Residential Addiction Treatment

Across the world, residential addiction treatment centres provide millions of people with residential addiction treatment every day.


Combining industry-leading treatments with state-of-the-art facilities, residential addiction treatment has been designed for individuals struggling with drug, alcohol, gambling and other behavioural addictions to take advantage of.

Highly effective and often favoured, residential addiction treatment continues to ensure that those struggling

with addictions can physically and psychologically recover in a safe and secure space.

Should you find yourself open to considering residential addiction treatment instead of outpatient or NHS addiction treatment, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have residential addiction treatments centres throughout the UK.

To ensure that you are aware of the residential addiction treatment you can take advantage of, we have provided a wealth of information surrounding our residential addiction treatment below.


Residential Addiction Treatment For Substance and Behavioural Addictions

Across the country, millions of people struggle with substance and behavioural addictions every day.  Yet, only a fraction of those who experience addictions go on to secure treatment.

In many instances, those who delay treatment do so as they are unaware of the treatment that is readily available for them.  Others do so due to the stigmas associated with attending a residential addiction treatment centre.

To ensure that you have a greater understanding of the residential addiction treatment you can take advantage of should you attend one of our residential addiction treatment centres, we have outlined treatments frequently encountered below.


Clinical Detoxification

If you find yourself victim to a drug or alcohol addiction, you will be required to complete a clinical detoxification as you commence residential addiction treatment.  This treatment focuses on removing harmful toxins and substances that have been administered from the body and brain.

During clinical detoxification, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.  However, care will be provided at all times to ensure that you remain comfortable.



Regardless of whether you struggle with a substance or behavioural addiction, should you take advantage of residential addiction treatment, you will find that rehabilitation plays a significant role in your recovery.

Combining several psychological and well-being therapies, rehabilitation will enable you to confront the factors that have caused your addiction to surface.  In doing so, you will work with recovery specialists to create coping strategies that will help you secure a long-term recovery.


Aftercare Support

Aftercare support plays a vital role in your recovery.  However, unlike detoxification and rehabilitation, aftercare support is provided on an outpatient basis upon completing residential addiction treatment.

As you prepare to leave one of our residential addiction treatment centres, you will find that your aftercare programme sees you encouraged to attend regular group therapy sessions.  These group therapy sessions will ensure that you can meet with others in recovery, which will ultimately help you stay motivated.

Aftercare support will also ensure that you have the support you need when you need it following the completion of a residential addiction treatment programme.


The Benefits Of Residential Addiction Treatment

If you sadly find yourself struggling with an addiction, residential addiction treatment can assist you as you look to overcome the ramifications that your addiction has had on your life.

In addition to progressing through industry-leading treatment programmes that will ensure you can secure a long-term recovery, many benefits come hand-in-hand with residential addiction treatment.

For example, residential addiction treatment will provide you with the opportunity to remove yourself from the daily distractions and temptations you may face at home.  Away from these distractions and temptations, you have a much greater chance of making a full recovery.

The Benefits Of Residential Addiction Treatment

You will also have the opportunity to fully relax, focus on your recovery and recuperate from the repercussions that your addiction has had on your physical and psychological health and well-being.

Residential addiction treatment will also enable you to take advantage of life-changing treatment programmes and around the clock care and support.

While you may not believe that you require constant care and support, as you commence your residential addiction treatment, you will find that this care helps you navigate the challenging and testing periods you may face during your recovery.

Although residential addiction treatment is advised due to the benefits those struggling with addictions can take advantage of, residential addiction treatment also provides a much needed period of rest and reassurance for families and loved ones who have witnessed an addiction consume an individual’s life.


Long Term Residential Treatment For Drug, Alcohol and Behavioural Addictions

Many individuals that secure residential addiction treatment complete treatment within 28 days.  However, some individuals often require long term residential treatment for drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions.

If we believe that you would benefit from long term residential treatment, we will ensure that you are aware of this. Although we understand that you may have hoped to complete your residential addiction treatment in a relatively short period, you must not rush residential addiction treatment.

Individuals who rush, or do not complete a long term residential addiction treatment programme when needed are at greater risk of relapsing within the first 12-months of their recovery.


Our Residential Addiction Treatment Centres

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of residential addiction treatment centres throughout the UK.

Providing residential treatment for gambling addictions, alcohol addictions, drug addictions, and many other behavioural addictions, our treatment centres offer industry-leading treatments and boast comfortable facilities to help you on your journey to recovery.

Irrespective of whether you attend Cassiobury Court, Asana Lodge, Nova Recovery or Ocean Recovery, you can rest assured knowing that you will be provided with a personalised residential addiction treatment programme.

We believe that by offering you a personalised residential addiction treatment programme, you will be provided with the help and support you need to start and maintain your journey to a future free from the shackles of your addiction.


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  • How long does Rehabilitation last?

    Typically depending on the severity of the addiction and the length of time of the substance being consumed, the rehabilitation recovery may vary depending on each scenario.
  • What do I bring to Rehab?

    Most Rehabilitation facilities will provide you with a list of items, including clothing and other essentials to pack during your stay within the centre. Make sure to double check with the staff that you haven't forgotten or missed to bring anything.
  • Can I have family and friends visit me during my stay in Rehabilitation?

    Visitation arrangements are often organised and approved by either the staff taking care of your recovery plan or your therapist. Family Therapy sessions allow you to be accompanied with a family member and participate in the counselling sessions.
  • What is Long Term Rehab?

    There are many types of treatment, but long-term residential treatment has been shown to be more effective than short-term residential programs, partial hospitalization programs and 30 to 90-day residential treatment.
  • How can you help someone suffering with an Addiction?

    Once someone begins the process of recovery through a Rehabilitation Programme, your role changes from ‘helping someone suffering with Addiction’ to ‘supporting thier recovery’. Understanding the process of rehab and recovery is the first step in helping an addict through the recovery process.