Drug and Alcohol Treatment Belfast

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab if you live in Belfast

Addiction of any form can be life altering. It can influence significant changes to an individual’s health, relationships, career and life in general. Without the right addiction treatment, addictive behaviours can lead to life-threatening scenarios, along with increasing difficulty for rehabilitation.

However, please remember, no matter how chronic your drug and alcohol addiction are, seeking help now will reduce damage. If you are suffering alone, consider a residential rehab clinic in Belfast or Northern Ireland to complete life-changing addiction treatment. Get in touch with our team here at Rehab Clinics Group to find the most appropriate rehab centre.


The Rehab Process Here at Rehab Clinics Group

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a high success rate of helping those suffering through alcohol and drug abuse. We achieve this by offering evidence-based rehab programmes, designed to promote long-term recovery and sobriety.

If you are experiencing side effects of drug and alcohol abuse which are impacting your life negatively, reaching out for expert support should be your first step. Whether you’re dealing with your addiction alone, watching a family member or friend suffer or have knowledge of an employer using, we can refer you.

Once our specialised team are aware of your addiction problem and concerns, around the clock support is offered to help progress you through your own rehab programme. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand that every addiction, patient and story is different. With that said, the first step of the rehab process will entail getting to know your addiction, its severity and its effects greater. From here, a personalised treatment plan will be recommended to help you break down your drug and alcohol dependency.

After this step and an admissions date has been arranged, you will be welcomed into one of our rehab centres to begin your recovery process. You will complete a number of addiction treatments to help slowly disconnect from your drug and alcohol problem. You will experience a number of physical and psychological methods and services to diminish your addiction, while boosting your health in general. Throughout the whole rehab process, you will receive the support of our specialists, guiding you through each step, along with the use of our state of the art, luxury facilities.

For some patients, a standard 28-day rehab programme will be recommended. However, please be aware that this timescale will vary depending on your personal circumstances. There’s no quick fix to addiction. We are advocates for ensuring addiction is fully diminished, no matter how long the rehab process takes. Once you’ve completed your own personalised treatment programme, a return home to Belfast will be recommended. However, please be reassured that ongoing free aftercare support is available for all patients post rehab. We will offer continuous outpatient treatment including support groups, motivational sessions and regular contact.

By completing a full rehab programme at one of our clinics, there is a high probability that long-term recovery will be achieved. With the right support, treatment and people, drug and alcohol addictions can be overcome.


Addiction Treatments Available

While completing the rehab process at one of our centres, you will experience a number of our industry leading addiction treatments. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we follow a holistic approach to treatment. In short, we ensure that each area of your drug and alcohol addiction is worked on. With that said, you will complete a number of treatments to work on your psychological and physical fixation, while helping to boost your overall well-being.

Treatment options you can expect to see at rehab include cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, individual counselling, physical activity, medical detoxifications and relapse prevention classes. Each treatment method has a significant part in the rehab process, helping your body, mind and soul slowly disconnect from substance abuse, while focusing on the positive steps ahead to recovery.


A Number of Rehab Centres Available for Those Living in Belfast

Whether you’re searching for a rehab centre closer to home in Belfast or would prefer the opportunity to distance yourself from your daily habits, we have a number of clinics available. Whether that be dotted across the UK or our Spain based estate, we have a treatment programme to cater to your needs.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we promote comfort, luxurious settings with the professionalism of a reputable medical clinic. We believe that the experience of a residential rehab programme will positively influence any addictive behaviours, helping to motivate recovery long-term.

Although a short move may seem daunting for rehabilitation, we believe that providing yourself with the time and focus to work through your addiction treatment is paramount. This can influence your recovery rate significantly.

For many of our patients, overcoming addiction has previously been attempted at home in Belfast. This is a difficult situation to be placed within, surrounded by daily stimuli’s and cravings. By moving yourself away and completing residential private treatment, you will be providing yourself with immediate expert care, at a dedicated luxury facility. We will also arrange all accommodation and travel plans for you to start your rehab experience off on a positive note.

Throughout this time, you will receive a home from home feel, along with all the support required to help you through rehab and beyond. We understand this time may be daunting. However, our team and clinics are ready to help you through this time of transformation. Return home to Belfast with a new lease of life, life-changing skills and a new perception on drug and alcohol abuse.

Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss the benefits of our addiction treatments. We will get to know your story, your struggles and your goals. From here, the most appropriate rehab centre will be recommended, along with a rehab period and treatment plan. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to our team. We are here to share our expert knowledge, helping people like you, and your loved ones through this difficult time.