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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

In order to kickstart drug and alcohol addiction recovery, a wide range of evidence-based treatments and therapies must be worked through. One of the most effective is the detox process, which eliminates all associations and helps the body reach sobriety.

Whilst extremely important, a physical intervention will not be enough, also requiring additional addiction treatment services. The likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention and support groups will be essential to complete in order to heal the mind.


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Through our private rehab programmes here at Rehab Clinics Group, a wealth of treatments can be completed to a tailored and residential quality. Likewise, treatment can be completed via the NHS, helping to treat physical and psychological symptoms. Yet as outpatient treatment is found as ineffective, especially whilst compared to inpatient treatment, it is rarely advocated through our group.

By selecting to reside in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Moray, all necessary addiction treatment services can be worked through with confidence. Additional services are also offered, to cater to individual needs and circumstances.  

Reach out on 0800 470 0382 to access residential rehab and its beneficial addiction treatment programmes.  


Addiction help in Moray

Whilst normalised, drugs and alcohol are addictive and dangerous substances. Consuming either to a habit-like degree can cause the body and brain to adapt. Those adaptations ingrain consumption and make it very difficult to withdraw from drugs, alcohol, and their effects.

Over time, physical and psychological adaptations will be made due to accommodating consumption. Adaptations will solidify the need for consumption, causing a vicious cycle of cravings, urges and withdrawal symptoms.

To eliminate the effects of drugs and alcohol, and to restore the body and mind, withdrawal and rehabilitation must be worked through. Deliverable through a detox process, talking therapies and planning, the cycle can be suppressed and moved on from.

With professional and medical support, safe and effective treatments can be worked through. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Moray, the most suitable treatments will be combined to form a personalised plan of action.

 People can also find help in AA and NA meetings in Moray, but these are best-accessed post-rehab in continuing your rehab recovery and in reducing your chances of relapse.

How does rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab delivers a range of recovery tools and treatment options that treat the underlying cause of addiction. Also offering the tools to change, habits, outlooks and lifestyle choices can all be adapted through the core steps of rehab. Long-term recovery, improved wellbeing and mental health rehabilitation can be achieved through private rehab.

Rehab programmes can be completed on an inpatient basis and outpatient basis. Inpatient, residential rehab programmes are favoured for their recovery results, security, and one-to-one care. We can help you complete a 4-week programme by checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Moray.

Alternatively, outpatient treatment is favoured for its flexibility and ability to work alongside everyday commitments. Yet can take up to 6 months to complete, as it is offered on the NHS, which isn’t feasible for some clients.

Whilst outpatient treatment comes across as familiar, it is less effective whilst treating individual symptoms, triggers and responses of alcohol and drug abuse. Residential rehab is more suitable due to its targeted pace and structure.


What happens during rehab?

Rehab is a personal process, resulting in unique recovery experiences. Private rehab programmes are fully tailored to accommodate personal needs and circumstances. Whilst some steps will be personalised, others will be imperative in order to benefit from drug and alcohol rehab.

Each step of the rehab process will be led by specialist teams of medical professionals, psychiatrists, and therapists. Effective treatment programmes will motivate core steps of detoxification, rehabilitation, and long-term recovery.

Detoxing is an imperative step, focusing on physical recovery. It helps to reduce cravings, removes any drug and alcohol influences, and helps to withdraw the body. The detoxification process can be tough, yet is manageable through a medically assisted detox, offered through the safe and intimate setting of private rehab.  

Rehabilitation is also imperative, by helping the mind heal and by improving mental health. Therapy sessions are arranged on an individual, group, and holistic basis to alleviate psychological and emotional symptoms.

Aftercare services, relapse prevention planning and self-help are also very important, indefinitely delivered via a drug and alcohol rehab in Moray. Offering education and a plan of action, long-term recovery can be set as a goal through private rehab.

At Rehab Clinics Group, CQC standards of care and addiction treatment can be accessed, offered through private and personalised programmes.


