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We have Treatment Centres for Drugs and Alcohol in Braintree

Long-lasting addiction recovery is the goal of many clients. Yet, most will have low awareness of how to reach such a pinnacle point of sobriety. Are you aware of how to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, with longevity in mind?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the answer, on a residential, comprehensive and personalised basis, where evidence-based programmes can be completed, with key areas of recovery.

Naturally, this can sound like an overwhelming and long-winded process. Yet, it’s essential to take into account the commitment of addiction recovery and its long-term forecast.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix when considering addiction recovery. Recovering from addiction is broken into small but impactful steps, each combining together to provide you with the outlook, skills and coping strategies to maintain sobriety.

That first step will be to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree, soon followed by the completion of addiction treatment services, lifestyle management and relapse prevention, paving the way for independent recovery.

You can start your journey towards long-lasting addiction recovery by contacting our team here at Rehab Clinics Group, positioned to guide, facilitate and inspire sustainable rehabilitation.

Addiction recovery isn’t about mere withdrawal. It’s about becoming free from the habit, control and toxicity of drugs and alcohol, possible by committing to the long game.


How to reach long-lasting addiction recovery

Addiction recovery is a long yet rewarding journey to embark on. While there are a number of necessary steps that you must take, commit to and complete, those steps can be life-changing, providing you with the platform to strengthen long-term recovery capabilities.

It’s understandable that such news may be disheartening, as it’s likely that you’re already exhausted from addiction. This journey however deviates from such exhaustion, by bringing positivity, health and progress into your life.

Sustainability is key, which means you’ll need to complete quality steps to turn sobriety into a lifestyle, rather than a chore. That journey will begin by visiting a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree, which will expose you to core rehabilitation processes of addiction treatment, change and secure relapse prevention.

Combined together, such efforts can prepare and guide you through to post-rehab life, where you’ll be supported to normalise independent, long-term recovery.

This process can be tough, yet is life-changing, helping to advance your quality of life and its timespan. Such commitment will outweigh the positives of drug and alcohol consumption on a significant scale.

Start now, with the chance to look back and be grateful for the long game of addiction recovery.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree

At Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you secure a quality rehab programme that is personal to you, which is comprehensive, and which is facilitated on a residential basis. Through our group, we can help you define which delivery of rehab will be most suited for your needs and ideas of rehab.

Whichever treatment centre you select, you’ll have confidence and assurance in the level of care, addiction treatment services, facilities and programmes you’ll complete. Yet, defining the most suitable form will also offer the security of comfort, safety and progression, which are boosting assets of the mind.

If visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree is the most suited form of rehab for you, we can push ahead with arranging your admission. This will also be the case if you’re looking outside of Braintree, for a degree of respite from your reality.

Whatever works for you best, we will be here to encourage, format, facilitate and guide you through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, with strength and advancement in mind.


Dedicating yourself to addiction treatment services

Once you’re comfortable and adjusted through rehab, the next step of your journey will be to complete addiction treatment services. Some can be challenging for different reasons, yet are necessary, are inspiring and are highly beneficial when focusing on your physical and psychological wellbeing and stability.

Dedicating yourself to a personalised programme will therefore be asked, where you’ll complete suitable forms of addiction treatment to fulfil your needs and requirements.

To reach this point, an assessment will be made on your admission to ensure that a 360 force can be developed to diminish your addiction.

Such services that may be recommended for you include a drug and alcohol detox programme, stress management, art workshops, dual diagnosis treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy.

Each treatment has a purpose, by promoting healing capacities on either physical, psychological or social levels. By committing to and completing a personalised range, you can look to withdraw, restore, rebuild and develop for the future.


Committing yourself to lifestyle management and relapse prevention

Alongside treatment, lifestyle management and relapse prevention planning will contribute to your long-term addiction recovery journey.

Once you’ve reached sobriety, it’s time to secure such behaviours and routines, which can be promoted through change and planning.

Lifestyle management will focus on your life back in Braintree, by providing a routine that will reduce drug and alcohol exposure. Your personal triggers will be accounted for, by promoting change within your hobbies, career, relationships, nutrition, sleep and mindset.

Recommendations will work to create a lifestyle that can be sustained, which will come naturally to you, rather than feeling like a chore.

Relapse prevention planning focuses on reducing your risk of relapse through clear planning, while also offering support networks, coping strategies and preventive steps in the event of relapse.

While relapse is avoided as much as possible, risks can present themselves, where planning will be best to secure confidence and combat techniques.

Your life will change as you return home to Braintree on a post-rehab basis, which you must prepare for. Rehab will promote change, but you must harness that change and be comfortable with it to sustain it for long-lasting addiction recovery.


Seeing recovery as the long game

For the majority of individuals, challenges of long-term recovery usually reside in the mind. If you can reach the mindset of acceptance and of growth, you’ll soon see addiction recovery for what it is, a second chance to change and embrace life.

We can help you at Rehab Clinics Group, to form such a mindset. However, to source such support, you will need to start and commit to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Sustainable recovery is doable with the right mindset and the right stream of support. Feel supported via a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree, ranking as suitable, through our group.