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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Somerset

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Somerset

If left untreated your addiction will worsen and can even kill you. No matter the severity of your addiction we can help you achieve long term recovery.

With rehab centres located across the UK and even in Spain, we can provide you with the necessary tools you need to understand and manage your cravings and triggers in everyday life.

We understand that “one size” does not fit all, which is why we tailor our treatment to suit you.

Start your healing process today, by contacting our friendly and supportive team. We’ll provide you with a free and confidential consultation, through which we can advise on the best treatment for you.


Reasons For Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab is your best chance at long term recovery, but it’s important to understand that rehab is not easy. It’ll take a huge amount of dedication and commitment to make it work and you’ll have to commit to staying off alcohol and drugs forever.

With the right treatment though, you can take back control of your life, gain a new understanding of addiction and develop more positive habits and healthy lifestyle choices. We have highlighted below some of the main reasons we believe drug and alcohol rehabilitation with us is worth it for you:



Your home environment is likely to be a toxic environment with negative influences that drive your addiction. You may have surrounded yourself with addicts, which will only tempt you further.

Through residential addiction treatment you can distance yourself from these negative triggers. Programmes last around 28 days, which gives you time away from your toxic daily life, to focus on you and your recovery.

Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to meet others that are going through similar experiences to you.

People you meet during challenging times are often friends for life. This is no different for addiction recovery. Bonding with people over shared hardship, challenges and experiences can provide the support that both peers require.

After you leave drug and alcohol rehab, we’ll help you find local support groups, where you’ll be able to grow your support network in a local setting, ensuring you have the support in the times of need.


Rebuilding Relationships

Addiction can change your personality, as your primary focus in life becomes your addiction and your next fix. You’ll end up pushing away anyone that cares about you, isolating yourself.

Addiction is an incredibly lonely experience, but recovery is quite the opposite. With addiction treatment you can find yourself again, and start to mend those broken relationships.

This can be tricky at first as it can take people time to realise that you’ve changed, but we offer family therapy sessions to help aid this healing process.



Addiction can cause your life to fall apart. You may loose people you care about, as they distance themselves from you, and you may even lose your job.

Substance misuse is not cheap and you may find yourself in debt, running out of options for obtaining your next fix. It’s easy to slip into criminal behaviour when you become desperate enough.

Stability in life and in terms of finances, can only be achieved through long term recovery. With the right residential addiction treatment you can free yourself from your alcohol and drugs addiction, enabling you to take back control over your life and finances.

Career assistance is available during rehab and when you successfully complete your treatment we’ll support and guide you as you start to rebuild your life. 



You may have many unanswered questions surrounding your addiction, such as; what caused my addiction? Or, why me? During your drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset, we’ll address the underlying causes of your addiction and help you make positive changes.

For some people causes such as suffering with anxiety or depression are clear causes of their addiction, whereas for others it can seem like a complete mystery. Only by attending rehab will you have a chance to understand your addiction, its root causes and its triggers.

We’ll provide you with strategies to help you manage your cravings and develop a more positive and healthy lifestyle.



Rehab for drug and alcohol abuse can simply save your life.

Everyone knows that addiction is a slippery slope that can lead to serious health conditions, but addiction can also kill you. If left untreated, your addiction won’t just go away.

Even if you feel like you have control over your substance misuse, chances are you don’t and you’re living in denial.

There is no question about it, rehab will save your life. It’ll give you the chance to turn your life around, seek new opportunities and give you a new lease of life.

You’ll receive treatment that’ll help both your physical and psychological self and learn how to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Somerset

Admitting you have an addiction is often the hardest step to take, but once you’ve taken that step you need to act urgently.

We can admit you to a centre within 48 hours of your initial consultation an even provide transportation to get you there. There is no time like the present to change your life.

At drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset you’ll be provided with state-of-the-art facilities, round the clock care and evidence-based holistic treatment options. From detox to therapy and group activities, you’ll heal your mind, body and soul and make life-long friends.

After leaving our centre you’ll be provided with our drug and alcohol aftercare programme that includes 12 months free. We’ll help you settle back into daily life, find local support groups and establish a sense of stability within your new positive and healthier lifestyle.

Take back control of your life and contact our friendly and supportive admissions team today for your free and confidential consultation.