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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Bath

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Bath

While Bath is a beautiful, historic city, like anywhere else in the UK, there will be people suffering from addiction from behind closed doors. Addiction can strike anyone from any walk of life, and it’s certainly not a sign of weakness to admit that you need help. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bath, then it’s likely you know that you need help. At the Rehab Clinics Group, we can get you fast admission to one of our high-quality rehab centres, so you can begin the process of recovery.


Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Bath

It can be difficult to find the right addiction treatment to suit your needs, and many people try a number of different outpatient methods, from local clinics to just going cold turkey at home. Unfortunately, if you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s likely you could relapse either during or soon after your treatment if you haven’t tackled the causes of your addiction.

Whether you’ve tried a rehab programme before, or this is your first time, going to one of our rehab clinics is a lot different to healing at home. You enjoy 24/7 support, so whether you’re doing your detox or are close to completion, someone is always there when you need help.

Choosing our rehab centres for detox and rehabilitation gives you a number of advantages. You can get prescription medication for the worst of your withdrawal symptoms and are closely monitored for any negative side effects caused by your detox. Because you’re in a centre where everyone has the same issues with drug and alcohol addiction, you can enjoy a supportive, non-judgemental environment where you can recover.


Breaking free from alcohol and drugs

When you are searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Bath, you’ll notice each clinic has it’s own set of guidelines, and some places claim that they can turn you into a moderate drinker, or someone who can occasionally use recreational drugs after rehab. However, when you choose drug and alcohol rehab through one of the clinics owned by the Rehab Clinics Group, our goal is for you to be sober for life.

While the thought of never using drugs or having a drink again may seem harsh, we believe it’s better for those who have struggled through addiction. Just small amounts of drugs or alcohol can negatively affect your life and lead to a relapse, so when you return home, we want you to be able to enjoy life without these substances in the long term.


Going through a detox

The detox part of rehab is often the part people dislike the most, but it’s very important. If unsupervised, going cold turkey can be dangerous, especially if you have a physical dependence on alcohol or drugs. But when done in an environment such as one of our clinics, it’s safe and we’ll get you prompt medical attention if needed.

There are a number of ways that detox can be made more pleasant, although it’s still not easy. When you come to us for drug or alcohol rehab in Bath, we can prescribe you medication that eases the side effects by producing a similar effect to these substances. You may feel a little drowsy, but since you’re in residential rehab, you’ll be very well looked-after, so you can rest and recover as needed. As the days go on, your medication will be slowly tapered down, until everything is out of your system.


Knowing when it’s time to go to rehab

People with addiction often have high levels of denial. They simply don’t think they have a problem to speak of. It’s often up to family members to stage an intervention and offer them treatment before they’ll go. Nobody can be forced to go to treatment centres, they have to want to recover and be willing to follow the programme on offer.

There can be many signs that you have an addiction and could benefit from professional help. Perhaps you’ve found yourself lying to cover your tracks or doing things that are out of character. You may have even stolen money or possessions from loved ones to fund your addiction. Rest assured, we won’t judge you at our rehab clinics, and you can be sure of high-quality care no matter what your circumstances.


Once you complete rehab

Complete 28 days at one of our clinics and you’ll get a year of free aftercare. If you live in Bath, but choose a clinic further from home, don’t worry. You can do your aftercare at any of our centres in the UK.

Aftercare is important, as it gives you a chance to build a great support network outside of rehab. When you stay in one of our clinics, your treatment options will include intensive therapy, both as an individual and as a group. When you leave rehab, you may miss this level of support, so aftercare can bridge the gap until you feel stronger and more confident.

Completing drug and alcohol rehab in Bath gives you an excellent chance of success, and if you also complete aftercare, then you’ll have the tools you need to stay away from alcohol and drugs. Whether it’s a new job, studying, or volunteering, what you do after rehab is up to you, but you’ll no doubt feel like you have a new lease of life.

If you’re are looking for residential rehab and want to be sure of the highest standards of care for you or your loved one, call the Rehab Clinics Group on 0800 470 0382 or text HELP to 83222 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.