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Private rehab treatment is proven to be the most successful form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, which can be attributed to the level of support that is offered in residential clinics as well as the intensity of the programmes.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of residential treatment centres across the UK which offer leading medical detox and therapy treatments to people seeking addiction treatment.

Private rehab centres offer 24/7 support to recovery teams and medical professionals, which gives you the best opportunity and environment to recover and maintain long-term recovery. Find out more about the benefits of private rehab treatment here.

There are a wide variety of private rehab clinics UK which provide help to those battling addiction. At Rehab Clinics Group, we provide specialist local support across our network of rehab clinics operating throughout the UK.

Whether you’ve sought support in the past, or are taking the first brave step towards rehabilitation; we have a treatment centre ready to help you start – or restart – your journey on the road to recovery. Our clinics are dedicated to helping you become free of your drug or alcohol dependency.

We’re aware that it can seem a daunting prospect. For that reason we’d like to reveal what can you expect from attending one of our private rehab clinics UK. Here, you’ll learn about the kind of service and support we offer, and help answer the question: are private rehab centres right for me?


What is a private rehab clinic?

A private rehab clinic in the UK is dedicated to helping those suffering with a range of addictions, including alcohol and substance dependency. Patients usually fund the treatment themselves or are aided by family, friends or their employer’s health insurance policy.

While rehab services are provided free on the NHS, gaining access to such treatment can be difficult. You might find yourself on a lengthy waiting list due to high demand for these services. The advantage of a private rehab clinic is that it can provide support as and when you need it.

A private clinic can provide either drop-in or residential services. Once there, patients can expect an intensive course of rehabilitation which addresses the psychological and emotional causes of their addiction, as well as effective treatment of the physical symptoms.

Qualified clinical professionals will be on-hand to guide you through the process and ensure your needs are being met every step of the way.


Private rehab clinics UK: what should you expect?

When an individual first attends a rehab clinic they will receive an initial assessment. This will ascertain the nature of the addiction, identify possible causes, and establish the physical and psychological symptoms.

A treatment program is developed based on an in-depth and supportive consultation, which is designed to offer the patient the best chance of a meaningful and long term recovery. At Rehab Clinic Group, we understand that each individual will require their own tailored treatment program based on the precise nature of their addiction and its causal factors.

Among the question you may be asked at the initial consultation include:

  • What substances do you take?
  • How frequently you consume them?
  • How much do you take?

Other questions will address other possible factors, such as employment, family, relationships, other physical and mental health conditions, and any other relevant factors.

It’s important to remember: these meetings are completely confidential and free of judgement. It’s your opportunity to talk freely about all the issues that you are currently trying to address. All the information you provide helps the treatment provider offer the most suitably designed programme for maximising your chances of success.

At this point you’ll also be assigned a keyworker who will be there to support you during your time at the rehab clinic. In the case of an alcohol or drug addiction, you might be asked to provide a sample of saliva or urine in order to accurately assess the extent of your addiction.


What to expect from a drug and alcohol treatment programme

The type of treatment you will receive, depends upon the precise nature of your addiction and general life circumstances. Based on your initial appointment and consultation, you will be set a programme tailored to your needs. Among the possible treatments include:

Talking therapies/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

The idea behind CBT and other talking therapies, is that the patient is able to understand how the way they feel (and think) affects their behaviour. Through practical exercises, the person is then better able to control their thoughts and feelings and ensure the same patterns of behaviour – which lead to relapse – are not repeated. In short: it’s an effective way of building mental resilience.

Drug replacement therapy

If someone has a drug addiction, then they may receive a safer replacement drug. The idea is to reduce the dosage of the drug until the person is drug-free. This often occurs with heroine addicts who are given methadone as a substitute.


A cold turkey approach to alcohol and drug abuse can be very dangerous. That’s why we ensure patients are put through a process of gradual substance reduction. This ensures that harmful detox side effects are avoided. Combined with a healthy detox-friendly diet, a patient can quickly overcome the initial side effects and feel the psychological and physical benefits of being free from drink and/or drugs.

Meditation and relaxation

During the early stages of detox, some patients can feel agitated or restless. To help with this, relaxation exercises take the mind away from the physical symptoms. These are techniques which can also provide long-term benefit. As with CBT, it’s a way of strengthening the mind and bringing you to a place of serenity that you can return to at any time.

Throughout your treatment programme, a keyworker will ensure you remain on track and provide one-to-one help as and when you need it. We also understand that addiction recovery is a long term process, and so our clinics also offer after-care services for when you leave one of our private rehab clinics UK.


When should you seek out private rehab clinics UK?

If your substance or alcohol addiction is affecting your relationships, your work, or your physical or mental health; then you ought to consider attending UK private rehab clinics. Even the most resolute individuals can be brought low by addiction. Often the hardest part of the rehab is admitting you’ve got a problem and reaching out for help. If you’re currently in that situation, then contact one of our local rehab clinics for a supportive no-obligation chat.

The Rehab Clinics Group will provide the care, support and expertise you need in your battle to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. We provide private rehab clinics UK-wide. Get in touch with us today and get support when and where you need it.