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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Westminster

Before starting addiction treatment, planning is required for both parties. For a client, preparing for rehab will be advantageous, to increase personal awareness and acceptance. For a clinic, planning is imperative to form and execute the most suitable rehab programme.

Planning occurs through the admissions process, which follows on from a self-referral into rehab. Although a very important process to complete, admission can be fulfilled with urgency, to offer immediate access into rehab.

By contacting our team at Rehab Clinics Group, we can complete your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Westminster, helping you plan for your next steps.

Reach out to begin the process, followed by a range of treatments and therapies, recovery plans and aftercare schedules, all offered through private rehab.


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What happens through an Admission into Rehab?

If you select to recover via a private rehab, a self-referral will begin the process. A referral will be followed by the admissions process, which will arrange your next steps of drug and alcohol rehab. 

An admissions process helps to prepare clients for what’s ahead. Rehab is a new experience for most people, which can be difficult to accept. The admissions process provides a platform to ask questions, to feel emotionally supported, and to prepare your day-to-day life, ready for your commitment.

The process will begin with a number of assessments, focusing on your addiction type, wellbeing, and circumstances. Assessments will be used to gauge the severity of your addiction and the type of support you will require to recover. With practical information in hand, the process supports our group of treatment centres, to plan for each client.

Your needs can be communicated and turned into a bespoke programme with planning in place. An appropriate date can also be arranged ready for you to start the process, whether through an inpatient or outpatient programme.

From referral to admission, the process can be completed quickly, helping you access a private drug and alcohol rehab in Westminster.


Starting Treatment through Private Rehab

Addiction treatment will be available through inpatient and outpatient programmes. Both will start immediately through private rehab. Yet due to the level of commitment and change that each requires, the timeline and delivery of treatment will differ.

Through inpatient rehab, treatment can be worked through daily, possible to complete in 28 days. A tailored programme will be formed, full of evidence-based treatment options and tools. With the chance to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Westminster, a significant commitment will be required. This will be returned with an intense and motivating stream of addiction treatment, helping to inspire quick recovery and change.

Through outpatient rehab, treatment sessions are usually arranged on a weekly basis. Possible to complete in 3 to 6 months, rehab visits will be planned, along with 24/7 outpatient advice and support.

To work alongside everyday life, outpatient rehab will require a strong commitment, yet can be balanced along with work, caring for others and personal responsibilities. Due to its flexible nature, it can take longer to benefit from addiction treatment. Yet benefits are expected on completion.

Via either programme, a bespoke, medically assisted, and effective treatment programme will be accessible. CQC standards, specialist input and proven therapies will be experienced through private rehab.


Treatment Options for Addiction

A drug and alcohol addiction is an ingrained condition, which attacks both the body and mind. To treat an addiction, with reliability in mind, a wide range of therapies and techniques will need to be completed.

Following the delivery and timeline of your treatment programme, you will experience a unique mix of treatment options. Yet there are some effective services which are experienced by most clients, also available for you to encounter.

A range of options will work to safely treat addiction, whilst preparing the body, mind, and person for sobriety. Long-term recovery will also be aimed for, with planning sessions in place.


Relapse Prevention and discharge planning

An admission into rehab marks the beginning of recovery. A discharge from rehab marks the beginning of long-term recovery. To plan for this change, relapse prevention sessions will take place through private rehab.

Relapse prevention is designed to offer a confident and capable route through long-term recovery. It works to increase awareness, to motivate ongoing sobriety and to instil preventive actions.

Discharge planning will work alongside relapse prevention, to plan a lifestyle and routine which also prevents drug and alcohol exposure. Aspects of your life, such as your living arrangements, network and nutrition will be considered.

Plans will promote a fully aware, balanced, and positive lifestyle, to support long-term recovery.


An Aftercare schedule

Once you’re discharged from rehab, aftercare services will continue as a source of support. You’ll have a network of peer support along with additional treatment sessions to lean on.

A personal schedule of aftercare will be formed for you, over a 12-month period. Sessions should be prioritised and embraced as they are helpful through relapse prevention and avoiding high-risk situations.

The above services and support can follow an admission into private rehab. Complete yours here at Rehab Clinics Group by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Westminster from our affiliation.

  • How safe is detoxification?

    Detoxification is a safe process when it’s medically observed. Attempting to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, from home, is dangerous and should be avoided. Yet through a CQC rehab clinic, safety will be a priority, whilst working through the withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms are still expected. Yet can be controlled and managed with medical assistance, usually suppressed with detox medications and/or complimenting therapies. Detoxification is necessary to recover, which can be completed safely via a drug and alcohol rehab in Westminster.
  • How successful is rehab?

    Rehab is designed for success. Each experience of rehab will differ, as commitment levels, addiction strengths and responses are expected to vary. Yet with full commitment and an open mind, rehab can be an effective platform throughout your recovery process. Great success can be achieved by completing a bespoke rehabilitation programme, ready to carry forward through sobriety.
  • Can I recover through outpatient rehab?

    Outpatient rehab is a treatment option, available to complete through private rehab. It is possible to recover through an outpatient programme, as it still offers access to rehab, addiction treatments and professional support. Yet depending on the severity and makeup of your addiction, inpatient rehab may offer greater success. As an outpatient programme can take a number of months to complete and offers flexibility, you may respond better to a proactive and handheld approach. On your admission here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can work out which treatment option will benefit your circumstances and recovery rates.