Drug Rehab

Rehab Clinics Group offers a nationwide drug rehabilitation service. This treatment is offered on an inpatient basis followed by weekly aftercare sessions. This requires you to live within our drug rehab centre for the treatment’s duration. Rehab Clinics Group offers rehab clinics throughout the United Kingdom allowing you to secure treatment close to your home.

However, we may recommend you attend one of the treatment clinics located far away from your home so you can maintain a safe distance away from ‘bad influences’. This will allow you to fully focus on your treatment goals without temptation.


A tailored approach to drug rehab

Close-up of counselor taking notes while analysing behavior of young manRehab Clinics Group offers you a fully personalised rehabilitation plan. Once you arrive at one of our rehab centres, a consultant psychiatrist carries out a full physical and psychological examination. During this examination, you will need to explain to the psychiatrist the nature of your along with the severity and history of your addiction to drugs. The psychiatrist will also need to be informed of any additional substance misuse.

Once the examination is completed a drug rehab programme will be put in place to suit your individual needs.


A medicated detox regime

For most instances of substance abuse, a medically assisted detox programme is required. Detox requires you to flush all toxins from your system. Rehab Clinics Group offers a medicated detox regime. This means you are offered medications designed to ease withdrawal symptoms experienced during drug detox.

During detox, you receive 24/7 support. Rehab Clinics Group employs an expert team of medical/therapeutic professionals, complemented by our experienced team of support staff.


Sustainable Recovery

Doctor on the phoneThe treatment plans we offer are long term solutions to help you deal with your addiction after you receive residential treatment. We do this by helping you understand the nature of your addiction and what triggers you need to look out for to stop a relapse. An aftercare plan is put in place after your stay at one of our rehab clinics, the purpose of an aftercare plan is to make sure that when you leave the clinic you will still have access to our specialist team who will check up on your progress and are available 24 hours of day for when you are struggling to deal with the temptations.

Depending on the type of drug and how long you have been administering it, you could be opening yourself up to serious health problems if you continue with your addiction. This is why residential rehabilitation could be potentially life-saving, so why not start your journey today by getting in touch with our friendly team now.


Why Rehab Clinics Group?

Rehab Clinics Group has centres across the whole of the UK, all our centres have been approved by the care quality commission. Depending on whether you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, we can provide treatment options that are designed by our team of addiction specialists to help stop your addiction for good.

Our residential rehab programme is a proven drug addiction treatment which includes day to day help from medical staff while going through a complete detox from drugs. Find a drug rehab centre now by getting in touch with our specialist team.