National Stress Awareness Day 2023

National Stress Awareness Day 2023

Today marks National Stress Awareness Day 2023. And, in our ever-digital and connected world, it seems that daily life is moving at a whirlwind pace. That’s before we mention commitments, pressures from work and even personal challenges. For this reason, it’s no surprise that stress has become a common feeling for many of us.

In a bid to recognise this emotion as well as raise awareness for mental well-being and managing stress, National Stress Awareness Day was created. In this article, we explore the day in more detail, as well as the theme for 2023, the importance of stress awareness and offer some much-needed stress-boosting tips at the same time.


What Is National Stress Awareness Day?

National Stress Awareness Day recognises the importance of preventing stress and aims to raise awareness of it as well as try to get people to talk about how they’re feeling. It’s celebrated on the first Wednesday of November every year and acts as a reminder for individuals to stop, reflect and take proactive steps to help themselves feel less stressed.

Originally, the day was created to draw attention to stress and the effects that it can have on the body. But over the years, this has transcended, and now organisations, health professionals, and communities use the day to promote effective stress management techniques and spark conversations about our emotions.


The Importance Of National Stress Awareness Day 2023

The Mental Health Foundation found that 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at least once in their life that they’ve felt unable to cope and overwhelmed. What’s more, there are growing levels of stress among millennials and Gen Z individuals – who are reported to be the most stressed age group.

Interestingly, the Health and Safety Executive found that in the UK, stress, anxiety and depression accounted for nearly half of all work-related ill health cases. What’s more, 35 million working days are lost each year in the UK due to ill health. This equates to more than 828,000 workers in the UK who are affected by stress every year.

Increasingly, stress is also being recognised as a major health concern. Studies have shown that stress can lead to various health problems, including pain, inflammation, heart disease and even gastrointestinal problems. It has also been linked to developing an addiction to alcohol or substances. Plus, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 UK adults will suffer from a mental health problem every year, and stress is likely to be the driving force behind it. Aside from physical and mental effects, stress can also take a toll on our relationships and productivity.

These statistics are a reminder of just how important it is to manage stress, which makes days like National Stress Awareness Day 2023 even more relevant. Together, we can understand stress and put steps in place to manage it – for ourselves, our friends and family, and even our employees.


What’s the Theme Of National Stress Awareness Day 2023?

Each year, the awareness day has a specific theme. For 2023, this is ‘Harnessing Harmony: Balancing Mind, Body and Soul’. The idea is that this theme will drive conversations and initiatives while emphasising the importance of a holistic approach. Individuals are being urged to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle that prioritises their mind, body and soul.


Looking After Yourself: Effective Stress Management Techniques

It’s important to remember that stress is a personal feeling, and therefore, it is important to find a stress management technique that works for you. What’s more, what might work for someone else might not work for you, which is why you often need to try a variety of approaches to find one that suits you. Some of the most common stress management tips include:

  • Mindfulness. Popular with numerous psychologists, mindfulness includes the likes of meditation, yoga, deep breathing and journaling. Studies have shown that it can help to ground someone, allowing them to focus on the present and being self-aware, which can both do wonders for stress.
  • Exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins, which are responsible for pain relief and feeling good. Whether it’s a walk or a gym session, moving your body has a great impact on stress levels.
  • Counselling. If you’re struggling with stress, it’s important to remember that there is always someone out there who can help. Counselling is a safe space where you can get clarity and perspective on your situation and also seek guidance from a trained professional on effective coping strategies for reducing feelings of stress. You may also find local support groups as well as online counselling sessions, which may be easier to fit in with your day-to-day life and responsibilities.
  • Digital Tools and Apps. Today, there are plenty of apps on the market that are free to download and designed to help individuals manage their stress. This includes guidance on meditation, breathing and even mood tracking, which can be particularly helpful in keeping track of triggering events and situations.


Find Support for Stress Today

While you might find at-home stress management tips work, there is no shame in seeking support from a professional. In fact, it’s a sign of self-awareness and strength in realising that you need some extra guidance.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we’re dedicated to helping those struggling with chronic stress, and we have various treatments and resources available ideal for managing stress effectively. Not only that, but we also offer treatment for a range of stress-induced mental health concerns, which is why we encourage everyone to get the help they need.

We also offer guidance for those who are worried about their friends and family members, so however you’re being affected by stress, get in touch with our friendly team, who will take you through the professional stress treatment options we have available.