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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Aldgate

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Aldgate

Not only is an admission a useful time for clients, to gain awareness and to plan for either inpatient or outpatient rehab, but it’s also essential for our team to get to know personal needs.

Each step of the rehabilitation process will be personalised here at Rehab Clinics Group. Understanding the necessity of bespoke approaches and experiences, we recommend treatments, therapies, and support based on needs, wellbeing, and recovery goals. We also consider budgets, availability and any additional issues which may hinder recovery.

The admissions process is the most effective time for us to gather information and to form each individual programme, ready for arrivals. Although thorough, an urgent turnaround can be expected.

By reaching out, you can start the process, offering direct access to one of our specialist CQC drug and alcohol rehab clinics. Rehab can also be accessed through a family and friend referral. Yet depending on acceptance, an admission can sometimes take longer, yet will still benefit your readiness to recover.


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Starting the rehab process

To start the rehab process, full commitment must be present. Through a self-referral, your commitment can be shown and acted upon.

A referral will kickstart the admissions process, which is an important step of assessments, arrangements, and planning. Assessments will gauge your personal needs, addiction type and the level of support that you’ll benefit from through rehab. We will also benchmark your needs against our number of rehab clinics, to recognise the most suitable. Arrangements will organise your rehab programme, along with your admission date. Planning will offer awareness and guidance to comfortably enter rehab.

All can be experienced through our admissions process here at Rehab Clinics Group, offering a personal, confidential, and quick turnaround. In place to secure the most beneficial experience for you, the rehab process can then begin, within your local area of Aldgate.


What happens throughout the rehab process?

By entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldgate, you’ll be welcomed with a bespoke rehab programme. Your programme will outline the treatments, steps, and timelines that you’ll work through, in order to recover.

There are some unquestionable parts of the rehab process, which will be experienced by all clients. You’ll work through each with professional and specialist support, whilst also experiencing personal recommendations. These recommendations will focus on any additional problems or conditions which will need to be addressed alongside addiction treatment.

Brought together, each treatment, step and timeline will promote drug and alcohol withdrawal, rehabilitation, recovery, and the chance to plan for and embrace long-term recovery.


Drug and alcohol detox

Drug and alcohol withdrawal is found to prepare the body for sobriety. It’s a proven, medically assisted treatment, delivered through a detoxification process.

Safely completed to eliminate drugs, alcohol and their effects, cravings can be minimised, as can symptoms of addiction. In place, withdrawal symptoms are expected, as a sign of elimination. Yet through a private rehab clinic, comfort can be aimed for through complimenting treatments and detox medications.


Individual and group therapy options

Therapy is in place to help with the emotional and mental symptoms of addiction. Through individual and group sessions, therapy is found to understand and manage negative and unhealthy feelings. It’s also in place to replace those feelings with positive, healthy, and uplifting outlooks, associations, and coping strategies. Therapy options that are regularly completed include cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, group therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy.


Holistic services

Both the body and mind must be healed to truly recover. Holistic therapies and services will be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldgate. Offering practices of mindfulness, meditation, sleep therapy, relaxation therapy and a range of wellbeing services, finding balance, presence and clarity are expected through holistic steps.


Relapse prevention and discharge planning

To return home to Aldgate, with the chance to lead a fulfilled and sober lifestyle, change will be required. Planning for change will be essential, to make sure that lifestyle choices can be sustained and benefited from. Relapse prevention and discharge planning will be recommended as a recovery step, to increase education, awareness, and coping.



For 12 months post-rehab, aftercare services are offered. Aftercare support should be completed, as it’s found to prevent high risks of relapse. It also offers a safe space, a support network and access to professional advice on an ongoing basis.

Each part of the rehab process will contribute to addiction recovery. Completing the above should be indefinite, to recover, heal and maintain long-term recovery.


How long should rehab take?

A private rehab programme can be tailored to your needs. Considering your availability, you can select between inpatient and outpatient rehab. Both options are immediately available, ready to start post-admission.

Inpatient rehab is the quickest out of the two, as you’ll check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldgate. 24/7 support and daily treatment sessions will fill a 28-day programme. Due to its intensity, to progress, full commitment and focus must be invested.

Outpatient rehab is the longest form of private rehab, as you’ll visit your chosen centre for treatment. Weekly treatment sessions will be scheduled, to complete a 3-6-month programme. As greater flexibility is found, you can also focus on your day-to-day life whilst completing outpatient rehab.

Residential programmes of inpatient treatment are most favoured and offer the greatest results of addiction recovery. Yet as rehab should benefit your lifestyle, outpatient programmes are available and can be completed here at Rehab Clinics Group.


An admission at Rehab Clinics Group

If you’re ready to commit to rehab, your self-referral can be completed today. By contacting our team, the admission process can take place over the phone, followed by suitable arrangements and planning.

Reach out for more information on our range of treatment centres. Alternatively, start the process to enter a private rehab clinic within your local area.

  • How damaging can an addiction be?

    An addiction can be very damaging. If enabled, it can turn into a life-limiting disorder that continues to relapse. Damages to mental and physical health are common, alongside changes to relationships, financial stability, and professional progress.

    An addiction can pause life, which can possibly restart at a slow pace if treatment is completed. If addiction is enabled, current reality can be shattered, making it very difficult to fully heal and lead a quality life.

    With professional support and treatment, addiction recovery can be aimed for, with the chance to live a fulfilled life. Damages must be worked through and healed through a rehabilitation process.
  • How is an addiction treated?

    A drug and alcohol addiction is treated through a range of proven treatments and therapies. The first set of treatment sessions will focus on detoxification, by removing all toxins from the body. The second set will work on psychological rehabilitation, mostly completed through therapy sessions and management techniques. Sessions also focus on holistic healing, mental health recovery and lifestyle management, to strengthen recovery.

    Addiction treatment ends with relapse prevention planning and aftercare, to continue efforts and to instil healthy and feasible lifestyle choices.

    A comprehensive treatment programme must be completed in order to heal and recover from addiction. We can help you find one via a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldgate.
  • How much treatment is required?

    The type and amount of treatment that’s required will depend on personal needs and symptoms. In most cases, thorough and intense bouts of addiction treatment will be essential to heal the body and mind.

    Treatment can either be completed over a 28-day process, which will be highly progressive and intensive. It can also be worked through via outpatient rehab, which can take a number of months to respond to.

    It’s important that consistent and high-quality treatment is experienced, to understand, overcome and manage addiction.