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NAD+ therapy is a form of addiction treatment that can be used to help brain function and DNA repair.

It can help people who currently or have previously suffered from addiction, as the levels of NAD can be depleted in the brain for this group of people.

Find out more about NAD+ therapy and how it is implemented in rehab clinics across the UK.

NAD+ Therapy & TreatmentDue to the fact that addiction, in all of its various forms and guises, is a very complex issue for someone to successfully overcome, there are a whole host of ways that a professional addiction treatment centre treat addiction — and, one of the most hotly discussed addiction treatments at the moment is NAD+ therapy.

Regardless of whether someone is seeking alcohol addiction treatment, drug addiction treatment, or even help with mental health therapy, the benefits of NAD+ therapy are nothing to be ignored.

However, a lot of people are still largely unaware of NAD+ therapy. As such, people you may likely have a lot of questions regarding NAD IV therapy including the likes of: “How is NAD+ therapy used,” “What are possible NAD+ therapy side effects,” “Is it possible to receive NAD+ therapy near me,” and you may even simply be wondering, “What is NAD+ therapy?”

Well, hopefully, we will be able to answer any and all questions you may have about NAD+ therapy, and the use of NAD+ therapy for addiction, below.

What Is NAD?

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), is quite simply a natural co-enzyme of niacin (nicotinic acid) which assists our cells in the production of our body’s energy.

This co-enzyme is found in all living cells and it has been referred to as an anti-ageing molecule inc retina medical circles due to the various crucial roles that it plays in encouraging good bodily health and prolonging an individual’s lifespan.

NAD performs its basic function by helping in converting the energy that we receive from our food into cellular energy. Administering lab-produced NAD will boost the levels of the chemical in someone’s body, but they will need to be administered more to sustain that level.

NAD+ therapy can assist with brain function, DNA repair, and repair signals between molecules for cellular communication. Lastly, it aids in DNA repair. Only with a combination of NAD and regular therapy and support can someone stay on the path of recovery.

Because of the important role that it plays in vital biological processes including the likes of gene expression, repairing and protecting DNA, extracting cellular energy from nutrition, and so much more, it is only natural that scientists and holistic therapists would look at new ways to be able to utilise this compound in various treatment areas.

Addiction Can Deplete A Person’s Natural Amount Of NAD

When a person succumbs to drug or alcohol abuse, then the natural amount of NAD present in their cells can become depleted. Therefore, it can be difficult for addicts to convert the energy that they need in their cells from the food that they have consumed.

However, other mental health disorders can also lead to depleted levels of NAD, including such illnesses and conditions as: depression, anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and, very basically, ageing.

There are some ways to slightly increase the levels of NAD in your cells once they have been depleted, by engaging with such activities and lifestyle practices as exercising frequently, partaking in yoga, eating vitamin-rich foods, consuming increased levels of protein.

This one of the main reasons why these activities and practices are advised in professional therapy and treatments for addiction already, especially treatment plans devised by Rehab Clinics Group.

However, it can take a while for an individual to feel the effects of the above techniques to boost NAD levels, and so NAD+ therapy may be the best possible way to help an addict in certain situations.

How NAD+ Therapy Is Administered

While there are some oral supplements of NAD in production, it can be incredibly difficult for your body to take in NAD+ in this manner and therefore it can be nearly impossible to guarantee results. At present, IV therapy is the safest, easiest, and most effective manner of boosting the levels of the coenzyme in your body’s cells.

Initially, the co-enzyme will be placed into an IV, then it is carefully entered into a person’s bloodstream. By ensuring that the co-enzyme does not enter the body through the stomach (where certain enzymes are broken down), the co-enzyme is able to travel directly to the individual’s brain.

What this means is that the individual will experience a boost of energy, leading to an enhanced mood and general alertness. These benefits are due to the fact that the energy the individual is getting is now coming from natural sources, not other substances — which may have been the leading cause for an individual has developed an addiction in the first place, to inadvertently supplement depleted NAD in their system in negative ways.

The Benefits Of NAD+ Therapy

There are a whole variety of positive benefits that an individual will begin to experience as a result of undergoing NAD+ therapy, thanks mostly due to the fact that NAD is present in every cell in our body and has a whole host of vital functions.

Primarily, NAD has been known to cause such positive side-effects as slowing the cognitive decline of an individual, helping to clear “brain fog”, fighting chronic fatigue, boosting cellular energy and general energy levels as a result, reducing internal inflammation, and boosting metabolism.

NAD+ therapy can also be particularly useful in addiction treatments due to the fact that it has been shown to also help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal in certain addicts, which means that it can be an incredibly useful asset when someone is doing through detoxification from a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction.

Once detoxification has also been accomplished, NAD has also then shown to lessen the cravings felt by people who have undergone NAD+ therapy for the negative substances that they were once addicted to. This, combined with other treatments that are provided by Rehab Clinics Group, make NAD+ therapy a vital asset in the fight against addiction for some individuals.

NAD+ Therapy May Be Just The Thing For You To Overcome Addiction

If you’re struggling with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction, then you should consider the possibility that NAD+ therapy may be invaluable in your journey to a complete and long-lasting recovery. For more information on how we may be able to help you with NAD+ therapy in your area, please contact us on 0800 470 0382.