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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Archway

We have Treatment Centres for Alcohol Rehab in Archway

An addiction is best treated through consistent, intense, and proven treatment methods. It also requires ongoing focus and maintenance to home in on recovery-designed tools and outlooks.

Whilst addiction treatment can be completed through various means, from the NHS to detox clinics, private rehab is the most reliable service. Offering personalised, private, and evidence-based treatment programmes, clients can thrive and heal through relaxing and neutral settings. Also formatted at a quick pace, immediate access and consistent exposure to treatment is offered through private rehab.

Difficult to access to such high standards elsewhere, there are many benefits attached to private drug and alcohol rehabilitation. With our support at Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you benefit by finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Archway.

Work through a range of treatments and therapies, educational sessions, and long-term plans with our support. Reach out for more information on how we can help you benefit from private addiction treatment.



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Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Tackling an addiction with urgency is highly beneficial. Once you’re ready to recover, it’s important to take action. Private rehab accommodates quick turn arounds, by offering instant admissions. Through NHS treatments, waiting lists are instead expected, making it difficult to keep motivated and committed to recovery.

Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services also offer bespoke programmes which are thorough and consistent. Treatments are regularly completed by either following outpatient or inpatient schedules. Each step is also personalised, to treat and tackle individual symptoms, triggers, and consequences.

Personalised approaches are found to progress recovery and strengthen long-term recovery rates. Experiencing such pace and personalisation will be difficult through generic services, offered through the NHS and detox clinics.

The standards of care and compassion, offered through private rehab also provides reassurance and trust. Addiction recovery is a medical and therapeutic process that will require specialist input and assistance. By visiting or checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Archway, 24/7 care will be expected, by leading specialists in the field of addiction recovery. Facilities, programmes, and services will all meet CQC standards.

From your admission into rehab and your recovery experience to possible recovery rates, private rehab is the most dependable and accommodating service. 


Finding Treatment in Archway

To benefit from private treatment and support, at Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you find and enter a suitable clinic.

Starting with assessments, we will work to understand your personal requirements and circumstances. Our aim is to gauge your addiction type, severity and triggers, your physical and psychological health, and factors such as your budget. The assessment can take place over the phone and will be confidential.

Once we’re aware of your needs, we will match them against our available treatment centres. Although very similar, locations, specialisms and availability will vary between all. We will work to find a private drug and alcohol rehab in Archway or the surrounding area, ready for your admission.

Following with arrangements and planning, the admissions process can progress, helping you commit to rehab. A date can be set, as soon as 24 hours away, to prepare for your visit/stay.

With our support, the most suitable timeline, programme, and experience can be expected through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Addiction Treatment Programmes

Treatment programmes are bespoke and will either fit into a 28-day inpatient plan or a 3-6-month outpatient plan. Tailored around individual responses, habits and experiences, a range of treatments and therapies will be recommended.

Each treatment is proven to treat/benefit addiction recovery. Helping to motivate withdrawal, restoration, recovery and relapse prevention, all sessions will be effective and progressive. Observations will be made throughout to make sure that treatments are fulfilling their roles.

The type of treatments that you can expect to complete include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Drug and alcohol detoxification
  • Low-level laser therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Stress management
  • 1-1 recovery planning
  • Relapse prevention
  • Mindfulness and body scan
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Motivational therapy

Our rehab programmes combine psychological, wellbeing, holistic and social treatments, activities, and resources to secure progress. The core of our programmes can also work alongside additional services to offer comfort and to accommodate needs.


Long-term Planning and Support

Treating addiction and addressing any personal needs will benefit recovery. To strengthen recovery, long-term planning and support will also be offered through private rehab.

Long-term planning focuses on relapse prevention. As relapse risks are common through initial sobriety, it’s important to plan for any possibility. Preventive tools will be provided, along with educational sessions to spot the signs of relapse. Understanding personal triggers, and how to manage them will also take place through planning.

Aftercare services will offer ongoing support through the first 12 months of sobriety. Working well alongside personal plans, support groups and therapy sessions are offered in your local area. A 12-step programme can also be completed to work through small yet impactful milestones.

To experience the most effective and suitable treatment programme, contact our team at Rehab Clinics Group. Committed to helping those affected by addiction, we’re here to walk alongside you, to treat, recover and build a new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Find a drug and alcohol rehab in Archway with our support, delivering the benefits of private rehab.

  • How beneficial is group therapy?

    Group therapy is a form of therapy which is recommended through rehab and aftercare. It offers a safe place for recovering addicts to share their experiences and concerns, whilst benefiting from a likeminded support network. Attending group therapy sessions can be beneficial whilst treating addiction as it’s found to offer and challenge perspectives, it increases motivation and accountability, and it also offers a relevant network of support and compassion. There’s a high chance that group therapy will be recommended as a treatment, in place to recover the social influences of addiction.
  • What happens through aftercare?

    Aftercare is a service which will directly follow private rehab. It lasts 12 months and is free through our group of treatment centres. Acting as a prolonged form of support, aftercare is in place to help recovering addicts adjust to sobriety and the change in lifestyle that it brings. Offering a sustainable schedule, aftercare services include support groups, 12-step programmes, and one-to-one therapy sessions. The completion of aftercare is found to reduce relapse risks and increase the stability of lifestyle choices.
  • What are the signs and symptoms of addiction?

    Signs and symptoms of addiction will usually display through physical and psychological changes. Those changes will be different for each person, depending on their existing health, the drug that they’ve abused, and how their body/mind responds to substance abuse. Some of the most common include behavioural changes, where individuals withdraw themselves from everyday life and responsibilities, poor mental health, financial problems, and unhealthy consumption habits.