Alcohol Rehab

The programme of residential alcohol rehab offered at Rehab Clinics Group is intended to put clients on the path towards long-term recovery. If left unchecked you or your loved one’s alcohol addiction could lead to long-term health problems including liver disease and even death. Your decision to attend our programme of residential rehab may be the most important decision you make this year. Rehabilitation may save your relationship, your job and your life or a loved one.


What is Alcohol Rehab?

Woman on Alcohol Rehab ProgrammeRehab Clinics Group offers a nationwide alcohol rehabilitation service. Residential treatment is offered on an inpatient basis followed by weekly aftercare sessions. This requires you to live within our rehab centre for the treatment’s duration. Rehab Clinics Group offers rehab clinics throughout the United Kingdom allowing you to secure alcohol treatment close to your home.

However, we may recommend you attend one of our addiction treatment clinics located far away from your home so you can maintain a safe distance away from ‘bad influences’. This will allow you to fully focus on your treatment plan without temptation.


A Tailored Approach to Alcohol Rehab

Rehab Clinics Group offers you a fully personalised rehabilitation plan. Once you arrive at one of our rehab centres, a consultant psychiatrist carries out a full physical and psychological examination. During this examination, you will need to explain to the psychiatrist the nature, severity and history of your addiction to alcohol. The psychiatrist will also need to be informed of any additional substance misuse.

Once our team has a clearer idea on the severity of your addiction they will be able to prescribe you with a specialised treatment plan that best suits your current needs. By carrying out an examination before your treatment starts and coming up with a plan is ideal for knowing what dose of prescription drugs you will need to aid you in the detox process and when the best time would be to start those doses.


Abstinence Based Alcohol Detox & Rehabilitation

Man Struggling With Alcohol Detox Side EffectsOur alcohol rehab programme is primarily an abstinence based programme. The initial alcohol detox programme we offer aims to eradicate the alcohol from your body. You will be put under 24-hour observation where medical staff can monitor your progress. If you are deemed a ‘chronic alcoholic’ our medical staff will be on the lookout for serious physical illnesses associated with withdrawal such as delirium tremens.

Group and Individual Therapy sessions will be offered to clients following the initial detoxification phase. These important therapies are used in order to build new positive mindsets which are indicative of a long and lasting recovery.

Individual therapy is employed where clients attend one-on-one sessions with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. Sessions are intense and allow the therapist to focus in on the person’s underlying mental state.

Group therapy sessions are conducted in groups of 5-10 people. Group Therapy is noted for its excellence when it comes to treating alcohol addiction as this form of therapy allows addicts a platform in which to open up about their experiences with addiction in a group environment. Group and Individual Therapy work in tandem to one another to ensure clients can learn from others whilst still receiving more focused therapy.

During detox & rehab, you receive 24/7 support. Rehab Clinics Group employs an expert team of medical/therapeutic professionals, complemented by our experienced team of support staff.


Why Choose Rehab Clinics Group’s Alcohol Rehab Centres

At rehab clinics group, we are able to offer a range of centres nationwide. Whether you have an alcohol or drug addiction we can provide the help you need for overcoming addiction and living a free life without drug and alcohol. Get in touch with our team to find an alcohol rehab centre which suits you and start your recovery journey now.