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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Merton

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Merton

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction will involve the completion of treatment, therapy, and a rehabilitation process. Best experienced through local private rehab services, for Merton residents, finding a suitable programme will be possible here at Rehab Clinics Group.

Offering free and confidential advice, we can assist with your referral and admission, to start the recovery process. Followed by 24/7 support, treatment, planning and aftercare, we’re here to facilitate your journey and guide you towards sobriety.

Finding addiction help which will motivate and secure your recovery journey is very important. A wide range of services, resources and treatments should be available to you, to rehabilitate and to prevent relapse.

Reach out to complete a referral and to find the most effective form of addiction treatment for your needs. Within our group, a suitable programme will be formed for you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton.


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Finding addiction help in Merton

The rehabilitation process will be made up of various treatment services, recovery steps and outlets of support. As an addiction can be a strong, unruly, and relapsing condition, a consistent and targeted approach is essential throughout the process.

Unfortunately, through the waiting lists and generic programmes attached to NHS help, it can be difficult to overcome a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Addiction help will instead be recommended via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, offering a comprehensive and fit for purpose process.

Through our admissions process here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can make sure that you’ll benefit from addiction help by recommending the most suitable rehab centre. From our group, necessary and additional steps of addiction recovery will be ready to experience, to help you rehabilitate from addiction.

You can even select between outpatient or residential treatment, to recover through the most fitting process.


The process of entering private rehab

Entering a private drug and alcohol rehab in Merton will begin with a referral. A self-referral can be completed, or you may be notified through a family and friend referral. Both options must be accepted by yourself, to access private rehab.

Completing or accepting a referral will represent your commitment to the process, which will follow with an admission. The admissions process will get to know your needs, prioritise your needs and arrange your rehabilitation process.

Through our free and confidential advice, recommendations of the most suitable rehab clinic and programme will be made. Your budget, availability, addiction severity, symptoms and wellbeing will all be considered, to make sure that rehab is safe and effective.

An admission can be arranged very quickly, helping you access immediate addiction help. Plans can also be made to help you prepare for private rehab, especially beneficial for a residential check in.


Detoxification and treatment options

Addiction treatments are proven, medically recommended and safe to complete through private rehab. Offered through a bespoke treatment plan, a range of detoxification and treatment options will be advised.

Helping to eliminate drugs and alcohol as influences, prepare the body for sobriety, and reduce cravings, a detoxification process will be recommended. Designed to medically assist through the withdrawal process, a detox is a safe way to get clean. A range of detox medications and tools will be promoted to treat the body for addiction.

Found to work through the emotional and mental triggers, symptoms, and consequences of addiction, talking therapy options will also be recommended. Available in various forms, such as group therapy, one-to-one sessions and family therapy, an addiction treatment programme will be devised.

Additional treatments, focusing on wellbeing, relapse prevention planning and long-term recovery will also be included. Best completed through inpatient rehab, a comprehensive experience can be expected, progressing clients through the steps of rehabilitation. You can still experience addiction treatment through outpatient rehab, yet additional services are mostly accessible with 24/7 care.

Rehab programmes will include dual diagnosis treatment, planning for future drug and alcohol exposure, coping strategy sessions and support with lifestyle management. Initial treatment will treat addiction, followed by additional steps to prolong recovery back in Merton.


The role of aftercare

Aftercare has a very important role to play, by offering post-rehab support and treatment. It’s available for 12 months through our treatment centres here at Rehab Clinics Group.

Arranged to work around individual circumstances and routines, regular aftercare sessions are included within the cost of private rehab. Support groups, one-to-one therapy sessions and 12-step programmes are mostly recommended on an aftercare basis.

Following your discharge from private rehab, aftercare will assist with relapse prevention, with normalising sobriety and with reaching personal goals.

The most effective form of addiction help can be sourced through our group, offering high-quality, personal rehabilitation processes. Reach out at Rehab Clinics Group to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, offering the treatments, therapies, and services that you need to recover.

Treatable and possible to overcome, addiction recovery is something to aim for, ready to lead a fulfilled, sober life. Reach this point with the backing of private rehab.

  • What is addiction treatment therapy?

    Addiction treatment therapy works to treat the emotional and mental symptoms of addiction. It helps to understand responses, emotions and urges to abuse drugs and alcohol. Talking therapies, such as group therapy, one-to-one sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy are the most prevalent. Through drug and alcohol rehab, a range of addiction treatment therapies will be arranged, to digest emotions, to change outlooks and to strengthen coping.
  • What is inpatient rehab?

    Inpatient rehab is the chance to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton. It’s a 24/7 service which can be completed through a 28-day recovery programme. Checking into rehab provides many benefits, including specialist around the clock care, private and relaxing settings, and proactive programmes. You can select to check into one of our residential treatment centres here at Rehab Clinics Group.
  • How do I get into drug rehab?

    You can refer yourself into rehab, or you may be faced with a family and friend referral/intervention. Either route will be followed by an admissions process, which helps to arrange your entrance and experience through rehab. The admissions process can be worked through here at Rehab Clinics Group, offering a private and straightforward route into drug rehab.