Detoxification Explained

Detox requires you to flush all toxins from your system. Rehab Clinics Group offers a medicated detox regime which will be designed and tailor-made for each client by one of the Group’s Doctors on the first day of your admission. This means you are offered medications designed to ease the withdrawal symptoms experienced during drug or alcohol detox.

Once our Doctor has set out your prescribing plan, our expert team of Recovery Staff will ensure all your clinical and medical needs are being met at the centre and your clinical care will be kept under constant review during your detoxification plan to ensure you are receiving the most comfortable and safe withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

Detoxification regimes will vary depending on the type of drugs you use or the amount of alcohol you normally consume. There are a range of approved medications used during clinical detoxification which are governed by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). Our Treatments and Doctors comply fully with these recommendations, ensuring you are in the safest of hands during your treatment with us.

The length of your detox will depend on the type, level and frequency of your drug or alcohol consumption and very much depend on the type of prescribing treatment you will need from our Doctor. Safe detox lengths can range from 7 -28 days.

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