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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Lambeth

Private addiction treatment is the most effective and impactful form of support that’s available throughout recovery. It’s offered via a private CQC registered rehabilitation centre, specialising in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Possible to experience through outpatient and inpatient forms, private addiction treatment is immediately available, completely safe, and highly personalised.


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Whilst treatment must be paid for, the benefits and possible recovery rates of private rehab outweigh its commitment. Also offering affordable programmes, budgets and circumstances will be worked around, making it an accessible treatment option.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you access a private drug and alcohol rehab in Lambeth, to experience treatment. Reach out to begin the admissions process in one of our private rehabilitation centres.


Private Addiction Treatment in Lambeth

Although free treatment via the NHS will be accessible in Lambeth, waiting lists and demands make it difficult to recover with urgency in mind. Instead, private addiction treatment is encouraged for its time sensitive approach.

Reasonably, private treatment will need to be paid for, through savings, insurance, or payment plans. For some, this can be a challenging commitment to make. Yet now offering affordability, budgets can be worked around to experience a level of private addiction treatment.

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lambeth, of private and CQC standards, your recovery journey can soon begin. You will have the choice between inpatient and outpatient care, to work around your routine and responsibilities.

Accessible by visiting or residing in a rehabilitation centre, you’ll be exposed to recovery motivating environments, specialist guidance and a personal timeline of treatment. Offering the quickest, most effective, and strongest road to recovery, finding private addiction treatment will be encouraged through our group.


The cost of Private Treatment

The expense of private help and treatment can be off putting at face value. Yet there are many services and sources of support which are inclusive of the cost. For the cost of private rehab, you’ll experience:

  • Your own recovery plan
  • The support of a dedicated team
  • A range of compliment services and resources
  • Access to peaceful, private, and motivating environments
  • Access to proven treatments and therapies
  • Safe detoxification
  • A relapse prevention plan
  • Everything you’ll need to recover
  • 12 months of aftercare

Prices across private rehab can fluctuate, some ranking as affordable, whilst others reflecting a luxury programme. Your budget and needs can direct which end of the spectrum you fall.

An average treatment programme can begin at £3,000. The length of your programme, the level of support that you encounter, and any additional services can fluctuate this.

To gauge the cost of visiting/checking into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Lambeth, contact our team at Rehab Clinics Group.


What happens during Rehab?

Throughout your rehab programme, you can expect to work through a range of treatments and therapies. Designed to treat your addiction and offer support for the future, rehab merges a number of key recovery steps.

You can expect to work through those steps with professional guidance. Depending on your selection between a 28-day inpatient programme or weekly visits of outpatient treatment, the pace of each step will differ.

Starting the process, you can expect to complete a drug and alcohol detox, to stabilise the body. Drug and alcohol withdrawal will be aimed for through safe, medically assisted treatments. You can also look to experience a range of talking therapies, beneficial for emotional and mental healing. They can include cognitive behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatments, group therapy and motivational therapy.

The process will also include exposure to holistic therapies, and services which will help to improve wellbeing. Relapse prevention planning will also follow, offering the chance to plan for sobriety.

The entire process of rehab will be completed privately and will be guided by specialists. From admission to your discharge, you’ll have the time and support to focus on getting better. Education, guidance, and supportive tools will also be offered to confidently work towards long-term recovery.


What happens after Rehab?

On completion of private rehab, you’ll be encouraged to slowly revert back to normality. You will need to make some changes to reduce your drug and alcohol exposure and to suppress any triggers.

Full guidance will be provided on how to return to Lambeth with a positive outlook and lifestyle. Such guidance will also continue through 12 months of free aftercare and relapse prevention planning.

Life after rehab can look very different if you commit and complete private rehab. With the recovery tools that you’ll develop through rehab, you’ll be prepared for this change.


The Admissions Process here at Rehab Clinics Group

You can access a private drug and alcohol rehab in Lambeth here at Rehab Clinics Group. We have a group of reputable clinics across the UK, offering comprehensive recovery programmes.

By referring yourself to our services, we can work through the admissions process with you to find the most suitable programme. All tailored around your personal needs, we are here to help you benefit from private drug and alcohol rehabilitationReach out to enquiry about our local rehab clinics.

  • What side effects could I experience during detoxification?

    Side effects are expected throughout the detoxification process, as drugs and alcohol will be withdrawn from the body. Physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms can develop as a sign of shock. It’s common to experience side effects including nausea, insomnia, drug and alcohol cravings, irritability, low moments, mood swings and the shakes. Through a medically assisted detox, side effects can be worked through comfortably and safely.
  • How long does rehab last?

    Rehab can last between 28 days and a number of months. It all depends on which rehab programme you select, the available time that you have, and the most effective way that rehab can work with your lifestyle. Inpatient rehab programmes are the most recommended, which lasts over a month. Yet outpatient rehab can also support recovery, which is scheduled over 3-6 months.
  • How do I pick the right rehabilitation programme?

    Your needs should always direct your decisions. A rehabilitation programme should support your recovery, health, and personal needs. By prioritising them, either an inpatient programme or outpatient programme will stand as suitable, to provide the level and type of support that you need. Through our admissions process here at Rehab Clinics Group we can offer guidance on this.