Residential Addiction Treatment

What is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential Addiction Treatment at the Rehab Clinics Group is a service designed for anyone experience difficulty with addiction to drugs or alcohol, who is unable to achieve recovery whilst staying at home. Residential Treatment provides individuals with a private stay away from home in one of our excellent treatment centres across the UK, where you will receive a combination of therapy and treatment to help you achieve recovery from your addictions.

For some people, residential treatment provides an opportunity to get away from daily distractions and temptations at home and enables you to receive constant care and support to help you through the difficult parts of your recovery journey. It can also provide a much needed period of rest and reassurance for families and loved ones, who are often living through the impact of addition on a daily basis and struggling to cope.

The Rehab Clinics Group provides a selection of private residential treatment centres for people experiencing Addiction to drugs or alcohol. Each of these centres offer a combination of two treatments – Clinical Detoxification & Therapeutic Rehabilitation – on a residential stay basis.

The difference is simple…

Our Clinical Detoxification service focuses predominantly on the clinical withdrawal effects of drugs or alcohol on the body; providing prescribed clinical treatments by a member of our Clinical team to help each client achieve a comfortable withdrawal from their drug or alcohol consumption.

For some clients, Clinical Detoxification is not necessary and will depend on the type and amount of drugs being used; However, for many drug and alcohol client’s, clinical detoxification is an essential part of the treatment programme and combining it with our therapeutic rehabilitation programme will give you a greater chance of a successful recovery.

Our Therapeutic Rehabilitation Programme focuses on the psychological, emotional and social effects that addiction creates; providing a range of specialist therapy interventions to help each client work through their concerns and issues, enabling each client to build their own set of tools needed to secure their recovery from addiction. This is integral to your residential treatment programme with us.

It is widely recognised across the World that Recovery from addiction is rarely possible with just medication alone. At Rehab Clinics Group we pride ourselves on delivering combined packages of care that enable every client to receive varying levels of Rehabilitation alongside their Clinical Treatment programme and beyond your stay at our Aftercare service.

We believe this ensures each client is provided with as much help and support to help start and maintain their journey towards a new future, free from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Both services are provided on a residential basis, giving you are your family the reassurance of a safe and supportive treatment programme 24 hours a day.

Now you are well on your way to long-term Recovery, it’s time to celebrate and keep the momentum going. After you have completed your residential stay, our Aftercare programme provides you with a regular opportunity to meet with other clients also in recovery, keep you motivated, respond quickly during those times when you feel like giving in and celebrate together the amazing changes you have made. Aftercare is provided on a non-residential basis and can be access at any of our centres in the UK.