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We have treatment centres for Alcohol Rehab in Glasgow

From the day you pick up the phone and call our team, through to rehab and aftercare, we promise a discrete, sympathetic service that’ll help you tackle your issues with alcohol.

The Rehab Clinics Group offers a wide range of alcohol addiction treatment options at our clinics in the UK and Spain. If you’re looking for alcohol rehab in Glasgow, we can offer you a variety of places to stay and recover, all while receiving world-class treatment.

From the day you pick up the phone and call our team, through to rehab and aftercare, we promise a discrete, sympathetic service that’ll help you tackle your issues with alcohol. Worried about a loved one? We can also help you stage an intervention, encouraging your family member or friend to finally seek help.

Finding Alcohol Rehab in Glasgow

There’s no denying that there are many problem drinkers in Glasgow. Many surveys of drinking habits across the UK have seen Glasgow top the list for the sheer number of people with alcohol or drug addictions.

Glasgow addiction services are incredibly stretched trying to deal with these issues, especially the NHS, which often has long waiting lists to get on a treatment programme. It’s no wonder so many people are looking for private alcohol rehab in Glasgow as a way of dealing with their addiction.

Because The Rehab Clinics Group is a private care provider, we don’t simply put you on a one-size-fits-all pathway. There are lots of kinds of addiction treatment, and unfortunately, the NHS often has very limited options.

Not only are there often long waiting lists, you may have to complete one type of therapy before they’ll try something else, which can mean recovery is slow. One of the advantages of residential treatment is that it’s relatively short and intensive, and combines many types of treatment options.


Choosing Rehab away from home

While you may be searching for alcohol rehab in Glasgow, in our experience, it’s often better to look for rehab clinics that are away from home. We’ve found that many people with drug and alcohol addictions are stuck in negative patterns, whether it’s because of stress at work, relationship problems or other issues.

Taking some time away to go to one of our treatment centres is an excellent way to get a new perspective, allowing you to go through individual and group therapy.

Being away from home can also help if there are negative influences in your life. Many people going through outpatient treatment find that they are surrounded by temptation, whether it is friends wanting them to go out drinking, or the temptation to buy alcohol at the supermarket.

Our rehab centres allow you to take a step back from day to day life, so in the long-term you have the skills you need to stay away from alcohol, which can help prevent a relapse.


What is an Alcohol Detox?

If you choose to take advantage of our treatment services, then the first step will be going through an alcohol detox. This will get all the alcohol out of your system, which puts you in the right frame of mind for drug and alcohol rehab.

At this stage, your body might be physically or mentally dependent on alcohol, so detox can be tough and you are likely to get some withdrawal symptoms. This is why residential treatment is preferred by many, as it means you are medically supervised, and can be given a prescription medication to help ease the symptoms if needed.

Many people say that they feel anxious, irritable and restless during detox. It’s quite common to have insomnia or tremors, but we can help you with these symptoms. One reason why you shouldn’t detox at home is that in severe cases you can suffer hallucinations or seizures, so it’s important to have a medical team on hand.

Choose alcohol rehab in Glasgow with The Rehab Clinics Group, and you can get 24/7 support from qualified, experienced staff who are on hand to give you moral support.


The Alcohol Rehab Process

Once you’ve gone through your detox, the rehabilitation process can begin. We’ll draw up a plan for you, which will usually be a combination of individual therapy, support groups and maybe family therapy if needed.

However, it’s not just about talking, we have a holistic approach and offer alternative therapies like acupuncture and massage, as well as extras such as yoga and fitness classes, so you can return home feeling refreshed. If you are suffering from a health problem due to your drinking, we can ensure you get the right treatment and start to heal.

There’s a common misconception that residential treatment will be hard-going or that it’s like a punishment. We can assure you that when you choose The Rehab Clinics Group for your alcohol rehab in Glasgow, nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve worked hard to create a warm, welcoming environment where nobody is judged and you can get all the support you need. Our rehab centres aren’t like hospitals, they’re more like holiday homes, but with the added advantage of medical help during your stay. We’ve seen people with drug and alcohol addictions from all walks of life, so you can build trusting relationships with our staff.


Beyond your stay in Rehab

Because we know that the first year after rehab treatment is when you are most likely to relapse, we offer 12-months of free aftercare. This ensures that you have ongoing support as you return to normal life, and should you suffer a relapse, we can discuss further treatment options. Our services don’t end when you step out the door, so you can feel supported.


Don’t delay your Treatment

If you’ve got the motivation to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction, or you have a loved one who needs help straight away, then don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact form – or simply call 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222 and we’ll do the rest.