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At Rehab Clinics Group we offer a wide variety of detox and therapy treatments as part of our drug and alcohol rehab programmes. The admissions process and any enquires to our admissions team are free, helping you to get addiction treatment as quickly as possible.

We also provide enhanced services for some of our residents who require extra support. This can include special therapies, interventions and enhanced aftercare services. Find out more about our enhanced services here.

Our Services are designed to help you or your loved one begin their journey to long term recovery and improved health, wellbeing and relationships. Sometimes, sustaining Recovery from drugs or alcohol is not easy once a person leaves the constant support and care of our residential facilities – Adjusting to life back home can be daunting and sometimes a bit of extra help is needed to make this a success!

Access to our range of aftercare groups are FREE for all packages. However, for many clients and their families there is still a lot more work to do to help re-build the many months or years of damage caused by addiction.

Our mission is clear:

We are committed to help individuals, communities and families achieve freedom from addiction.

We walk alongside our clients on their journey; understanding their past and working together (with their families) to build a new future – transforming lives and sustaining recovery for everyone we support.

For many years, our clients and their families have asked to provide extra services that help everyone through the early days of recovery; Designed to repair years of distrust, damage, hurt and confusion, our new services have been designed to help us respond and provide what we have been asked for

We listened and have developed two new exciting services to help you:

Talk to a member of the admission & aftercare team today about this range of Package Upgrades and see how these could help you build on the hard work and your recovery investment so far.


Enhanced Aftercare

Our Enhanced Aftercare sessions give you and your family chance to privately work through your Recovery Plan; guiding and working closely with you to ensure that you continue to work towards your new life free from addiction.

Designed around you and your needs, these sessions will start with working out your next steps, understanding where you may be still struggling and finding ways to ensure your family and you can work together to build a new future.

We offer a flexible four-week programme of four sessions that will:

  • Design your perfect enhanced aftercare recovery plan
  • Work with you and anyone else to make your plan happen!
  • Give you the private time and support to explore your needs!
  • Build the tools to maintain your recovery journey and help you use these!
  • Your time, your peace to reflect on your achievements so far and smash your barriers to full recovery!
  • Help those around you to understand and become part of your toolkit!… You Choose who and when and we will welcome and support them!

Our four-weekly sessions are unique to you; every month you can choose who you want involved in these and add more of these until you feel ready to make recovery a real part of your life and start your new future the way you always dreamed of!


Premium Family Interventions

We understand that families often struggle to find the right words; worry that they are making things worse; or have lived many years of turmoil, lack of trust and are genuinely worried about their loved ones. We are here to help!

For many families or loved ones, they simply want their own support, be heard, understood and to feel part of the journey; Learning how to cope with their family member and their new journey on recovery.

This new way of life is a difficult journey for everyone and we are committed to ensuring that our focus remains on:

  • Helping repair the damage that Addiction has caused you all!
  • Providing everyone with the tools and understanding to help you rebuild your lives!
  • Giving families and loved ones the space and time (in your own right) to talk about it all!
  • Finding new ways to cope and rebuild your future!

Recovery is not something that can be achieved without support and in our experience families and those closest know each client better than we do. Often the solution lies in those closest, but there are times when the solution needs a lot more work and support to make it a success!

We offer a flexible, bespoke programme for you all that ensures you are given the opportunity to explore your experiences of living with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol; but ensuring that you have the support you need (and deserve) in your own right. Our programme will work with you to ensure you and your loved one get the support you each need.

Our programme of support provides independent, private sessions for you. Offering you the chance to spend time with one of our expert aftercare workers every week for four weeks at a time. Provided in blocks of four weekly sessions – 2 hours every week, we will work with you until you are ready to let go of our hand.

You choose how many sessions you want and who you want involved in them; either way our Family Intervention Service is designed to support you every step of the way and ensure your loved one and you are able to regain your life free from addiction.

Talk to one of our admissions and aftercare advisors today and let us help you on your new journey to a life without addiction.


Our Price Plans

Our Aftercare and Family Intervention services often work best when combined. Our price plans keep it simple and ensure that you have the flexibility for enhanced aftercare, combined with family interventions to make your recovery a reality for everyone.

We understand that every individual or family is unique and for some, a short number of sessions may be just what they need to help them during the early days.

However, for others the years of damage from addiction is not easily repaired in a short amount of time. Choosing a longer package of support increases the likelihood of real success and may be just what you need to rebuild your life.

As a minimum, our Standard Starter Package consists of 4 Weekly intervention sessions, lasting 2 hours per session. This enables us to work closely with you intensively over the four weeks to develop a plan that is as unique as you are, start to explore your concerns, fears and issues, before finally helping you on your way to a new life.

During these starter sessions, you can discuss your next steps, review your progress and then choose exactly how many more sessions you will need to secure a great future. This is flexible and you can simply buy additional individual sessions per week, or choose to buy further monthly blocks; until you are all ready to move forward together without our help.

Getting started is easy… simply contact us today and choose our Standard 4-week Starter Package to get you moving forward.


Terms & Conditions

  • All Package Prices include delivery time, support materials and telephone support
  • Treatment Centre Prices for Aftercare or Family Interventions include all available refreshments
  • Payment Terms—Package Prices are required to be paid in full via an acceptable payment method prior to commencement

Cancellation & Refund Terms:

  • Full Packages can be cancelled with a minimum notice period of 7 days; either by email, telephone or in writing and will be subject to a part cancellation fee equivalent to one full session. Cancellations outside of the required notice period will be non-refundable
  • Individual Sessions can be cancelled or rearranged with a minimum notice period of 48 hours. Individual Session Cancellations are non-refundable, but can be rearranged to take place within 12 weeks of cancellation.
  • In unforeseen circumstances, the Company reserves the right to cancel or rearrange individual sessions without prejudice; alternative suitable arrangements will be negotiated with the customer at least 3 working days in advance

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