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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Yardley

We have Treatment Centres for Alcohol Rehab in Yardley

Facilitated here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can advance you through admission to find a private drug and alcohol rehab in Yardley.

We can help you decide between inpatient and outpatient rehab. We can also arrange a rehab programme to suit your needs. Rehab can then be completed from one of our leading CQC rehabilitation centres.

With our support, all arrangements can be made to begin your addiction recovery journey. Full of treatments and therapies, educational sessions and professional support, the rehab process will follow, marking the start of sobriety.

Start the admissions process by reaching out to our team, here to offer compassionate, confidential, and effective guidance.


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What happens during an Admission?

Admissions is the process that’s completed before you either enter or visit rehab for the first time. It assesses your needs and makes sure that a rehab is currently a suitable option for you.

Assessments will help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Yardley that can meet your expectations, your budget, and your timeline. They will also offer recommendations of the most effective type of treatment, helping you make some pre-rehab decisions.

The admissions process takes into account all of your requirements and choices, by forming an effective treatment programme. Arrangements are made through this step, such as your admissions date, transport, and payments, to secure your recovery opportunity.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you through the admissions process by working through our CQC registered rehab clinics and considering their suitability. We will find the closest to Yardley and also offer advice on the inpatient via outpatient choice.

Reach out to start the admissions process, which can process and form your rehab programme in a matter of hours.


The Drug and Alcohol Rehab process

On admission, the drug and alcohol rehab process will begin. The process will be bespoke to your needs, including the contents and length of rehab. If you require a rapid process, a 28-day inpatient programme will be recommended. If you’re flexible and have milder symptoms, the process can be completed through a 3–6-month outpatient programme.


Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal

Detoxification will be the first step of any rehab process as it’s essential to deter the cycle of consumption. By eliminating drugs and alcohol through a withdrawal process, urges and cravings can soon diminish.

Through private rehab, a safe detox process can be expected, observed by medical professionals. Your health will be prioritised, whilst slowly adjusting to sobriety.


Education, Treatments, and Therapies

This part of the rehab process is where personalisation is found. A range of suitable treatments and therapies will be recommended to offer educational sessions, to heal the mind, and to adapt coping methods.

Treatments and therapies which are regularly completed include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, group therapy and family therapy. Educational sessions will also be incorporated to increase awareness of personal triggers and how to control them.


Holistic Healing

By healing the mind, the body will follow. Through holistic therapies, all-around healing can be aimed for through this approach. Mental clarity and stability can be found through mindfulness, stress management, relaxation management and wellbeing sessions.

Through our private drug and alcohol rehab clinics, a range of holistic therapies is used and recommended.


Relapse Prevention and Discharge Planning

Before leaving a drug and alcohol rehab in Yardley, relapse prevention and discharge planning will take place. Both work to plan for post-rehab life, future drug and alcohol exposure and long-term recovery.

It’s essential to plan for life beyond the rehab process, as the first 12 months of sobriety can be turbulent. With preventive measures in place and a balanced lifestyle to follow, greater control can be found.


Aftercare Support

Aftercare will be available after rehab, to ease the first 12 months of recovery. It’s accessible on an outpatient basis, which will provide you with regular support groups and therapy sessions.

Found to increase accountability, maintain focus, and reduce relapse risks, aftercare is highly recommended as a follow-on treatment.


Finding the right Rehab programme at Rehab Clinics Group

The above rehab process can be completed safely and effectively by finding the right rehab clinic to recover from. With a wealth of experience and our group of leading treatment centres, we can help you select a clinic that is accommodating, local and suitable.

By contacting our team, the admissions process can begin over the phone, offering you the chance to ask any questions and raise any concerns. Assessments will also take place to strengthen our advice and recommendations.

Start the process of selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Yardley by reaching out.

  • Is Rehab expensive?

    There are different types of private rehab on offer. Some programmes are highly affordable, whilst others are luxurious, carrying an expensive price point. Your needs, budget and location will direct the most suitable type of rehab programme. Private rehab can come across as expensive when compared to free NHS treatments. Yet the quality and depth of support and treatment, that’s included through private rehab, justifies its cost.
  • What happens after I leave Rehab?

    After you leave rehab, your goal will be to normalise sobriety. You’ll need to develop a lifestyle that will support your long-term recovery journey. Support will be available to help you with this step, to reduce relapse and to ease your first 12 months. Aftercare services will be offered, along with relapse prevention planning to help you return to life in Yardley.
  • How do I prepare to go to Rehab?

    You will need to prepare by doing your research, by setting aside some time and money, and by suitably packing for rehab. You should also prepare by increasing your awareness of what’s ahead, along with sourcing support from your outside network. Physical and psychological preparations can ease your admission, helping you start rehab with a strong mindset.