that could contribute to heroin addiction. It could be a result of the environment that an individual has surrounded themselves in i.e. encouragement from friends or being in contact with the drug since childhood. Another factor may be biological as studies have shown that individuals that don't produce enough natural endorphins which are an integral part of the brain that helps make you feel good may use heroin as a way of improving their mood.
  • Why Should I Choose Heroin Rehab For Treatment?

    Rehabilitation is the most effective form of addiction treatment. If you have developed a dependency to heroin and are looking to go 'cold turkey' this can have some serious health risks, by going through a detoxification programme at a rehab centre you will be monitored 24/7 and give prescription drugs if the withdrawals become too severe. Other benefits that come with a rehab programme include partaking in different therapies and counselling sessions to help you take control of the addictive mind and put you on the path towards long term recovery.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Private Residential Rehab?

    If you are looking for a treatment for heroin addiction, then it is important that you have a detox programme which is tailored to you from medical professionals. It is unlikely that you will get this service when receiving treatment from free services.