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Drug and alcohol addictions can affect anyone one of us, and there are so many reasons why an individual might encounter substance abuse. But, instead of looking at the past, focus on the future and working on become a healthier version of yourself.


Reasons Why Some Individuals Struggle with Addiction Recovery

Everyone has a different lifestyle, attitude and personality which means that not everyone approaches drug and alcohol addiction the same way. But why do some people have more difficulty than others on their journey to recovery? There is certainly not just one simple answer to this conversation, but there are some common themes that we’ve noticed in our rehabilitation centres.

The first reason we’ve encountered is that not everyone is ready for addiction treatment. Although the individual should get help for their substance abuse, they’re not in the right mind-set where they’re completely committed to living a life of sobriety. This attitude will hold you back and prevent you from succeeding in your recovery plan. Fighting an addiction is hard, and you won’t get the results overnight, because you have to put in the hard work to live a life free from substance abuse. But, if your thinking isn’t dedicated to your recovery process, this means that you’re not truly committed to changing.

Another factor is the motivation behind seeking treatment. When you enter into our rehab centres, we will do everything in our power to try and help you live without drugs and alcohol, but our programmes can only do so much. Having a healthy motivation behind your reasoning for treatment will keep you on track and help you to fight your demons during any dark moments. Overcoming an addiction is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face so everyone needs something to get them through. However, don’t make that reason for someone else. It’s okay to want to get better for family and friends, but you should understand that beating a drug addiction requires wanting to get healthier for yourself. It’s essential to have hope in your heart, as well as a strong desire to change, so don’t let your motivation only be a temporary thing.


The Most Common Addictive Behaviours of an Addict

If you or someone you love has a serious issue with a drug and alcohol addiction you might have noticed some dramatic behavioural changes. It’s difficult to categorise these traits, since there are more than one of them and they’re predictable, but below are the most common behaviours:


  1. 1. Lying

Many addicts will lie to get the fix they need, and this can even mean betraying the people they love the most. Sometimes these lies start small and then gradually get bigger and more often. An addict has to lie about where their money has gone, when they last took drugs, and where they were. It’s very difficult to feel at ease when someone you love is lying straight to your face, and it can take years and a lot of hard work to rebuild this trust.

Individuals can be fooled into believing these lies for many years, but then slowly but surely, these lies reach the surface and everything comes out in the end. Meanwhile, as the lies are coming out of the addict’s mouth, they’re changing their behaviours and personality to feed their addiction. You might not always be able to verify what the addict is saying, but if the trust is gone, then that is the addiction winning over your loved ones.

  1. 2. Abusive Behaviour

Another popular trait of an addict is violence – both verbally and physically. Sometimes when an addict has taken a substance, they can be fooled into thinking their surroundings and people around them are far from the reality. They can perceive what’s around them as a threat or danger, and the one effective way they know how to react is with aggression.

It can be difficult for the spouse of an addict who often has to receive this mental and emotional abuse. With aggression, confusion and guilt growing inside of the addict, they begin to react in the only way that brings them relief.

  1. 3. Becoming Irresponsible

An addict will often shift the blame of their decisions onto others. Suddenly, their situation becomes the result of other people’s actions and they’re not willing to hold up their hands for their behaviour. A drug and alcohol addiction takes away people’s souls, and anything that happens to the addict is never their fault. If they fail at something, it’s someone else who was to blame. If they get fired from their job, it’s because the boss was irrational. No matter the situation, an addict is never willing to hold up their hands and admit they’re wrong or say sorry.


Centres in Hertfordshire

People in today’s world are filled with pressure, stress and anxiety – including work, family and personal life. If you’re based in St Albans and looking for assistance with detox and rehab, there are many ways we can help you. First, preventing or fighting substance abuse involves battling any peer pressures you might have. Perhaps your friends are pressuring you into taking drugs or you’re surrounded by people who are tempting you into these situations. We recommend confronting these individuals and walking away from the situation so you can free yourself.

Life can get hard. But that isn’t a good enough reason to reach for a chemical substance to alleviate your emotional pain. Instead of reaching for drugs or alcohol to help you feel better about your circumstances, look for other methods to unwind. Take up volunteering, scrapbooking, reading, exercising, etc. Ask yourself if the activity you’ve chosen is truly beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re concerned about your own or someone else’s addiction to drugs and alcohol, don’t brush the issue under the rug. Call us on 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222 for more information about our drug and alcohol services. You’re not alone.