Alcohol Rehab London

Alcohol Rehab London

If you are seeking treatment for alcoholism, our treatment centre provides professional help to help you on your road to recovery. With a supportive environment and a qualified team, we provide a safe and trigger-free environment in London for alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Rehab in London
Alcohol Rehab Centres In London
Alcohol Rehab London


What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism refers to an addiction to alcohol whereby it’s a physical and mental challenge to go for periods of time without consumption. Someone with alcoholism will adjust their life around alcohol, and even risk everything in order to obtain another drink, which leads to behavioural addictions. During the early stages of alcoholism, a person will increase their desire to consume alcohol and then become dependent on it. Your brain experiences chemical changes which release a feel-good chemical each time you drink. Once you become dependent on alcohol, this feel-good chemical disappears, and a person continues to consume alcohol to prevent physical withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol becomes the focal point of a person’s life, and the disorder can negatively affect their relationships, enthusiasm, personality and career. Cognitive behavioural therapy analyses the characteristics and history of people with alcoholism, but the cause of this disorder isn’t yet known. There might be certain situations or relationships in a person’s life which makes them feel like they need alcohol as an escape.


The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Being alcohol dependant is no way to live life. This habit has detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. If you’re worried that you might be dependent on alcohol, here are some common signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • A strong need to drink alcohol as soon as you awake
  • Difficulty stopping consuming alcohol once you’ve started
  • Planning your social and professional life around alcohol. For example, worrying that you’ll struggle not having a drink to hand
  • Physical withdrawals if you haven’t drunk alcohol for a while. This includes sweating, nausea, shaking and mood swings
  • A strong inability to decline alcohol
  • An overwhelming desire to drink
  • Being dishonest to your family and friends about how often you drink alcohol
  • Going to any lengths to obtain a drink – even if it means stealing money to possess it
  • A strong desire to become intoxicated more often than usual
  • Little/no interest in pursuing your normal routine


Alcohol Rehab In London With Rehab Clinics Group

At Rehab Clinics Group, we welcome everyone with a drug and alcohol addiction. When you arrive at one of our rehab centres, a specialist will undergo a thorough physical and psychological examination. During this stage of the treatment programme, you’ll get the opportunity to talk about your alcohol or drug abuse, including the history of when the addiction started. We take pride in looking after our clients’ mental health, so we provide a safe and trusted environment for you to open up. With an understanding of your addiction, our specialist psychiatrists will create a rehabilitation programme specialised for you to help provide a long-term recovery. Once we have the rests from your physical examination, we can prescribe drugs to help you through the detox stage of your rehab treatment.

We offer a service to anyone seeking an addiction rehab. Our treatment services work in conjunction with group and individual therapy sessions to guide you through the detox stage. To prevent any withdrawal symptoms and take care of your wellbeing, our trained medical staff monitor your progress and provide support throughout treatment. Also, with a 24-hour observation programme, our expert staff are always on-hand to watch out for any physical withdrawals.


About Our Alcohol Detox Programme And Outpatient Treatment

Our alcohol rehab in London is dedicated to helping drug and alcohol rehab. The detox programme involves an assessment by our qualified doctor who’ll then observe your behaviour and mind-set for the first 1-3 days of detox. This is a crucial stage of the process because we want everyone who enters our treatment centre to receive a high level of care and support. By monitoring you, we’ll closely watch out for any physical withdrawals.

After this first stage, our expert team will develop a personalised programme to begin your residential treatment. With the help of psychiatrists and psychologists, we get to the core of how your addiction started and processes to beat this addiction. Your duration at our London rehab clinic depends on the severity of your addiction. However, we recommend at least 10 days in rehab, and ideally 28 days. This duration provides substantial time to address your alcoholism, and successfully complete the programme for a healthy and fulfilling life ahead.


Our Treatment Packages

The most important factor to beat alcohol addiction is undergoing your treatment in a supportive environment. At Rehab Clinics Group, we provide five treatment packages to suit your budget and level of support. We want everyone to feel supported and given the correct resources to live addiction-free. That’s why every client received one year’s access to our Aftercare Group Support Package, to aid sobriety journey outside of the clinic.

As well as support from highly-qualified staff, our warm and friendly environment has homely features to make you as comfortable as possible. This includes complimentary Wi-Fi and digital TV in all rooms, so you can stay connected to your friends and family. Our daily menu includes home-cooked, nutritious meals, as well as unlimited tea, coffee, juice and fresh fruit. All treatments and medication are included in the price, so you can trust that our staff will provide you with the best service for your health. We strongly believe that a successful road to recovery involves support, willpower and education.

If you, or someone you love meets the above criteria, don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch today. You don’t have to beat this addiction alone.