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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Kidderminster

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Kidderminster

Some people also believe that they can fix this problem themselves. The truth of the matter is, that without getting treatment from professionals you’re addiction will only get worse and can end up killing you.

At Rehab Clinics Group we have drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres located across the UK. With quality facilities and evidence-based holistic treatments, we can provide the environment you need for long term recovery.

We understand that recovery is a personal journey, which is why we tailor each treatment programme to the individual.

By contacting our friendly and supportive admissions team today, we’ll provide you with a free and confidential initial consultation, where we can advise you on the best addiction treatment for you.


Committing To Recovery

Upon arrival at our drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster, you’re taking the first step to committing to your long term recovery. If you’re ready to change, commit to the treatment programme and give up drugs and alcohol forever, we’ll do everything we can to help you through your recovery.

Many addicts live in denial for a long time before they’re ready to face their problems, but if you’re already searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster, chances are you’ve already made that step. It’s important that, throughout your whole recovery, you’re honest with yourself and with us. We cannot help you if you won’t help yourself.

Residential addiction treatment will remove you from your toxic lifestyle, where you’re surrounded by negative influences that drive your addiction.

With one of our centres, Cassiobury Court, located just two hours away, you’ll not be far from friends and family, but you’ll have enough space to reflect and heal your mind and body.

You’ll be provided with luxury accommodation, delicious meals, and quality treatment throughout your programme.

Only 28 days long, your time with us will be over before you know it, but just these few weeks can change your life, if you’re fully committed to your long term recovery.


Initial Consultation

Before you’re admitted to one of our rehabilitation centres, you’ll undergo an initial consultation. This is free of charge and completely confidential.

It can be difficult, talking to someone about your addiction and the challenges you face. You may feel shame for the behaviour you exhibit due to your addiction, but rest assured, many of our staff members are recovering addicts as well, so there is no judgment from us.

It’s helpful if, during your initial consultation, you can tell us as much about your addiction as you can, as it will help us advise you on the best treatment programme.

When you arrive at one of our rehab facilities you’ll undergo a full medical examination to determine your physical and psychological health before any treatment commences. 


Benefits Of Private Residential Rehab

Outpatient treatment may seem like an ideal solution at first glance, however it is one of the most challenging treatment options. Receiving treatment during the day at a local detox clinic, only to return home in the evenings and weekends, means you’re surrounded by all the negative influences that drive your addiction. Relapse is highly likely in this environment.

In order to fully heal from addiction, you must treat both physical and psychological impacts of this illness. A simple detox at home, will not cut it. Firstly, detox can be extremely dangerous if attempted without medical supervision, as you’ll most certainly experience withdrawal symptoms.

Secondly, without addressing the root causes of your addiction you cannot expect to recover long term.

Our residential addiction treatments are carried out at private drug and alcohol rehab facilities. This means that there’s no waiting list and often you can be admitted as quickly as within 48 hours of your initial consultation. It may be a more expensive treatment option, but in terms of your quality of life, it offers one of the best chances of long term recovery.

Rehab is not clinical or prison-like, like many people first believe, but instead, our centres are furnished to provide a homely feel, with a warm and inviting environment

You’re provided with luxury, en-suite accommodation, all meals provided by an onsite chef, and access to the extensive, private grounds. Your comprehensive programme of treatment covers detox, therapy and a range of holistic activities and our staff are all fully qualified, experienced professionals.


Life After Rehab

The thought of leaving rehab after completing your treatment programme can seem like a daunting prospect. However, we’ll provide you with guidance and support every step of the way.

Before you leave you’ll complete a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan, which will help you maintain your sobriety and manage any cravings along the way.

We understand that the first 12 months after rehab can be the most challenging, with the majority of people relapsing during this time, if they’re going to at all. That’s why we provide everyone that attends a Rehab Clinics Group centre for rehab, 12 months of the aftercare programme for free.

This give you the opportunity to rebuild your life with the guidance and support from our expert team.

Once you’ve settled in at home, we’ll introduce you to local support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics. These groups offer great peer support and can be a lifeline when times get challenging.

If you’re finding it hard to settle back into daily life, or your relationships are trickier than you thought, we can also offer therapy to help you and your loved ones readjust. We can also offer advice and support to help you establish financial security and employment.


Where To Start?

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster, chances are you’ve admitted your addiction and are ready to change. It’s vital that you don’t delay seeking help and getting treatment, as it can cost you your life.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life, contact our friendly and supportive team today for your free and confidential initial consultation.