Rehabilitation Explained

Rehab Clinics Group offers a nationwide drug and alcohol rehabilitation service. Recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction is not simply about medication, but relies heavily on each client spending time getting to know themselves and to understand various aspects of their addiction. There is no single answer to why people become addicted to drugs or alcohol, addiction is a complex and personal matter that requires in-depth psychological therapies designed to help each person find their own answers.

Once an individual can find these answers, our extensive programme of Rehabilitation can then begin to help everyone find their solution and begin to develop the toolkit they need to achieve freedom from their dependency. Often this can be an emotionally painful experience for some, but our expert team of Recovery Staff are on hand 24 hours a day to support you through this during your stay.

Prior to, and during your admission, it will be essential for one of our Recovery team to gather information about various aspects of your life and your addiction. This is known as your Comprehensive Recovery Assessment and this will help you and your allocated worker to start to develop a plan for your Recovery together.

Your plan (Recovery Action Plan) will shape your treatment package and help us to map out the interventions and therapies that we can help you with to work on the psychological, emotional and social aspects of your life. These are designed to work alongside any clinical support you may need and help you overcome your addiction and secure your own future recovery.

Like any journey in life, it is important to know which steps you need to take to reach your destination. Your Recovery Plan will help us do just that, ensuring each day and each week we can start to walk alongside you towards your new future in Recovery and help you celebrate each step of the way on your new journey.