Drug and Alcohol Treatment Cardiff

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab if you live in Cardiff!

Are you suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction? Are you worried that there’s nowhere to turn to through this difficult time? Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we are here for you.

Whether your addictive symptoms have just started, or you’ve been struggling through long-term drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms for a while, we have the specialities to support. We offer industry-leading addiction treatments and expert support to help you and your loved ones through this time of rehabilitation.

Before greater damage is caused to your physical and mental health, and life as a whole, reach out for help today. Whether you’re searching for rehab clinics close to home in Cardiff, or require residential rehab support, get in touch. Our team are passionate about helping individuals through addiction, no matter the budget.


Getting the help you need in Cardiff

If you are living in Cardiff, struggling to receive the care you need through the NHS, private rehab should be your next step. Although this may sound costly, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we cater to our client’s budgets. We believe that those reaching out for support deserve specialised support, no matter their circumstances.

For those living in Cardiff, we have a number of treatment options available here at Rehab Clinics Group. If your drug and alcohol addiction is mild and well-controlled, outpatient treatment close to home will be recommended. Here you will receive consistent support at a local rehab centre.

However, if your addiction is chronic, where daily consumption of drugs and alcohol is experienced, residential private rehab will be promoted. To ensure recovery is highly probable, the recommendation for a small move to one of our rehab centres will be communicated.

This will help to remove you from your current influences, helping you focus on your time of rehabilitation. We have rehab clinics across the UK, along with our luxury centre based in Alicante.

Although this move may seem daunting, we will ensure you have access to the support and resources you need to recover. We will additionally arrange everything for you, from flights to Spain to additional well-being services. This is your rehab journey – allow our team to provide the care you desire throughout.

Whether you select our UK or Spain based private rehab centre, we can assure you that if a complete rehab programme is completed, a return home to Cardiff drug and alcohol-free will be likely. We will do our utmost to prepare you for a life without addiction. Get the help you deserve by getting in touch today. We will recommend the most appropriate rehab for you.


Specialised treatments for drug and alcohol addiction

No matter which rehab centre you select, you will complete a number of our evidence-based addiction treatments. To boost recovery probability, on your welcome, our team will assess your addiction greater, along with your health history. This will provide the details to produce a personalised treatment programme for you.

As drug and alcohol addiction affects everyone differently, along with its severity and side effects, the type of addiction experienced will influence treatment options. If your main issue lies with drug abuse, in comparison to problems with alcohol, treatment programmes will differ.

Likewise, if your addiction is a dual diagnosis, where a fixation is present to both drugs and alcohol, along with connected mental health issues, greater treatment options will be recommended.

A common rehab programme for those abusing substances will start with a medically assisted detox. Although this is a difficult step to rehab, it is required to rebalance the body and mind.

Here consumption will be reduced, helping your body prepare for further treatment. Please be aware that withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. Ensuring you have the right support is necessary to completing an effective, safe detox.

Once your body and mind are ready, further physical and psychological treatment options will be completed. These will include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, counselling sessions with your family members, educational lessons, and relapse prevention classes.

Each will work on your drug and alcohol connection, slowly preparing you for a substance-free life. If you do already live with mental health issues, we will provide support to help you work through your feelings and triggers.

Post-treatment, once you’re ready to return home to Cardiff and have completed full treatment, our aftercare services will be offered for free, up to 1-year post-rehab. Here your recovery will be maintained by visiting regular support groups and AA meetings, reducing your likelihood of experiencing a drug and alcohol relapse.


What you can expect from rehab

To many, the thought of private rehab will be daunting. However, this is a time to focus on yourself and recover from your addictive behaviours.

At rehab, you can expect to complete a number of treatment options, ideal for your requirements. You will receive around the clock support from our specialised team to ensure you have everything you need through this difficult time.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand that this process can be distressing. Therefore, we have paired our clinical expertise with a luxury home from home environment, to ensure comfort and exclusivity is offered at each of our centres.

We further believe that a holistic approach to addiction treatment should be followed. We make your experience all-round positive while helping you work on your overall well-being and lifestyle.

Please be aware that rehab journeys for all of our clients differ. Timeframes will change depending on progression and addiction severity, however, each will be supported, no matter how long it takes.

If you are based in Cardiff, suffering through addiction, no matter the type, get in touch with our team. Although this step may seem daunting, we can hold your hand from the offset, straight through to aftercare outpatient services.

We are specialist in addiction recovery and will ensure your rehab journey is successful. Call our team today to discuss your current requirements. The most suitable rehab centre will be recommended for you.

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