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Alcohol Rehab Centres In West Midlands

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in West Midlands

People who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction often completely deny their condition. “It’s not me, it’s everyone else” is your probable thought process. Addicts will avoid considering the consequences of their actions and believe they can control the illness and stop as and when they wish even though it’s not the case.

If you are ready to tackle your drug or alcohol addiction, then we are ready to help. Our 24-hour helpline is non-judgemental, your request for help will be handled with compassion and discretion and many of our staff are themselves recovering addicts – they understand what you’re going through.

We are also aware you may be looking for help for a friend, a loved one or colleague who has the tell-tale signs of drug or alcohol addiction. We can offer excellent advice on this difficult situation and on the steps to take next.


Rehab Clinics Group treatment centres


We can help you to get through this, but we need you to do the brave thing and make that first call, which we understand is tough. Our team is available to speak about your problems and we can perform an initial assessment. This will help to determine what the best course of action is for you.

We ask for a 28-day commitment to our residential rehab clinic where we can help you to stay clear of people or places that might trigger your addiction. We can also offer comfortable, communal facilities to aid your recovery.

Our modern rehab clinics are located across the country and we’ll be able to find a treatment centre suitable for you and your requirements. Unlike with NHS services, there’s no waiting list for our treatment. Budget cuts have left long waiting times for treatment, with only basic outpatient treatment being offered. Before further treatment can be offered, addiction can worsen, or permanent damage caused to vital organs.

Our treatment centres offer excellent value for money and the cost covers all aspects of your stay, from counselling to meals made by our on-site chef.


Individual recovery programmes

When searching for drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the West Midlands, you may have noticed that other clinics offer detox-only treatment programmes. These however are not as effective. With your treatment at Rehab Clinics Group, we get to the root cause of your addiction and other factors that cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol. This allows you to develop the skills to permanently stay away from drugs or alcohol in the future. We do this by offering a combination of group and individual therapy sessions.

We also offer several holistic therapy options, including exercise, yoga and massages. We also offer nutritious meal plans, helping you to eat right and take care of yourself properly once more. Our treatment programmes are very much offered around the individual and when we perform our initial assessment with you, we’ll begin to form a picture of what you do and do not like. When you commit to a 28-day rehab programme, we’ll perform a complete physical and psychological assessment to ensure we can provide you with the very best long-term treatment.


Detox in the West Midlands

When you arrive at our modern rehab clinic, you will undergo a period of detox. This is an essential part of your treatment programme, as it will flush the toxins causes by excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol from your body. It is however a difficult and often painful part of your treatment and the withdrawal symptoms are often extremely unpleasant.

However, this detox is medically assisted, and you’ll be monitored by our medical staff. They will be able to provide you with prescription medication in order to ease your pain and make the detox procedure easier. This then allows you to join the more enjoyable side of the treatment programme.


Your aftercare

Your treatment doesn’t end when you come to the end of your treatment programme. You are never cured of addiction, but we do show you how it can be successfully managed, and you will need to ensure you take responsibility for your own sobriety by continuing to avoid bad influences and putting everything you learned with Rehab Clinics Group into progress.

You’ll also receive 12 months of aftercare upon completion of your treatment. The first year after you’ve undergone your rehab is where you are at the highest risk of suffering from a relapse. This is why we ensure a support network is in place, and before you leave we spend time with you to draw up an aftercare plan. This will allow you to feel confident about returning to your normal life.

It will come with a 24 hour helpline and allow you to stay in touch with the people you have shared this experience with. We will also encourage you to join local support groups to continue sharing your experiences and thoughts.


Get in touch today

If you or someone you care about is suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction, please take steps to help yourself straight away. The longer an addiction is left untreated, the harder it is for a successful resolution. Time is of the essence and addiction is a mental illness with often devastating physical consequences. We want to give you that opportunity to restore your life to normality, to mend those broken relationships, to move forward with a new positivity.

But we cannot do that unless you get in touch. We need you to take that difficult first step and call us. We can assure you it gets easier from that moment.

Please call us on 0800 470 0382, or text HELP to 83222 and let’s take the first step to your recovery.