Treatments and therapies at Rehab Clinics Group

Once the withdrawal step has been completed, various treatments and therapies will begin to work through rehabilitation. Sessions initially focus on the mind and how the brain currently responds to drug and alcohol consumption.  

By working through a wide range of therapy sessions and management tools, responses to consumption can then be adapted. The aim will be to downplay future drug and alcohol exposure. Therapy sessions will help our clients recover emotionally and learn to cope through healthy techniques.

Educational sessions of relapse prevention planning are also included, and a comprehensive offering inclusive of aftercare is expected. Holistic therapies, wellbeing activities, and mental health treatments are also offered through our group, to improve health and lifestyle choices.

Treatments and therapies on offer include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • PTSD therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • One-to-one therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions and family intervention services
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Group therapy and support groups
  • Exposure therapy
  • Mental health treatments for dual diagnosis
  • Social activities and tasks
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Educational sessions
  • Holistic therapies, such as mindfulness, NAD+ therapy, and nutritional therapy
  • Stress management
  • 12 months of free aftercare


How long is rehab?

The average residential rehab programme lasts 4 weeks. Yet as many of our clients also have additional health problems, which must be addressed, residential stays can be prolonged, still offering an efficient recovery process. The average NHS outpatient programme can take 3-6-months to complete and benefit from, as it’s a flexible and less structured process.   

The more time that can be spent reaching and maintaining sobriety, the stronger that recovery rates will be. The most effective timeline will be recommended to you on admission, helping you complete the post proactive treatment plan in Moray.  


Cost of rehab

Rehab must be paid for, which can fluctuate in cost depending on personal needs, location, rehab specialisms, and the use of treatment.

Budgets are worked around through residential rehab, offering a feasible option for our clients across our group. Depending on the type and length of rehab programme that’s experienced, costs can range between £3,000 to £10,000

Outpatient treatment is funded by the NHS, offering an affordable option. Yet also delivering lower success rates, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons.


How to find a rehab in Moray?

Finding a private drug and alcohol rehab in Moray will be possible here at Rehab Clinics Group. Through our pre-admission assessment, the most fitting rehab programme can be arranged for you across our group.

Nova Recovery is our closest rehab clinic, to Moray, offering a private recovery hospital to rehabilitate and heal from. Yet depending on your needs, you may prefer one of our other rehab facilities, ranging in price, availability, and location.

Consider all private rehab options by contacting our team through our helpline.

  • What is inpatient treatment like?

    Inpatient residential addiction treatment is the course of treatment which we recommend for most individuals who are looking to overcome a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction. Inpatient treatment, due to the fact that the patient resides full-time at the place where they are receiving treatment, is a very intensive form of treatment. Individuals will receive round-the-clock medical care from the comfort of a top quality private bedroom. We also provide patients with three home-cooked nutritious meals prepared by our kitchen staff each day.
  • What role does mental health play in addiction?

    Some people can develop an addictive disorder as a response to an underlying mental health disorder. For instance, some individuals who develop depression or anxiety, can turn to drugs and/or alcohol in order to self-medicate against their mental health disorder. Although, addiction only exacerbated the underlying conditions in the long run. In such instances where this sort of thing is the case, Rehab Clinics Group recommend that you attend a programme that includes a dual-diagnosis treatment plan as part of your recovery. This course of treatment will mean your therapists can treat both the underlying mental health disorders as well as the primary addictive disorder.
  • What is life like after rehab?

    Making the adjustment back into your everyday life post-rehab can seem like it will be an overwhelming experience at first, and this is a perfectly natural thing to be experiencing. However, with the help of an aftercare programme that Rehab Clinics Group will have sorted for you, you will be able to reach out to a professional support worker if you ever feel at risk of relapsing. The first twelve months after finishing rehab are crucial in terms of a long term recovery, which makes aftercare all the more important.