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We have Treatment Centres for Alcohol Rehab in Beckenham

Things such as work, school, relationships, home and social life are all affected. Addictions must be treated as soon as possible.


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What Are The Benefits of Going to a Residential Rehab?

In rehab, relapse physically cannot happen, so from there you can concentrate on your therapies and working on yourself to overcome your addiction. Changing your surroundings is extremely beneficial and better for your mental health when going through recovery.

During your stay in rehab, you will be carefully monitored and assisted through your detoxification process, then you will go through many therapies helping you tackle any emotional issues, traumas and behavioural problems that aggravate your addiction. By taking these issues away and working on them, you have a real chance at tackling your addiction.

As well as a better environment to recover in, you will also be fully supported by a large team of well-trained professionals. You will be taken care of by nurses, doctors, psychiatric specialists and other medical professionals that know exactly how to help and will support you every step of the way.

The professionals taking care of you will show understanding, care, and compassion. They will be there to support you and make your time in rehab as comfortable and positive as possible. You will be guided through your treatment programme with care and consideration, and help will always be on hand when you need it.

Another benefit of rehab is the aftercare. Upon leaving rehab, you will be assisted by an aftercare team who will take care of your worries and struggles of getting back to life outside rehab. The aftercare team may help you with finding a new job, finding accommodation or even a local support group. You will not be left to fend for yourself when experiencing your new life without drugs and alcohol.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, our professional team of staff are dedicated to helping you with long-term recovery. No matter how severe your addiction may be, we have all of the tools and treatments available to support you in the best way possible.


What is a Behavioural Addiction?

A behavioural addiction works in a very similar way to a substance addiction. Addictions are a result of chemical reactions in the brain that make a person want to continue a certain type of behaviour.

For example, substance addictions form because the brain gives our endorphins when the person takes drugs or drinks alcohol. This then makes the person want to take the substance more and more so that they get that rewarding feeling again.

Behavioural addictions work in the same way where a person will be addicted to the rewarding feeling that they get when they do a certain behaviour.

Some examples of behavioural addictions are:

  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Pornography
  • Shopping
  • Internet
  • Exercise
  • Food


Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Signs and symptoms of addiction vary from person to person and they can depend on the person’s mental health and type of addiction. However, there a many signs and symptoms that people with any addiction share.

Some of those signs and symptoms of addiction include:

  • Fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anger outbursts
  • Problems with memory
  • Mood swings
  • Dishonesty
  • Lack of focus
  • Being secretive
  • Reckless behaviour
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Failure to stop using drugs and alcohol

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction and showing some of these symptoms, you must reach out for treatment as soon as possible. The earlier you start treatment, the less time you will need in rehab.


How Do I Prepare Myself for Addiction Treatment?

Once you have committed yourself to get treatment from a rehabilitation centre, there are a few things you may want to do to prepare yourself before you enter rehab.

Firstly, if you have children or own pets, you will want to find care for them whilst you are away. If you have a job you must tell your boss. If they are a good boss they will want what is best for you, and they will want a happier healthier version of you.

Next, you will want to tie up any loose ends when it comes to finances. Make sure your bills and finances are being paid while you’re away. Speak to a close friend or relative who can help you with this.

When entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Beckenham, make sure to take only the essentials. You don’t need any extras other than the list of allowed items that you are given and some clothes. Pack lightly and keep to the rules of what you can bring into rehab.

Make sure to tell the ones you love where you are going and why. They will appreciate your honesty and will know how to support you best when you come out. On the run-up to rehab, it’s a great idea to start a journal and write down your thoughts and feelings to see how things change as you go through treatment and come out on the other side.

  • Is it safe to detox at home?

    It is not safe to detox at home. The withdrawal symptoms when you detox can be extremely uncomfortable and can sometimes be very dangerous. With this in mind, it is always recommended that you detox in a rehab centre where you will be surrounded by medical staff who can monitor you and administer medication if needed.
  • Does Rehab work?

    Rehab definitely does work and has great success rates. However, it will work best for those who want it to. Rehab will only work for you if you fully commit to your recovery. You must comply with all of the treatment options and therapy options offered. If you are fully committed, then long-term recovery is very achievable through rehab treatments. Rehab also gives you access to an aftercare team to help with relapse prevention.
  • How beneficial is Residential Rehab?

    Rehab has great success rates and works really well by changing your environment so that you can fully focus on recovery. You will be away from drugs and alcohol and social pressures to drink and use drugs so that there is no temptation for you to use substances.