Eating Disorder Treatment

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At Rehab Clinics Group we understand that not all addictions are the same. For people who struggle with a substance abuse disorder such as drug or alcohol addiction, co-occurring mental health problems can also exist.

Our private rehab centres can help residents who have an eating disorder as well as an addiction to get treatment. These programmes are known as dual diagnosis treatment and aim to treat both substance addiction and mental health disorders.

Eating disorders can be extremely dangerous and can cause a variety of health problems, which is why it is so important to get treatment.

Are you currently living with an eating disorder? Both bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are common eating disorders, affecting many individuals across the UK. People with eating disorders commonly experience significant negative side effects, including the deterioration of their physical health, and the influence of mental illness.

If you are struggling through the side effects linked to an eating disorder, seeking support from health professionals should be your next step.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we support individuals through this difficult time through personalised treatment plans.


The Dangers Of An Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Treatment

As more and more pressure develops, causing individuals to analyse their weight and appearance, eating disorders and mental health issues are on the rise. Are you suffering from this mindset, causing mental health conditions? Are you refusing to eat certain foods/calories, causing unhealthy eating habits or a binge eating disorder? Or maybe you’re watching a loved one slowly deteriorate while worrying about their health?

Any degree of an eating disorder can be significantly dangerous for an individual. Long-term, a lack of nutrition is unsustainable, causing malnourishment. Medical conditions which can develop include anaemia, liver and kidney problems, gastric distress, mental health issues and a highly weakened immune system. If untreated, life-threatening symptoms will set in, with the probability of death.

Additionally, if you attempt to work through your eating disorder alone, there are further dangers. For someone who’s spent time malnourished, to quickly transform and follow normal eating patterns, risks of cardiovascular and cholesterol problems can occur. Therefore, seeking expert support should be received to improve quality of life and long-term health.


Seeking Treatment For An Eating Disorder

In order to increase your probability rate of recovery, a number of treatments will be provided here at Rehab Clinics Group. By seeking medical support, you will first be provided with your own eating disorder therapist and professional treatment team. Here is where an initial assessment will be made of your eating disorder, its triggers, its severity and its impact. This information will then provide the details when selecting appropriate treatments.

Our eating disorder specialists will then work with you to create a sustainable treatment plan to help you work through both psychological and physical side effects. They will further gauge whether residential treatment is required or whether outpatient support would be best for your recovery.

From here, a variety of suitable eating disorder treatment methods will be recommended, ensuring you are kept in the loop and happy with the process.

Within your personalised plan you will receive psychological, nutritional and medical treatments to move you towards optimal health.


Medical Treatment

Although medication isn’t commonly associated with standard eating disorder treatment, if any connected mental health issues are present, antipsychotic or antidepressants may be prescribed.

Mental health issues can be a driving force for eating disorders, commonly acting as the initial stimuli. In this scenario, prescriptions will be provided to help control mental health issues, ultimately controlling negative thoughts, bulimia or binge eating.


Psychological Treatment

To work on mental health issues, a variety of psychological treatments will be provided. Each treatment will work on your thoughts and behaviour, helping to influence a positive outlook and association with eating.

For people suffering from an eating disorder, currently, a negative relationship with food is present. Our unique psychological treatments will help to transform your relationship slowly while improving your mindset.


Treatments you can expect to see to work on your mindset include:

Cognitive behavioural therapy: Here is where your negative thoughts and associations will be challenged, discussed and changed. This will help to work on your eating disorder and habitual behaviours, helping you visualise a positive future.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy: This form of therapy session will help you understand your subconscious thoughts and challenges influencing your disorder.

Family therapy: This time is very difficult for family members and loved ones. Here is where your family will gain a greater understanding of your eating disorder and how they can help you throughout your recovery.

Interpersonal psychotherapy: In order to fully diminish your psychological connection to anorexia or bulimia, it is important to understand the underlying connection. This treatment method will help you understand what triggers your eating disorder symptoms, and how to combat them.


Nutritional Treatment for Eating Disorders

Alongside psychological treatment, in order to increase recovery likelihood, nutritional treatment will be provided. You will learn the effects of your eating disorder and how to overcome them. You will further boost your nutritional knowledge and how to move forward with a balanced diet. This method is vital to help reduce future relapse probability.

By receiving a variety of suitable treatment methods, your behavioural habits and mental health issues will slowly decrease, helping you envision a healthy, positive future. This process cannot be rushed and can take some time if a significant psychological disorder has developed. However, each milestone will move you towards recovery.


Why Select Our Support Here at Rehab Clinics Group

Woman Undergoing Eating Disorder Therapy

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have experience of helping individuals work through eating disorders and mental health issues. Our eating disorder specialists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to guide you through a time of recovery.

You will receive a number of our evidence-based, leading treatments, along with our specialised support, each helping you take a step forward. We will take your full needs into consideration to ensure your treatment is a personal, positive experience, helping you work on yourself.

We will additionally guide your family members through this difficult time. We understand how difficult and a worrying time this has been for your family. Your future has been hanging in the balance. We will provide therapy sessions and educational classes to support you through your recovery.

If you’re currently suffering from an eating disorder or believe symptoms are on the horizon, we can support you. Seeking medical support should be your priority to work on both your psychological and physical symptoms.

Please get in touch with our admissions team today before greater damage is caused. An eating disorder can be treated and worked through with the right support. We will realign your mindset, helping you have a healthy relationship with eating.