Mephedrone Addiction

Previously classified as a legal high, mephedrone, or known to most as the street name meow meow is now one of the most used recreational class B drugs in the United Kingdom. Since April 2010, Mephedrone has been recategorized as hazardous for its negative health effects, similar to the likes of ecstasy and cocaine.


The effects of a mephedrone addiction

Mephedrone is a synthetic cathinone stimulant drug formed from bath salts, causing many side effects both short and long-term. Short-term, an individual can expect feelings of euphoria.

However, as doses increase, with the aim to avoid withdrawal symptoms, negative side-effects creep in. Long-term human consumption can lead to many physical and psychological health issues, along with developing into a chronic mephedrone addiction.

High consumption of mephedrone can lead to health issues including paranoia, heart attacks, anxiety, and in serious cases, death. Living with a mephedrone addiction can be highly dangerous, along with its deteriorating effects on every area of an individual’s life. With that said if you or a loved one are experiencing any side effects, it’s time to seek expert support.

Here at Rehab Clinic Group, we can help you through this difficult time. With our range of specialised addiction rehab centres, across the United Kingdom and Spain, we can provide you with appropriate addiction treatment.


Receive treatment at our home from home clinics

Whether you are experiencing an addiction to drugs, like mephedrone, a dependency on alcohol or suffer from ongoing mental health issues, our home from home clinics can promote positive rehabilitation.

Dealing with a mephedrone addiction alone, surrounded by day to day influences can be very difficult. Both physical and mental cravings can creep in at any time, brought on by a single trigger. With that said, here at Rehab Clinic Group, we recommended visiting a rehab centre set away from your home city. We have found that by relocating for addiction treatment, our clients have experienced greater progress, efficiently yet effectively.

We have three reputable rehabilitation centres available here at Rehab Clinics Group. Our locations include Watford near London, Blackpool in the North West of England and Alicante in Spain. Whichever centre you select to overcome your mephedrone addiction, we can assure you that each offers our evidence-based treatments, 24/7 support and a positive journey.

If you are worried about leaving home, please be assured that we can provide additional services to make your experience better. We understand that taking the initial step to rehabilitation can be difficult. However, detaching yourself now will benefit you long-term.
Let our team look after you while you work through your mephedrone addiction.


Mephedrone addiction treatment

Physically and psychologically addictive, treating a mephedrone addiction requires a holistic approach. To confirm that each area of your addiction is tackled, we ensure that an array of treatment methods are followed.

To ensure that treatment is suitable to overcome the severity of your mephedrone addiction, our admissions team will require further information regarding your dependency. This is the process whichever centre you select, to help create a personalised addiction treatment plan for you.

Within your personalised plan, you can expect to see treatments such as family therapy, group and individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, detox plans and mindfulness sessions. Each will play a vital role in helping you overcome your mephedrone addiction. By slowly working on your psychological and physical cravings, you will learn the tools to lead a mephedrone-free future.

Our industry-leading treatments will help change your outlook on drug consumption as a whole. Your negative thoughts linked to the effects of mephedrone will soon be transformed into positive feelings, helping you visualise a drug-free life.

Your mephedrone consumption will slowly be reduced by our medical experts to prepare your body for a life without mephedrone. To find out further benefits of our treatments when concerning your mephedrone addiction, get in touch with our team today.


Your experience at our rehabilitation centres

Our mission is to ensure that whoever walks through our doors will receive a positive experience. With that said, we will do our utmost to make our clients feel comfortable, by providing a safe haven for recovery. We will take your requirements into consideration to ensure you have everything at hand to focus your efforts and energy into transforming your life.

We understand that working through a mephedrone addiction can cause a mix of emotions. Our specialised team of addiction experts are on hand to help you through your rollercoaster of emotions. We believe that your support network is a significant factor when considering your recovery, and long-term mindset. That is why we promote positivity, motivation and inspiration to boost your overall journey.

To promote a successful recovery process, as touched on above, we do recommend completing your mephedrone addiction treatment away from your day to day life. It is highly difficult to ignore influences when you are set in your daily routine, surrounded by people or factors causing triggers.

With that said, if you are currently based abroad living with an addiction, visiting our UK located centres will be recommended. Likewise, if you are living in the UK, relocate for a small period of time to our luxury Mediterranean setting, and focus on yourself.

Your life will still be waiting for you as you return home, however, will have a much more positive feel. Learn life-saving and changing tools and techniques to help you overcome any future mephedrone stimuli here with our Rehab Clinics Group team.

To further support your recovery on your return home, we offer aftercare guidance for each of our clients. We will ensure you are prepared with coping mechanisms and tools to reduce the chances of and work through any potential mephedrone relapses.

If you believe that your mephedrone addiction is causing a negative quality of life for you, and feels impossible to overcome, consider one of our rehabilitation centres today.

Overcoming an addiction alone can be scary, tough and most of the time unsuccessful. If you are looking for long-term recovery, alongside a compassionate team of experts, we can support you.

Get in touch today to select the most appropriate centre for you and begin your mephedrone addiction treatment.