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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Epsom

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions around addiction and rehabilitation. Many users believe that going cold turkey, that withdrawing physically from drugs and alcohol will result in recovery.

While this would be the ideal situation, which can work for those struggling with substance abuse, standalone detoxification will not treat a drug and alcohol addiction.

To overcome an addiction, every aspect must be treated. Ultimately, both physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol must be reduced and diminished in the long-term. in tandem, mental health, physical health and all-round wellbeing must be elevated to withstand the maintenance of sober living.

The best way you can treat every layer, every angle, every face of addiction is by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Epsom. Yet, better yet, by considering residential rehab, via one of our clinics at Rehab Clinics Group, you’ll have a comprehensive rehab programme, working around your needs.

Sadly, if you do attempt lone withdrawal, this will not define your true capabilities of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet, by investing in rehab, you can tap into that range, motivating you towards long-term recovery.


Treating every aspect of addiction

Detoxification, realignment, relapse prevention are three key areas, necessary to work towards when treating addiction. As shared above, many believe that physical withdrawal, alone, will be enough to disconnect from drugs and alcohol. This in fact can work for those who struggle from substance abuse, as psychological associations are minimal.

However, when looking at the complexity of addiction, there are many different driving forces. From physical and psychological associations and side effects to biological, social, environmental and emotional influences, a singular diagnosis can be multifaceted. In order to treat that multifaceted behaviour, working through a range of steps, processes and addiction treatment options is a must.

This factor is exactly why many individuals will revert to drug and alcohol consumption after attempting a lone detox. Those influences, those psychological cravings and motivators will influence ongoing substance abuse, no matter how much the body resists.

The best way you can work towards full recovery, reaching the above key areas, is through professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Here is where progressive steps can take place to help you not only withdraw from drugs and alcohol but also aim for long-term recovery.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Epsom

If you are keen to overcome your addiction, whether you’ve previously attempted or not, investing in professional support will be worthwhile. There are also many benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Epsom which will ease this transition for you.

However, if you are struggling with a complex addiction, if your causation is linked to psychological associations, if you suffer from mental health side effects, distance will be your best friend. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a range of reputable and leading rehab facilities, all offering residential rehab. Some are closer to Epsom, while others provide even greater geographical distance.

The aim is to find a drug and alcohol rehab clinic and programme which works for you. You must feel comfortable, you must feel accepting, and you must feel like you’re correctly supported through your rehab journey.

With this in mind, if you are struggling with the associations of environmental influences, of social consumption, of the stresses of life, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab beyond Epsom will be advantageous.

If you are however coping around familiar settings, if you thrive through the support of family and friends, if you’re at your best while maintaining your usual life, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Epsom or within the surrounding area will be beneficial.

Down to our range, we can help you find the most fitting rehab clinic to call home to positively experience your impending rehab journey.


Detoxification from drugs and alcohol

One of the first steps of rehab, which you will find via your personal rehab programme is detoxification. This is the step that many individuals will believe is doable from home. However, if you’ve been consistently abusing drugs and alcohol, if you’ve been consuming high quantities, withdrawal symptoms are very likely.

Withdrawal symptoms can materialise into either physical or psychological side effects. They can be uncontrollable, making withdrawal difficult. Alone, this can be unbearable to bypass, usually influencing substance abuse.

However, through rehab, you’ll be provided with a medically assisted and structured detox to ensure that you can withdraw from drugs and alcohol, safely and productively.

This in itself showcases the necessity for professional support, helping you cope through physical drug and alcohol withdrawal.


Mental health support

Soon followed, psychological addiction treatment and mental health support will be required by the majority of clients. While the form and level of addiction treatment will vary, psychological support is necessary to work through those influential factors.

For some, an old mental wound or scenario may have triggered drug and alcohol consumption, utilised as a coping strategy. To overcome this, cognitive behavioural therapy and individual therapy sessions will be required. For others, social aspects can motivate excessive drug and alcohol consumption. To diminish this, support groups and exposure therapy will be utilised.

Again, this highlights the importance of a personalised rehab programme, available via our clinics, down to the complexities and differentiation between each addiction diagnosis. Relapse prevention will also follow, providing reassurance and a helping hand for life back in Epsom.


Care beyond rehab

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic can turn your life around, for the better.  Yet, like anything, you must continue to work on yourself post-rehab in order to reduce drug and alcohol relapse risks.

To ease this period for you, ongoing care will be offered beyond rehab, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Epsom. Here you will have the convenience to continue motivational sessions, maintaining your responsibility towards sober living.

Soon, by committing to the long-term recovery journey, sober living will be normalised, helping you avoid ongoing substance abuse. This result can however only be achieved by completing the entire drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. By setting your heart on independent withdrawal, you will unfortunately be disappointed, continuing your drug and alcohol consumption into the future.

Make that change by reaching out to our team, helping you select a fitting drug and alcohol rehab clinic to place your trust in.