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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Redbridge

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Redbridge

As drugs and alcohol have unpredictable and various effects, a wide range of treatment options must be available. Some suitable when treating mild habits, whilst others recommended for treating addiction, finding the right option for your diagnosis will be beneficial.

Here to offer guidance, to recommend East London treatment options, and to support you throughout your recovery journey, you can reach out at Rehab Clinics Group for our professional help.

Due to the nature of addiction, outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab are promoted through our group. Available through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge, we can help you access a flexible, bespoke treatment programme.

Treating an addiction should involve a range of physical, psychological, holistic, and preventive therapies, medically and professionally accredited. Access such quality through our group of rehab clinics.


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Treatment options in Redbridge

In Redbridge, you’ll have three key treatment options to select from. Depending on your circumstances, one will be the most beneficial and suitable. You should consider your expectations and urgency to recover, along with factors such as your budget, available timeframe, and strength of addiction. 

NHS treatments: Recovering via the NHS is a possibility. Due to waiting lists, it can take some time to start the addiction recovery process. Free of charge, high levels of care and medical assistance are available. Yet due to the common disruptions of free treatment, it’s best suited for milder diagnoses.

Outpatient treatment: Clinics in Redbridge will offer a flexible, outpatient programme. Arranged over 3 to 6 months, treatment can begin immediately through rehab visits. Outpatient support, activities and a range of resources will be available, whilst recovering alongside everyday life.

Known as an affordable treatment option of private rehab, outpatient treatment is beneficial for substance abuse diagnoses. It can be effective through addiction recovery, yet will depend on environments, levels of support and personal triggers.

Inpatient treatment: An inpatient programme will also be a feasible option for you. You can access and check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge for a 28-day programme. The process can begin as soon as you’re ready, following an intense and consistent timeline.

A wide range of treatments, services and forms of support will be available through the 24/7 offering of inpatient rehab. Although the most costly, residential rehab is the most effective and change-driven for an addiction diagnosis.

An alcohol and drug addiction can impact people from all walks of life. Through one of the above treatment options, recovery can be aimed for through a feasible and suitable process.


How to access private addiction treatment?

If you’re open to either outpatient or inpatient treatment, both will be accessible through private rehab. Our group includes a number of different treatment centres, specialising in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Through our services, you’ll have a reliable opportunity to access private addiction treatment, fitting for your needs and diagnosis type. By completing a self-referral or accepting a family and friend referral, our support can be accessed. We will support you through the admissions process to respect your needs and to make sure that they can be catered to throughout treatment.

We will recommend everything from the delivery of your programme, the type of treatments that will benefit you the most, and the most fitting approach of rehabilitation. All will be considered whilst finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge and whilst forming your individual treatment programme.

Access can be quick, private, and dependable with our support. An admission can be completed in 24 hours, helping you begin addiction treatment as soon as you’re ready. 


Effective treatments and therapies

Our therapies and treatments at Rehab Clinics Group are effective, proven and evidence based. We combine traditional, holistic, safe, and proactive treatment options to create bespoke treatment programmes.

Focusing heavily on detoxification and rehabilitation, treatments are in place to treat physical and psychological fixations to drugs and alcohol. A detox process will begin treatment for all clients to work through withdrawal symptoms with a structure and full medical assistance. Getting clean on an initial basis is important, to prepare for therapy sessions and the habitual changes of recovery.

Talking therapies, support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, group therapy, stress management and a wide range of holistic therapies will motivate rehabilitation. Focusing on emotions, coping, mental health and outlooks, negative behaviours will be unlearned.

Treatments and therapies help to treat current battles with drugs and alcohol. Yet they also aim for the future, promote long-term recovery, and provide the tools to sustain sobriety. Their benefits can be experienced near enough immediately through private rehab.


Relapse prevention plans

Relapse prevention planning is also a standard step, offered through rehabilitation. It helps clients understand personal triggers, signs of relapse and how to prevent future consumption.

Whilst planning takes place through rehab itself, relapse prevention is invaluable through the first 12 months of recovery. It works alongside aftercare, both decreasing the risks of relapse.

Offering personal coping strategies, greater education of relapse and how to work through drug and alcohol exposure, and a structure to follow, relapse prevention is a tool to take forward.

At Rehab Clinics Group, relapse prevention will be highlighted through rehab and aftercare services, as a part of the recovery process.

Reach out to find the most suitable treatment option, for your needs, through our group. If you’re looking for immediate, high-quality care, visiting or checking into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge will be recommended, accessible here.

  • What is the best treatment for substance abuse?

    Treating substance abuse will mostly focus on physical withdrawal. A detoxification process will be effective, to remove toxins from the body and promote drug and alcohol withdrawal. A safe process to complete, detoxing from rehab is a strong starting point. Depending on symptoms and addiction makeup, therapy sessions may be required. Yet for most people who suffer with substance abuse, withdrawal, relapse prevention and change management are mostly recommended.
  • What leads people to drug addiction and alcoholism?

    There are many different causations of addiction. Stress, financial worries, poor mental health, social pressures, toxic environments, and genetics are some of the most common. Paired with the positive reinforcement of consumption, the brain can begin to crave further consumption, to block out any negatives.
  • Does rehab work?

    Rehab is a service which is designed to work. It promotes progress and recovery, along with the tools to continue through recovery on a post-rehab basis. Rehab experiences and recovery rates do differ, depending on a number of personal factors. With full commitment, a suitable rehab programme can work and support addiction recovery.