Drug and Alcohol Treatment Leeds

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab if you live in Leeds!

Drug and alcohol addictions are increasing across UK cities. With more and more addictive behaviours arising, the consumption of unknown substances, and the rise of mental health issues, the demand for rehab centres in areas like Leeds are on the up.

Are you suffering through a drug and alcohol addiction? Are your withdrawal symptoms negatively effecting your life, influencing greater consumption? If so, seeking support local to Leeds should be your next step. Addiction can be detrimental to a user’s and surrounding family members lives. Avoid any further damage by reaching out to our team here at Rehab Clinics Group.


Addiction support local to Leeds

If you are local to Leeds, struggling to source the right support through the NHS and their limiting immediate treatments, considering a private rehab centre should be prioritised. No matter the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of immediate options available to suit your budget.

To promote long-term recovery, visiting one of our UK or Spain based rehab centres will be recommended. Residential rehab providers individuals with addictive behaviours the time and energy to focus on their rehabilitation. Attempting to reduce intake and complete addiction treatments can be difficult while surrounded by daily influences. Whether that be individuals you currently consume alcohol or drugs with, the initial trigger point developing your addiction, or a place you associate consumption with, temptation is likely. By visiting a rehab centre away from home, you will increase your recovery rate and ability to lead a drug-free future in Leeds.

Whether you select a UK centre, or would prefer to experience our luxury estate in Spain, you will receive the right support to help you through your addiction. Our rehab programmes are designed with long-term recovery in mind, ensuring that positivity and progression are promoted throughout.


When should a rehab programme be completed?

Are you wondering whether expert support is required? This can be difficult for most to gauge. However, in short, if you are experiencing any negative effects to drugs and alcohol, a rehab programme should be completed.

Do you live with consistent side effects? Do you experience regular withdrawal symptoms, influencing greater consumption? Is drugs and alcohol consumption controlling your life, while influencing negativity such as crime, homelessness or family breakdowns? If so, before greater damage is caused, reaching out for support should be your next step.

An addiction can be diminished with the right support. Completing addiction treatment while receiving expert support will set you up for an addiction-free future. If in doubt, get in touch with our team to discuss your current experiences. We will advise on the most appropriate steps, whether that be outpatient support or private residential rehab.

Please be aware that rehab journeys will vary, along with timeframes. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we take your personal requirements into consideration, influencing the type of treatment options you experience, along with your rehab period. For many, a 28-day rehab programme will be recommended. However, if you’re living with a chronic addiction, greater programmes may be required. There are no quick fixes here. To ensure long-term recovery is likely, small steps, working on your addiction holistically will be promoted.


What happens at rehab?

Once you’ve reached out and selected one of our specialised rehab facilities, our team will create a personalised treatment programme for you. This will ensure the right treatments are in place to help you both physically and mentally. For most, a medically supervised alcohol detoxification will be the first step. The detoxification process will include reducing your alcohol and drug consumption, helping to remove any toxins. This is the most difficult step you will take. Withdrawal symptoms will arise, making you want to quit. Our team will ensure your safety is maintained, while motivating further treatment to conquer your addiction.

From here, a number of further treatment options will be recommended. You can expect to complete psychological, physical and social activities to promote all-round well-being. Addiction treatments you can expect to complete include cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling with family members, group therapy, and individual therapy. Each will work on your negative association to drugs and alcohol, by influencing a positive mindset for a drug-free future.

Each of our industry leading treatments are designed to promote recovery. Each will play a significant part in your rehabilitation, ensuring you are ready to return home to Leeds recovered. To ensure you are further prepared, educational sessions will be offered. Here relapse prevention techniques will be taught, helping you work through any future physical or psychological temptation.


Post rehab support here at Rehab Clinics Group

Post rehab, once you’ve returned home to Leeds comfortably, our team will offer outpatient aftercare services. Here we will motivate your long-term recovery plan by recommending narcotics and alcoholics anonymous sessions. We believe that this step is vital to ensure your transition back home is successful. Whether you require further treatment or guidance, our specialised team will be here for you. Our aftercare services post rehab is free for up to 12 months.

By completing an initial detoxification, our industry leading addiction treatment, and continuous aftercare support, long-term recovery is highly probable. Although we understand this process may be time-consuming and distressing, each step will be worthwhile, moving you closer to a positive lifestyle. Invest in your future by working on your addictive behaviours now.

If you’re struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction, get in touch today. With the right support, treatment and environment, addiction can be diminished. You may have already attempted recovery before and now perceive it to be impossible. We make recovery possible here at Rehab Clinics Group by utilising our addiction experience and specialities.

Our success rate is high, ensuring that those associated to our rehab centre experiences a positive rehabilitation journey. If you are searching for a Leeds based rehab centre, consider our residential private rehab programmes. We can cater to your budget and requirements, while getting to know your personal story.