Prescription Drugs Rehab

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There is unfortunately a misconception that prescription drugs are safe to take as they are prescribed by medical professionals. This is often not the case however, as medication which is used to treat pain such as the opiate codeine can become incredibly addictive.

Prescription drugs can become highly addictive if they are taken for longer periods than is recommended or in higher dosages. This is because your body builds a tolerance to the drug, meaning you have become dependent on it. Find out more about our prescription drugs detox programme and our rehab programme at Rehab Clinics Group.

Prescription drugs are taken by millions daily. They are usually recommended by medical professionals to help reduce discomfort of mental or physical pain. However, for some, recommendations go out of the window as drug dependencies grow. Falling into the hole of a prescription drug addiction is easily done if you’re suffering with any pain. As your body gets used to the drug, your cravings increase.


The effects of prescription drugs

Are you experiencing an increase of cravings? Do you believe that your innocent use of prescription drugs is turning into an addiction? Are you experiencing consistent symptoms of a prescription drug addiction? Concerned that you’re losing control of your life, negatively effecting its quality? If so, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you through our residential treatment plans.

Working through any addiction alone should be avoided. We believe in supporting those in need, providing them with the tools to live a happy and healthy drug-free future. See how we can help you achieve this through our rehab programmes below.


How to overcome an addiction with Prescription Drugs Rehab

If you’ve previously tried to overcome your prescription drug dependency, you’ll know that it isn’t a walk in the park. However, with the right guidance, support and addiction treatments, rehabilitation can be easier and successful. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we offer a mixture of evidence-based treatments and support to help you through your addiction. Whether you have a short or long-term prescription drugs addiction, we have a treatment plan ideal for you.

Once we’ve gauged the severity of your addiction, a unique treatment plan will be created to overcome your dependency efficiently yet effectively. Your treatments will include a variety of methods recognised to diminish behavioural addiction. When selecting your treatments, we have a holistic approach in mind, ensuring that both psychological and physical cravings are dealt with.

You will be offered methods such as group therapy, personal counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy to work on the psychological link you have to prescription drugs. These methods are in place to change your perception of drug abuse and show you that your life can continue drug-free. Alongside working on your mental health, we promote a full detoxification programme within your prescription drugs rehab treatment. This will help to deal with your physical cravings and prepare your body until its functioning independently without any prescription drugs.

To help you overcome your addiction with prescription drugs, we also recommend physical activity and mindfulness sessions. Both are recommended to help you focus, clear your mind, and find a further method of dealing with day to day stresses and cravings, rather than turning to substance abuse.

No matter how long your addiction treatment takes, we will offer 24/7 support to ensure that you are comfortable, providing a happy place for you to work on yourself. We believe that having a strong support network will promote positivity, leading to a strong rehabilitation process. Therefore, our team are more like a family, ensuring that your support requirements are met. To ensure that you also experience support when you return home, we promote family therapy sessions if appropriate. Within these sessions your family will have chance to understand your prescription drugs addiction greater, whilst learning copying mechanisms to help you recover long-term.

All of the above, combined together into a unique treatment plan will help to slowly move you away from your prescription drugs addiction, and let you envision a positive life without any dependencies. To experience this, it’s time to help yourself by acknowledging your addiction and visiting our rehabilitation centre.


Our expert team at Rehab Clinics Group

No matter what your addiction is, we are here for you. Whether you have a prescription drugs addiction, a gambling dependency or suffer with mental health disorders, our team of experts here at Rehab Clinics Group are qualified. They are experienced in helping those with behavioural addictions overcome their habits to live a drug-free life. If you believe that your quality of life is decreasing due to a dependency or disorder, request expert support today. No one should suffer alone with an issue which can be overcome with the right help.

As mentioned above, each member of our team has successfully helped people like you to kick their addiction to the curb. We have a team of professional doctors and nurses, certified therapists and addiction psychologists on hand to provide our evidence-based treatments and support. This along with our secluded, luxury setting provides you with all of the tools to focus on yourself and begin to detach yourself from prescription drugs.

When considering prescription drugs rehab, it is important that you work with credible specialists. Overcome an addiction with the right help can be effective. However, aiming to overcome addiction with the wrong help can be distressing, a waste of time, and sometimes have an influence on great dependencies. While detoxifying your body and mind, withdrawal symptoms will creep in. It is important that you have a team on hand who are prepared for every scenario to ensure you are safe throughout your prescription drugs rehab. Our team here at Step 1 Recovery can help you through each stage of your recovery, while preparing you for a life without prescription drugs.

If you are looking to overcome your drug dependency, seek professional support today. There are many steps you can take to completely diminish your attachment to prescription drugs whilst turning your life around. We can work on the underlying issues you have leading to substance abuse, treat both your psychological and physical connections through addiction treatment, whilst providing you with healthy coping mechanisms to replace the prescription drugs.

This process will guide you on a journey of transformation, allowing you to start living before you return home. If you believe that yourself or a loved one will benefit from our holistic approach to a prescription drugs rehab, leave an enquire with our team. We can support you throughout, however, firstly you will need to help yourself by taking the first step. Contact our expert team.