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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Kinross

 Beating a drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. You not only have to address the physical and psychological dependency that you have on the substance, you will also have to address the behavioural issues that underlie the addiction and substance misuse. While it is difficult, addiction can be successfully treated using a combination of evidence-based treatments.

We can provide effective evidence-based rehab and detox programmes that look to heal your mind and body for true long-lasting addiction recovery, via our residential treatment centres located throughout the UK and beyond. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehabs in Kinross, we can help you find the place that is right for you.


Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Kinross

If you’re looking for somewhere that treats alcoholics, addicts and others with substance misuse issues in Kinross and surrounding areas, there may be a number of options. Some are available through the NHS while others are available through private drug or alcohol rehab centres. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes of all kinds will aim to help you get through detoxification and to deal with the root causes of your addiction and associated behaviours.


Treatment options for addiction in Scotland

One of the main choices to be made is whether to look for private clinics and residential rehabs or to look for a treatment plan available on the NHS. There may also be other factors to consider such as mental health problems that are having an impact on substance abuse. An approach known as dual diagnosis treatment involves treating co-existing mental health issues and addiction issues at the same time. This is important because there can be complex relationships at play. Treating addiction without addressing an existing mental health condition could be storing up trouble and increasing the risk of relapse further down the line.


Inpatient rehab versus outpatient rehab

Outpatient treatment of the kind commonly available through the NHS certainly has its place. Sadly though, resources are often stretched in this area. There may be waiting times and there are a number of other drawbacks. You will tend to be attending treatment sessions from your own home, meaning you may be surrounded by the triggers and temptations usually involved with your substance misuse. People who are struggling with an addiction may find it difficult to organise and attend sessions, which will naturally be more spaced out. They may also have to go through detox with minimal assistance.

A holistic rehabilitation programme delivered via a residential addiction treatment centre is quite a different proposition. For a start, you will be in a comfortable, secure and non-judgemental environment, away from those triggers and temptations. You will have access to round the clock support and care from teams of experienced addiction recovery professionals. You will undergo a supervised medical detox and will participate in a programme of therapies delivered in a compact and structured programme. In short, you will have every chance to make the most of your time in rehab with the aim of making a full and long-term recovery.


The detoxification process

Whether you are undergoing an alcohol detox or drug detox, this vital part of the recovery process can be a very difficult time. As well as intense cravings you may experience a range of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These can vary widely depending on the individual, the substance involved and other factors such as the heaviness and duration of substance misuse. Despite being a legal and socially acceptable drug, for example, alcohol withdrawal can have very severe physical and mental symptoms. At the worst end of the scale, delirium tremens (commonly known as the DTs) can involve confusion, hallucinations, tremors and even seizures that can prove fatal.

Other substances typically produce more psychological than physical symptoms, but all withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and many can be dangerous. This is why it is always best to undergo detox in a controlled, supervised environment like a drug rehab clinic with medical supervision and access to prescription medication.


Therapy options at Kinross rehab

Detox is a vital part of any recovery journey but it is far from the end of that journey. Our therapies are also designed to help you stay clean and sober moving forward, by helping you to explore the root causes of your addiction, develop coping strategies and change the way you think and behave around drugs and alcohol. Rehab typically makes use of psychological techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, group therapy and one to one counselling.

Many of our rehab centres also offer more unique, cutting edge but completely safe treatments like Satori Chair therapy and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback therapy. Wellbeing therapies like art, drama and music therapy, sleep and relaxation therapy and diet and nutritional therapy can also help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle – which can help you to avoid relapse moving forward.


Relapse prevention and aftercare

Adjusting to a life without drugs or alcohol can be difficult and relapse prevention is very important. Our rehabs offer aftercare packages that can provide you with vital additional support just when you need it, especially in the weeks and months immediately following rehab. Support groups and fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can also be valuable for many people.


Get help today

Whether you have been trying to get on top of your addiction for a long time or are just facing up to your drug and alcohol problems, there is no better time than the present for dealing with addiction. Left unchecked, an addiction can continue to damage your physical and mental well-being, as well as wreck relationships, careers and pretty much every other aspect of your life.

Contact us today to start the admissions process and find the best fitting alcohol or drug rehab for your own individual circumstances. We also offer friend and family referrals if it is a loved one you are concerned about.