Anxiety Rehab & Treatment

Do you currently experience regular panic attacks? Do you struggle daily with a social phobia? Or maybe you’re living with a mental health issue such as depression or an eating disorder?

Sadly, anxiety disorders are on the up. With more and more negative stimuli’s, mental health disorders and anxiety-related issues are developing. OCD, PTSD and general phobias are a few to mention.

The effects of an anxiety disorder

Living with or watching a loved one experience anxiety is highly distressing. Those who suffer from chronic anxiety find it difficult to lead a normal life without worry, causing a negative cycle of behavioural and psychological reactions. In this situation, it is difficult to live a high-quality life without anxiety creeping in.

If you are struggling with anxiety which is negatively influencing your life, now is the time to seek support through residential treatment. No matter which type of anxiety you are experiencing, or how severe it may be, a wide variety of treatment options will be available to promote long-term recovery.

Do not suffer alone with anxiety. Seek treatment for anxiety disorders today by considering our residential treatment programmes here at Rehab Clinics Group.



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Residential rehab support here at Rehab Clinics Group

Prior to visiting one of our residential rehab centres, an initial assessment will be required. We understand that it may be difficult to discuss your anxiety disorder. However, to ensure you are receiving the best care possible, at the most appropriate centre, our compassionate team will need to get to know your story.

The assessment will help our therapists understand where your anxiety disorder has stemmed from, your family history of related disorders and whether you have any further addictions. This information will guide our team when selecting methods to treat your anxiety.

For some individuals, anxious episodes have been influenced by a traumatic event or childhood episode. For others, they can stem from addiction and further health conditions.

Anxiety disorders also affect individuals differently from a capacity to build and maintain relationships, a career and everyday positivity. With this in mind, we will respect your story, and offer a compassionate approach throughout.

There’s no one fits all description for anxiety. There’s definitely not a generalised stereotype of how a disorder affects individuals. With that said, we treat each of our clients as individuals, working through a personalised treatment plan. This will ensure that suitable treatment will be offered to work around your personal triggers.

Throughout your residential treatment, you will receive expert support 24/7. We will work with you through the lows, providing a helping hand. We will work with you through the highs, celebrating your ability to overcome any anxious feelings or thoughts. We understand that your emotions may currently feel like they are on a rollercoaster.

Our support through anxiety rehab will help you control your emotions while working through your own battles. We will help you through your negative thoughts by motivating confidence and positivity when working on your mindset. We will take your needs into consideration and ensure you feel comfortable and happy, no matter how long your anxiety rehab treatment takes.

Post-rehab, we will continue to work with you through aftercare support to ensure your disorders are diminished, helping you lead a positive future.


Call our confidential helpline on 0800 470 0382 or request a call back by clicking on the below form.

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Treatments available to work through anxiety

While visiting one of our rehab centres, we will offer a wide range of treatments to work through your anxiety disorder. As mentioned above, you will receive a personalised treatment plan, therefore differing methods will be offered to each client. However, you can expect to receive a holistic approaching, including some of the below treatments:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: For those living with an anxiety disorder, negative thoughts are usually the case. We will work with you through CBT which will change your mindset, by promoting positive thoughts. This treatment will work on your triggers and your underlying issues to help you break through your anxiety barriers. This encourages a positive perception of life, providing you with healthy ways to overcome psychological triggers in the future.
  • Family therapy: We understand that for many, their family is their rock. We promote family therapy to create a strong support network around you while discussing your current issues. This will allow your family to understand your anxiety from an expert viewpoint, whilst providing them with mechanisms to help you recover long-term.
  • Individual therapy: For those who suffer from sharing their feelings, individual therapy will be advantageous, helping you work through your battles. Our specialised therapists will help you see your anxiety from a different viewpoint, whilst promoting ways to overcome your episodes.
  • Medication: If necessary, depending on the effects your anxiety has on your wellbeing, medication may be prescribed by our medical experts. This treatment method will only be recommended for those experiencing chemical imbalances or the likes of insomnia.

Alongside our variety of anxiety appropriate treatments, we will promote some self-help tips to improve your rehab experience. These will include avoiding any caffeine or drugs, healthy eating, regular exercise and mindfulness session. By following these tips, your mindset will be realigned, whilst motivating healthy chemicals such as dopamine. Our tips will also provide you with mechanisms to control any future anxious episodes.

Anxiety Rehab

By visiting one of our rehab centres, you will receive industry-leading treatment while leaving with life-changing tools to help you lead an anxiety-free future. We will prepare you for any future negative episodes and offer ongoing support.

We understand how difficult it may be to live with an anxiety-related disorder. We also understand how daunting visiting a new place alone, looking to tackle a large part of your life may be. However, be assured that we are compassionate, and passionate to support you through this difficult time.

Our aim is to create a comfortable safe haven for you, while you work on overcoming your personal battles. We will guide you through your anxiety rehab process, ensuring you have everything you need to return home, leading a positive life. Contact our team today to find out how one of our rehab centres, support and treatments can benefit you on 03301 596 494 /

No one should suffer through anxiety alone. We are here for you…

  • Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety

    Anxiety can effect us all in different ways depending on the individual and the type of anxiety you may be experiencing. Some symptoms to look out for include Anger Dread Worry Anxious Tight chest Sweating
  • How can I reduce anxiety

    The most important thing you can do if you feel you are suffering with anxiety is to get professional help