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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Kentish Town

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery involves the completion of various treatments, therapies, and processes. Detoxification is the most associated addiction treatment, which is proven to eliminate drugs and/or alcohol as influences. 

To treat the psychological and behavioural symptoms of addiction, there are many other treatment services to also experience throughout addiction recovery. Found to understand behaviours, heal the mind and plan for long-term recovery, the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention and aftercare will be recommended.



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Through private rehab services, treatment programmes are tailored and offered on an inpatient basis, which we can help you experience at Rehab Clinics Group. The option to recover through the NHS is also available, known as outpatient treatment. Yet due to delays, and generic programmes, services are less effective through addiction recovery. 

By residing in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Kentish Town, suitable and essential addiction treatment services can be worked through with reassurance. Additional services can also be encountered, offered to improve wellbeing, and enhance recovery

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Addiction help in Kentish Town

Drugs and alcohol have very addictive traits. Consistent exposure to both can drastically change how the body and brain function, making withdrawal a very tough option.

Through unhealthy, recurring habits, the body and brain will adjust to the presence of drugs and alcohol. Changes can fuel cravings, urges and internal needs, only satisfied through consumption.

In order for both the body and brain to readjust, withdrawal and drug and alcohol rehabilitation are essential recovery steps to fulfil. Possible to aim for through a detoxification process and additional treatments and therapies, habits can be broken down and changed.

Effectively experienced with professional addiction help, tailored plans can be worked through to detox and progress through safe and feasible treatments. Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Kentish Town, plans will be ready to begin post-admission, to slowly progress towards sobriety.  


How does rehab work?

A wide range of treatment options and recovery tools are promoted through drug and alcohol rehab. Working together, rehab provides the opportunity to accept and work through physical and psychological changes. Each step of a programme is created to inspire recovery, along with improving health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Rehab can be worked through, through two different forms, both catering to individual needs and diagnoses. Inpatient treatment is a prevalent programme through addiction recovery, which offers 24/7 assistance and access to intimate rehabilitation facilities. To experience inpatient rehab, you can check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Kentish Town for the next 4 weeks. 

Outpatient treatment is the second rehab programme which acts as a long-term recovery plan. Running over a number of months, alongside the NHS, visits to a rehabilitation centre can be made alongside day-to-day commitments.

Opting for outpatient treatment is a convenient option yet is less effective when battling an addiction and its influences. Inpatient treatment is more of a proactive, private, and personal journey, providing everything you’ll need to recover from addiction.


What happens during rehab?

No two rehab experiences are the same. Programmes are accommodating through private rehab, offering personal and tailored recommendations. Whilst differences will be common, there are some rehab steps which are set in stone, essential to complete whilst recovering.  

Supported by specialist teams of medical professionals, psychiatrists and therapists, a wide range of treatments and therapies can be experienced through private rehab. Safe, handheld, and effective programmes will focus on detoxification, rehabilitation, and long-term recovery.

The rehab process usually begins with the important step of detoxification. It’s a medical treatment which eliminates drugs and alcohol through a safe and controlled process. Whilst cravings and withdrawal symptoms can make it a difficult process to complete, private rehab provides the environment and tools to progress.

Recommended to heal the mind, work through behavioural responses, and treat dual diagnosis, rehabilitation is a subsequent step. It’s a part of the rehab process which prioritises talking therapy through individual, group, and holistic means. 

Promoting long-term recovery, aftercare, relapse prevention and self-help will all be encountered via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kentish Town. Offering education and awareness, long-term recovery can be nurtured by both clients and loved ones.

Recognised to CQC standards, private rehab is intimate, compassionate, and effective, offering suitable bouts of addiction help whilst getting better.


Treatments and therapies at Rehab Clinics Group

Once the body has withdrawn from drugs, alcohol and their effects, rehabilitation will be the focus on addiction treatment. Sessions will understand how the brain currently responds to drugs and alcohol, with the aim to adapt outlooks and associations.  

Both therapy sessions and management tools will be worked through to adapt such responses. The aim will be to influence outlooks and choices, to unwelcome drug and alcohol exposure. Sessions will also educate our clients on the damages of substance abuse, along with offering healthy coping strategies and habits to take forward.

Planning is also a key focus throughout relapse prevention, along with prolonging treatment through free aftercare. Completing holistic therapies, wellbeing activities and mental health treatments to improve health and lifestyle choices are also expected.

Treatments and therapies on offer at Rehab Clinics Group:

  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • PTSD therapy
  • One-to-one therapy sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy and support groups
  • Exposure therapy
  • Stress management
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Mental health treatments for dual diagnosis
  • Social activities and tasks
  • Educational sessions
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Holistic therapies, such as mindfulness, nutritional therapy, and NAD+ therapy
  • 12 months of free aftercare


How long is rehab?

The length and structure of rehab will be impacted by personal responses, needs and susceptibility to treatment. For some, inpatient rehab can be benefited from in 4 weeks, yet will take longer to complete for others. With the pace of outpatient treatment, programmes are designed over a number of months, accessible through the NHS.

The time that you can put to one side and dedicate to rehab will be important. The more time that can be spent away from drug and alcohol influences, the stronger recovery will be for the long-term. The most realistic timeline will be provided on admission, to help you commit to rehab and select the most time sensitive option in Kentish Town.


Cost of rehab

Depending on individual needs, the cost of private rehab can range from £3,000 to £10,000. Budgets can however be catered to, providing the right type and form of care which is also feasible to commit to.

Costs can alter between treatment centres, also depending on specialisms, location, the length of rehab and add-on services.

Outpatient treatment is free to access, yet it’s in great demand and takes longer to complete, making it a difficult programme to stick to.


How to find a rehab in Kentish Town?

Finding and referring yourself to a private drug and alcohol rehab in Kentish Town will be possible here at Rehab Clinics Group. Through the admissions process, we can gauge your needs and form the most suitable programme.

Our closest rehab clinic to Kentish Town is Cassiobury Court, a specialist centre offering personal and immediate admissions. By considering your needs, alternative arrangements may however be best, which we can facilitate through our other rehab clinics.

Contact our team on our 24/7 helpline on 0800 470 0382 for more information on experiencing private rehab.  


  • What happens during detoxification?

    Detoxification is a medically assisted treatment. It’s a process which helps to safely eliminate drugs, alcohol, and further toxins from the body. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol is necessary to cut off cravings, to stop consumption and to restore optimal health. The detoxification process helps to achieve this by cutting off exposure, using replacement drugs and providing supportive techniques. Detoxing is the starting point of addiction recovery, helping the body readjust to sobriety, subsequently followed by therapy and further treatment sessions.
  • What happens after rehab?

    After rehab, recovering addicts will work towards a sense of normality. Small yet impactful steps will be motivated to remain sober and to adapt to a new lifestyle. To help with this adaptation, ongoing support and treatment is available through aftercare. Support groups, relapse prevention planning and 12-step programmes will be offered to direct clients through to sobriety. Life after rehab is the true test of recovery. Yet it’s protected by further support through private rehab.
  • How do I pick the right rehabilitation facility?

    Picking the right rehab facility should be balanced by prioritising your needs and selecting a clinic which can deliver them. Your needs will include your location, budget, timeframe, wellbeing, and addiction type, which must be accommodated via rehab. The right rehabilitation centre will offer a personalised programme, which can deliver the service and support you need, around your circumstances. Reputable, private, CQC registered rehab clinics are renowned for such experience, possible to experience in Kentish Town here at Rehab Clinics Group.