Drug Rehab London

We have treatment centres for drug rehab in London

Everyone takes drugs for different reasons. For some, it’s for the social benefits – such as hyperactivity, increased energy and a boost of serotonin levels. For others, taking drugs helps them to temporarily forget about the real issues in their life they wish to neglect. Whatever your reason for drug addiction, we’re here to help and show you that you’re not alone.

Drug Rehab London
Drug Rehab Centres In London
Drug Rehab London

About drug addictions

Addictions become a habit which is hard to beat without professional support. Sometimes, people can be aware that they’re creating long term to their physical and mental wellbeing, but can’t beat their behavioural addictions. By definition, a drug addiction creates chemical changes in the brain which cause a change in behaviour. Someone drug dependent will have little self-control and can’t resist the urge to take drugs. A drug addiction can vary from intoxicants such as cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, prescribed drugs, and more. Without rehab treatment, a person can struggle with remembering information, learning, controlling their behaviour and emotions, and they make poor judgements. As a result of their drug use, a person makes impulsive decisions which can have a negative effect on their life choices and health.

Symptoms of a drug addiction

The longer you use drugs, the more difficult becoming abstinent comes.


Here are some physical symptoms of drug addiction to look out for within yourself or others:

    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Eating more or less
    • Sudden weight change
    • Pupils appearing larger or smaller than normal
    • Changes in personal grooming habits
    • Little control over coordination


Here are some psychological warning signs of drug addition to look out for:

    • Paranoid or increase in anxiety
    • Little or no interest in any activity
    • Uncontrollable mood swings – including sadness and anger
    • Sudden bursts of energy or nervousness
    • Continuously thinking about taking drugs and revolving your life around drugs


Here are some behavioural symptoms to be aware of:

    • Unable to remain in control of taking drugs
    • Using drugs to alleviate any negative emotions and make yourself feel better
    • Taking drugs to combat any withdrawal symptoms
    • Stopping your favourite hobbies to take drugs instead


How drugs affect your body

Every drug has a different effect on your wellbeing and psychical health. The effect can depend on numerous factors including the drug’s strength, dosage, how often and how long you’ve been taking the drug, your psychical and mental health prior to taking drugs, how you ingested the drug, environment, if you missed it with other substances, and more. Amongst the most common side effects, you’ll find you’re more likely to have an accident, because you’re not aware of your surroundings. You also make yourself more vulnerable of a sexual assault or violence.

Drugs also have many long-term effects, including cancer, damage to your organs, collapsed veins (if you inject), mood swings, reduced or increase hair growth, and more. The come down from drugs can be the most difficult part of drug abuse. For example, many uses experience fatigue, hunger, cold sweats, migraines, difficulty sleeping and more. Due to these after-effects, a user will continue taking drugs to return back to the positive effects they associate with drugs. However, this is where drug addiction begins and becomes hard to battle alone.

Drug rehab with Rehab Clinics Group

At Rehabs Clinic Group, we give everyone an equal chance to beat drug or alcohol addiction. Everyone has a unique story and needs different levels of support, which is why we personalise our treatment services to suit you. When you enter one of our rehab centres, you’ll undergo a physical and psychological examination to assess your wellbeing. Once this examination process is complete, our expert team will create the treatment options for you. To beat drug and alcohol addiction, you’ll register to a detox programme.

This drug and alcohol detox flushed out the toxins from your system so you can go forward with a clean and fresh start. To prevent and ease withdrawal symptoms, you’ll also be prescribed medication to make the journey as painless as possible. During this stage of the rehabilitation programme, our expert staff will support you 24/7 to suit your needs. This is why we only hire the best medical and therapeutic team to help you.

Our drug rehab in London is proven to help with drug addiction, thanks to our diverse residential treatment designed to help everyone who walks through our doors.


The benefits of beating your addiction at our drug rehab in London

Rehab treatment has been proven to be more successful to becoming drug free than home strategies. Rehab in London involves diagnostic testing and psychological assessments to find the best treatments for you. This is more effective than going ‘cold turkey’ at home, with no professional support. You might have loved ones surrounding you with love and support, but you need expert, medical advice to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. Also, with mental health assistance, we analyse your drug and health history to create a successful plan for recovery.

You’ll also receive professional outpatient treatment to build a solid foundation for recovery when you complete treatment. You’ll also build healthy habits to improve your wellness for life and help you stay clean. At Rehabs Clinic Group, we’re also share nutritional advice to help you become the healthiest version of you.

Our professional cognitive behavioural therapy addresses any health conditions during your recovery process. With one-to-one, personalised therapy, all addicts will understand why and how their drug addiction started. Consequently, our expert team help you heal any emotional factors which could cause you to resort back to drugs.

Drug addiction is real, and together, we want to help you beat it. Call us today to get started in treatment, or for more information about how we can help you.