Satori Chair Therapy

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Satori Chair Therapy is one of Rehab Clinics Group’s state-of-the-art therapy treatments for people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

The therapy is designed to help people with a substance or mental health condition relax and experience weightlessness. It is a great form of therapy to help our patients release any tension whilst they are going through the sometimes difficult rehab process.

By utilising our new and contemporary therapy methods, our patients at Rehab Clinics Group receive the best addiction treatment available in the UK.

Addiction treatment is an area that is always learning and expanding in order to find effective new alternative addiction therapies to help individuals who are struggling with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction — or any form of addiction for that matter.

As technology increases and our medical understanding of the human body improves it is possible to uncover new types of addiction treatment that can help assist us in ensuring that you have a more successful recovery journey.

One of the newest forms of holistic therapy that has been grabbing the attention of addiction specialists across the United Kingdom and further afield is the Satori Chair Therapy for addiction.

If you choose to entrust your recovery from addiction with our world-class team of addiction specialists here are Rehab Clinics Group then you will be able to benefit from the benefits of Satori Chair Therapy.

However, as this form of therapy is quite a new form of treatment for some individuals, there can be a lot of uncertainty about this treatment, with individuals asking such questions as, “Does Satori Chair Therapy help?” as well as, “How does Satori Chair Therapy work?”

It is perfectly natural to want to understand more about the forms of treatment that are available to addicts, and so below we will aim to cover the methods and benefits associated with Satori Chair Therapy for addiction. And, hopefully, by the end, you will realise that this may be just the form of therapy that you require as part of a successful treatment plan.

What Can The Satori Chair Therapy Be Used To Treat?

Satori Chair

Thanks to its unique and innovative technology, Satori Chair Therapy has been known to effectively treat such conditions as depression, anxiety, and stress as well as assisting veterans overcome the ravaging side-effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after returning home from war.

The capabilities of the Satori Chair’s technology have aided soldiers in making the transition back to civilian life faster while also with less mental anguish and difficulty.

Now that drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres have recognised and been able to explore the positive benefits of this form of treatment, it has been able to be made readily available to our clients at Rehab Clinics Group — yielding incredibly positive results in our client’s recovery health.

How Does Satori Chair Therapy Work?

Substance abuse disorders and/or alcohol abuse disorders can be known to cause imbalances in an individual’s brain chemistry. Therefore, by carefully utilising proprietary technology, Satori Chair Therapy can be integral in helping an individual to realign said balance.

During a session upon the Satori Chair, various, specifically selected audio frequencies are projected through the chair’s occupant’s body by utilising vibration therapy.

The Satori Chair’s design allows the user to undergo a zero-gravity experience, thus refreshing the mind and body, while varying sonic frequencies such as alpha, theta, and delta sounds are emitted from the chair.

These various sonic frequencies are known for their incredibly positive therapeutic effects on an individual’s body and mind — with the aforementioned delta waves potentially being used to help an individual who is going through alcohol withdrawal and/or substance abuse withdrawal thanks to the waves’ regenerative effects on the body.

Synchronised binaural aural and soundscape design, potentially combined with spoken word extracts and/or pieces of music that the user is partial to, lower the Satori Chair’s occupant’s brainwaves to a deeply meditative, REM-like state.

While in this peaceful, meditative condition, the individual will help alleviate any negative emotions and/or deep-rooted stresses which can contribute to addictive tendencies. If have considered new forms of Psychedelic Treatment, Satori chair therapy is a natural alternative that can also provide similar feelings of relaxation and calmness.

How Can The Satori Chair Benefit You?

Allowing yourself to slowly sink back into the comforting embrace of the Satori Chair is taking to taking your mind and body on a trip to a sensory spa.

You can experience relaxation unlike anything prior as your busy thoughts slowly start to unwind themselves as the chair’s state-of-the-art technology begins to alter your neural pathways.

This alteration to your thinking will mean that the rest of your addiction treatment with our specialist at Rehab Clinics Group will be easily focussed on finding space for creating healthy behaviours.

The particular way in which the sound waves are administered to your body and mind at the same time offers a whole host of positive benefits, especially for increasing your quality of sleep. Other benefits that Satori Chair Therapy has been known to offer include stress reduction, lower anxiety, improved memory and mental clarity, bodily pain reduction, as well as an improvement to your weight management.

Furthermore, in a study conducted alongside the US Military’s Institute Of Surgical Research (USAISR), it was revealed that amongst deployed members of the military in combat zones, the “Quantum Harmonics” technology employed in the Satori Chair’s ZRO Touch Wellness System lead to a significant increase in the mood of 97% of the sample — while also demonstrating a marked improvement in quality of sleep, stress reduction, as well as general mental resiliency.

With The Help Of Rehab Clinics Group, Satori Chair Therapy May Be Integral To You Overcoming Addiction

As mentioned previously, if you chose to allow Rehab Clinics Group to help you with overcoming your addictive disorder, then Satori Chair Therapy may be used in accompaniment with other treatments and provide invaluable assistance in allowing us to get, and keep, you clean and sober.

In terms of side-effects, there has been — as yet — no clinical research indicating negative side-effects for this form of therapy. However, if you are pregnant it may be worth consulting with a physician in regards to this specific therapy.

It is also important to note that the Satori Chair Therapy we offer does not involve subliminal messaging of any kind, this is not a form of hypnotism and the dream-like thoughts that you may experience as a result of the therapy are a natural product of your own body’s response to the therapy.

Satori Chair Therapy is an exciting form of addiction therapy that is becoming progressively more recognised for its benefits in various areas of medical science. Therefore, if you have questions about how this form of therapy can be used to help you overcome your addiction in the near future, then call Rehab Clinics Group today on 0800 470 0382.