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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Harrow

Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms after consuming drugs and alcohol? Do you believe that your drug and alcohol use is slowly increasing? Or maybe you’re turning to addictive substances when times get hard?

If any of the above questions resonate with you, you could be living with an early stage drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, if you’ve been living with denial for years, a chronic dependency could be hidden underneath.

Whichever situation reflects your reality, it is important that you source support for your addiction. Ongoing substance abuse can become life-threatening. Although side effects may currently be non-existent, sooner rather than later, negative experiences will arise, motivating your need for rehabilitation.

Avoid this difficult cycle by sourcing support now through a drug and alcohol rehab in Harrow.


How to find a suitable rehab facility, prioritising your needs

Both an addiction and the recovery process are personal experiences. Therefore, the rehab facility you select should cater to your personal needs. From your budget and recovery goals, to the scope of treatment available depending on your addiction, these factors can control your recovery likelihood.

With this in mind, before starting addiction treatment at any local facility, completing research is vital. There are many drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Harrow, or the surrounding area of London. This will carry convenience for you, yet, your recovery likelihood should always outweigh convenience.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we follow a personal approach by getting to know our clients, while offering bespoke rehab programmes. Our range of rehab facilities can offer convenience, distance, outpatient treatment, residential care and treatment for a dual diagnosis, ensuring that an effective recovery plan can be implemented for all.

Although many members of the public or even some facilities will categories those suffering with addiction into the same box, this approach will decline recovery possibilities. All rehab experiences will differ, including the time required to recover and the treatment options offered. Yet, by selecting one of our rehab facilities, you will be treated like a human being, while working through evidence-based programmes.


Rehab facilities ideal for Harrow locals

If your addiction has recently come to light, where little side effects are present, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Harrow could offer recovery success. This approach will offer consistent outpatient treatment, while attempting to continue your day to day activities.

However, for individuals living with ongoing side effects from substance abuse, here at Rehab Clinics Group, residential treatment will always be recommended. This rehab option has worked for many of our clients over time, by providing a focused approach to treatment. Additionally, many of our clients favour a private recovery process, leaving behind their reality while rehabilitating.

Yet the greatest benefit of selecting one of our rehab facilities away from Harrow falls down to the recovery rates you can experience. This time away, residing at a specialised rehab facility will offer a structured recovery plan to follow, including some of the industry’s leading addiction treatments. Likewise, this level of distance will help you concentrate on working through your rehab programme, while avoiding any external temptations; remember that drug and alcohol temptations are highly likely while remaining within your current environment.

If you’re unsure which rehab route will work best for you, reach out to our team to discuss each option. Details will be provided on local services based at a drug and alcohol rehab in Harrow, along with also sharing the possibilities at our specialised rehab facilities.


Available addiction treatments

By following our personalised approach, no matter which rehab facility is selected from our range, we offer a variety of treatment options for our clients. Predominant focus will be placed on medical, social and psychological treatment options, yet varying degrees will be required depending on the individual person.

Yet the most common addiction treatments experienced by our clients include:

– Cognitive behavioural therapy: Here is where our addiction experts will work with you through your psychological connection to drugs and alcohol. The underlying trigger influencing substance abuse will be uncovered and diminished, while focusing positively on an addiction-free future.

– A drug and alcohol detox: This treatment is commonly experienced by all of our clients within the first few days of rehab. A detox will remove all toxins from the body, helping to reboot its natural functioning. Although one of the most challenging treatments to complete, a drug and alcohol detox is highly important when aiming for long-term recovery. Without this, old physical cravings are likely to appear.

– Motivational therapy: For many clients living with an addiction or mental health problem, motivation is usually lacking; the motivation to recover, to change or to continue through rehab. Our structured sessions will work on intrinsic motivational levels to ensure a progressive journey is likely.

– Support groups: For many of our clients, a positive support network may currently be lacking. Here, bonds will be formed, along with increasing recovery accountability. This is a great treatment option to help clients step outside of their comfort zones, while taking responsibility of their rehab journey.

Alongside our most recommended addiction treatments, clients will complete a number of therapy sessions, offering a helping hand for themselves and loved ones; significantly supporting with the transition back to reality in Harrow. To ease this process further, positive coping mechanisms will be shared to help clients overcome any future drug and alcohol relapses.


Post rehab aftercare here at Rehab Clinics Group

To help our clients maintain recovery, post rehab, if a comprehensive programme has been completed, aftercare services will be offered from a Drug and alcohol rehab in Harrow. This service is highly valuable for our clients, ensuring that a substance-free future is still probable.

You will leave either of our rehab facilities with everything to hand to lead a drug and alcohol-free life, while working on the positives. We will ensure you are ready to return home, fully recovered from both addiction and any connected mental health issues.

Reach out today for further information on how we can help you through this difficult time of addiction.