Cannabis Rehab

What is Cannabis Rehabilitation?

Rehab Clinics Group offers an extensive and proven cannabis rehabilitation programme for long-term cannabis addicts. Cannabis addiction is common in the United Kingdom and an illness affecting around 2% of the population.

Unfortunately, cannabis addiction is capable of initiating a number of physical and mental health problems. Since cannabis is readily available throughout the United Kingdom, the need for a national cannabis rehabilitation service has never been more apparent.

Rehab Clinics Group meets this need by offering cannabis rehabilitation at our state-of-the-art rehabilitation clinics located across the United Kingdom.

Information & Advice About Rehabilitation

If you or a loved-one suffer from an addiction to cannabis, Rehab Clinics Group is able to offer you treatment on a residential basis. Following discharge clients are encouraged to access weekly aftercare sessions, these sessions are offered for a period of twelve months following the completion of residential treatment. To begin your treatment for cannabis addiction contact Rehab Clinics Group’s admission team by completing the form located below this text. This initiates a free evaluation conducted by one of our experienced admissions officers.

Once this evaluation is complete, our admissions team will advise on a suitable rehabilitation programme having regard to your unique needs and wishes. During rehabilitation, you participate in group and individual therapy sessions. We offer a range of therapeutic techniques that are proven to reverse cannabis addiction. This includes CBT, psychotherapy, holistic therapies and relaxation techniques. ­