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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Hammersmith

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Hammersmith

Addiction is commonly described as a ticking time bomb. It’s a condition that can trigger without notice, can aggravate without any signs, and can relapse on a reoccurring basis.

Due to its unpredictable nature, immediate help can be very beneficial. Found to reduce the strength of addiction, to tackle it with great force and to break the cycle at its most vulnerable point, an urgent approach can be found through private rehab. 

If you’re considering NHS treatment services, acting with urgency will be very tough. Waiting lists are long due to high demand and low output, making it difficult to access immediate help and treatment.

By instead considering inpatient or outpatient treatment, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hammersmith, you can expect a time-sensitive admission and programme. Possible to arrange and deliver here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you control your addiction and its future relapse.

Make use of immediate admissions into private rehab by reaching out.


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Finding immediate help in Hammersmith

Immediate help can be very beneficial. Whether you’re feeling desperate or highly motivated, an urgent approach will help you take action on how you feel.

Unfortunately, by opting for NHS treatment services, delays are expected, due to demands. Waiting for treatment can be both frustrating and demotivating, disrupting the chance to recover for many people.

Delays can be avoided through private rehab, offering immediate help within your local area of Hammersmith. Possible to access by reaching out at Rehab Clinics Group, your needs can be communicated, admission can be completed, and help can be experienced with a quick turnaround in mind.

Whether you’re ready for rehab or feel like it’s your last chance to change, take action with a time-sensitive approach. We’re here to follow your pace, when finding and referring you to a drug and alcohol rehab in Hammersmith, from our group.

As we have a group of leading treatment centres, we’re aware of availability. Share yours with the chance to experience a suitable admission and rehab process.


Inpatient and outpatient rehab programmes

Through private rehab, both inpatient and outpatient programmes can be accessed with urgency. An admission can either arrange your stay or your weekly visits to begin from your admission date.

Inpatient rehab will be the quickest process to complete when looking to recover. It’s arranged over a 28-day period, offering targeted support and treatment as you check into rehab. It is an intense process which will require constant focus. Yet with full focus, big recovery goals can be fulfilled through inpatient rehab.

Outpatient rehab is a longer process, usually arranged over a 3-6-month timeline. Although it is a longer programme, it’s immediately accessible and fully flexible. It works alongside your lifestyle and routine to make sure that you can recover with sustainability in mind.

Both rehab programmes are consistent and help our clients recover with productivity in mind. Yet inpatient rehab is the most effective and results-driven programme, possible to change your future over the next month.

Either option can be arranged via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hammersmith, to begin post-admission.


What happens during drug and alcohol rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab is an influential process, helping to treat and manage addiction. It offers a range of tools, treatments, and motivations to understand, work through and prevent addictive behaviours.

With the help of a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, a personalised programme can be formed, directing the length and flow of your recovery process. The majority of programmes will include detoxification and rehabilitation efforts, along with additional services to improve recovery rates.

A range of traditional and holistic therapies can be expected through CQC rehab clinics, highly recommended here at Rehab Clinics Group. Traditional treatments work to treat the cause of addiction and the effects that drug and alcohol abuse incur. Holistic therapies work to improve wellbeing, strengthen coping, and boost mindfulness throughout the process.

Rehab can motivate recovery to a point of sobriety. It’s also designed to prepare clients for ongoing sobriety and healing, through the likes of relapse prevention planning and aftercare.

The process can be completed by checking into rehab, where you’ll benefit from a positive environment, a dedicated team, and an all-round experience. It can also work on an outpatient basis, providing an accountable and independent approach to rehab.


How does relapse prevention help with recovery?

Once sobriety has been reached, long-term maintenance will be the next aim. Relapse prevention helps with planning for and preventing any form of risk which may disrupt the aim.

Relapse prevention planning is a process which educates clients. It increases awareness of personal triggers, high risk situations and signs of relapse. It also offers a plan of action, full of coping strategies and motivations to control triggers and prevent high-risk situations.

Through post-rehab life, drug and alcohol exposure will be inevitable. With a plan in place, manoeuvring through exposure will be possible, placing tunnel vision on sobriety.

Relapse prevention support is available through private rehab and will be a part of your bespoke treatment programme.


Starting today here at Rehab Clinics Group

With the chance to begin rehab with an urgent admission, reach out here at Rehab Clinics Group. The process can start today, by getting to know your needs. With immediate support and guidance, changes to your lifestyle, mindset and consumption can begin, helping your recovery journey.

Start your admission into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Hammersmith, arrangeable through our group.

  • Why must I detox from drugs and alcohol?

    If you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol, over the course of consumption, a build-up will develop. Internally, that build-up will increase cravings and the need to consume. Consumption will also impact the brain, making it accommodate drugs and alcohol. To reduce cravings, to diminish the build-up and to readjust internal systems, detoxification is a must. Detoxing will help you get clean, remove internal influences, and help you through the withdrawal phase. A medically assisted detox will be effective and safe, helping your body and brain survive without drugs and alcohol. Without completing a detox, the build-up will remain, influencing future urges to consume.
  • How can I improve my mental health?

    Your mental health may be suffering due to your addiction. In this situation, through rehab, you can complete dual diagnosis treatment, to treat and alleviate both conditions. Self-help will also be recommended, such as finding new coping strategies, leading a balanced lifestyle, and practicing mindfulness.
  • How do I start rehab?

    You can start the rehab process by reaching out to our team at Rehab Clinics Group. We will be here to support and guide you, whilst finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Hammersmith to recover from. Our group of CQC rehab clinics will be available to complete your admission, helping you start rehab as soon as you’re ready. A self-referral can help you access our support, followed by the admissions process.